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Flirting Tips For Shy Girls | Lesbian Edition

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Hey queers! In this video I provide some flirting tips for shy girls (well all girls really!) I recommend that you apply these flirting tips for girls the next time you spot a cute girl across from you at the bar or at school or ya know, wherever ;) Seriously though, I hope this video gave you some real life flirting advice on how to flirt with your crush if you're a little shy or needed some dating advice!! :) Subscribe to the fam here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsDickerz My instagram @megandijkman https://www.instagram.com/megandijkman/ ____________________ -AUSTRALIAN GIRL REACTS TO BLACKPINK (WHISTLE) MUSIC VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_HPP... -DRIVING WITH DUTCHY: THROWBACKS VOL 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLtVz... -VLOGGING WITH AMY ORDMAN AT THE GROVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMs2H... -COACHELLA DAY ONE 2018: MEETING KJ APA!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaMZ2... ______________ MUSIC: The music used within my videos is either copyright or royalty free, and/or I have gained permission via record label or individual artists. ________ This video is FLIRTING TIPS FOR SHY GIRLS! Over the next few videos you can expect to see a night routine, morning routine, copying ____ instagram for a week, a HUGE spring / summer clothing haul, daily vlogs, mukbangs, Q&A answering questions I have avoided, swimsuit haul, my everyday makeup tutorial, driving with videos AND MORE!! BUSINESS INQUIRIES: megan_dijkman@hotmail.com If you want to send me something, i'll be getting a PO box shortly! But in the mean time, send me a DM and i'll give you my address! Lovin' on all of you. If you've made it this far then go comment "GURL THOSE PICK UP LINES" just so I know who the cool kids are ;) See you in my next one legend!
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Dutchy (7 months ago)
Your Pal Parker (7 days ago)
Apple Green (8 days ago)
Never had one and still waiting. Btw nice accent in my own opinion I like it....sounds cute
CookieWars (16 days ago)
I asked a girl what the story behind her necklace was to start conversation and she said it was her grandmas ashes. I'm so good at flirting 😂
Jessica Langford (1 month ago)
Usually when i see someone attractive i plan loads of convos and good things to say in my head for when we talk but the second i talk to them i forget it all and nothing comes out except ‘so the weathers pretty shit rn eh?’ I hate it aha
anonim (1 month ago)
Dutchy Here s my story: So my crush is short, slim, perfect body, big almond shaped hazel eyes, dark curly hair with blonde highlights, big fluffy lips, and she wears braces. We were in the same school but shes 9th grade now (im 8th) and i had a crush on her since i first saw her(i first met her 6 years ago). I never tought that she will ever talk to me because she is really popular. This year i started talking to her everyday, because we also play basketball in the same team. She saw the real me, the soft me and the vulnerable me. So she decided to show me her vulnerable side. Thats how we got really close. But something changed in a basketball camp. We were in the bus,(we had a night road) and she came and sat between me and a guy. She layed her head on my shoulder and i layed my head on her head(we always do that when we sit one next to another). Idk how or when i felt asleep but when i woke up i was laying my head on her shoulder and her head was on mines, and she was holding my hand. We slept like that until the bus stopped to go to a gas station and she asked me if i could go with her at the toilet and i said yes. As we got off the bus she showed me her hand like she wanted me to grab it and thats exactly what i did. Some days into the camp she saw me sad and came up to me and said :Its because of your best friend right?(idk how she knew) "Well dont worry, im here for you" she grabbed my head and kisses my forehead and said "Ill never ever leave you". Another thing she did was when we were watching a game, and she came and sat next to me. She always tries to make body contact with me. I was looking into my phone and she was looking at me and just wrapped my hair around the ear and smiled. Later we got out of the gym bcs it was the 2nd half, and we went to a close market to buy food. Our friends were in front of us and she came next to me and wrapped around my amr and held it really tight. And the last thing ill tell you is when we hda basketball party bcs christmas idk, there was no place for her to sit. She came and sat on my laps and asked me if im okay with it or if i can see. Later i started holding her hips and she turned around, hugged me and kissed my cheek. Im still not sure if she likes me or not...
aNaLySe UnIqUe (1 hour ago)
Just started the video, but sis im strugglin 😂
lanaspepsi_ cola (9 hours ago)
love your videos but i have a dilemma with three girls so it’s a struggle💅
so i was walking at meh school when my crush grabs me and puts me on a wall and pats meh head and ruffles it i immediately Started Blushing and said Nya~
Pets Paradise (3 days ago)
Still fucking kinda young, and everybody makea jokes bout being lgbt. And imma over there questioning. And I like "Welp.. Mah life"
Bhad Bhabie (5 days ago)
I saw this fine girl at a party n looked at her like a million times, I caught her staring at me once n my gay heart was like omfg n I looked away... FUCK I LOST MY CHANCE 🤦🏻‍♀️😪 I'm still in love wit her n ion know her 💔
hoeily (6 days ago)
i'm pansexual and i have the biggest crush on this cute girl at my school. he's in my athletics and study hall class. we follow each other on instagram and she recently came out as bisexual and keeps describing her crush during cute little rants and shit. all the information low-key links to me, like every single detail ??? it's low-key weird and i have a feeling i'm just being delusional and she doesn't like me back and i'm sad lmao but this helped me so i can flirt with the girl of my dreams and maybe not be a single piece of shit. hawyee
Ms. Yeet (6 days ago)
Yes thank you I needed this in my lesbian life
BUTCHERCLAWS (7 days ago)
my friend has 100/10 flirting skills. observe. me: no one would care if I died (we say edgy things like this all the time, don't worry) her: uhhhhhHHH I'd care me: why lmao her: umm... uhh... bECAUSE I CAN...? me: yeah ok us girls are great at this.
Emma Reno (8 days ago)
I've liked this girl at my school, all of my friends know her. I have yet to talk to her, though. We've made a lot of eye contact, but I think she thinks i'm creepy. She seems straight, but she seems interested. I'm a really anxious person, I can hardly talk to anyone. Can someone help me?
Amnesia Dark (8 days ago)
I gave her a chocolate roses and tonight Im going on a date with her
Pizz ASMR (8 days ago)
Waaah I needed this, things are COMPLICATED
ciara mifit (9 days ago)
Lara Costa (10 days ago)
Dutchy (10 days ago)
Lara Costa HAHAHA I’m so glad 😂😂
in_your_mind_ 000 (11 days ago)
I like girls with bushy hair.... there is this one girl that i get soo nervous around.... one day on this bus on the way to home there was no other seats to sit in for her, usually i dont let anybody sit with me but i just had to sit with her, so i let her. She loves reading books and i like anime, so that is what we talked about. I think i did a pretty good job at talking to her, just needed more tips and this video helped a lot!
Dutchy (9 days ago)
awww so cute!!
dudes.itz. Maddog (12 days ago)
I’m not out and I like a girl that I don’t even know. Like I just look at her and I smile :):
dudes.itz. Maddog (9 days ago)
Dutchy omg you replied to me 😭💕💕
Dutchy (9 days ago)
aww so cute!! <3
claudiablue (13 days ago)
sometimes i just wanna talk to a gay or bi girl because i wanna just relate to what she says and stuff, there are so many bi/gay girls in the comments but ive never talked to onee 😞.. ive never talked to a gay person before 😭
claudiablue (10 days ago)
anonim i dont use ig anymore though :/
anonim (11 days ago)
claudiablue u can talk to me on instagram @cqtinca
Trash Girl (14 days ago)
I fell in love with this girl she had such beautiful eyes and a kind personality, you have no Idea how happy I was when I found out she's bisexual ❤️
Hi Hi (14 days ago)
Any girl looks at me and touches her hair FUCK SHE LOVES ME SHE WANTS TO MARRY ME
MiyaKikaツ (15 days ago)
shy lesbian - u just explained my life also nobody believes me cuz I'm "too shy" to be lesbian lol
Dutchy (15 days ago)
aww i'm glad you could relate! people are so silly sometimes hey!
anonim (16 days ago)
I recently started to talk to a girl, i somehow knew that she s bi(i asked her on tellonym and she covered and said that she actually is) idk how i simply felt it. We play basketball (different teams) and i came to see her team play, but there was a game before them. So as we waited on the ground we got bored. She just looked at me and said "Wow you look nice today" with a pretty serious voice and i was like who me yuck. Later, a girl sat in my laps and i was sitting next to my crush, and idk why i layed my head on her laps and she wrapped my hair around my right ear like 5 times and she played with my hair and she was caressing me and i felt so gooood🥰. Unfortunately the game started and she had to go :(. After that day we started talking like everyday trough pictures on instagram, and i remember i had a breakdown and i told all of my problems to her and she really cared. She keeps sending me cute posts.. i remember that we were playing trough photos X and O and i said "ok im O" and she said "no, you are U because i have feelings for U" or something like that 🥰🥰. She had a game yesterday and ofc i went to see it(she didnt play much bcs she was sick) and i know a lot of girls from her team. One of my best friends started crying in the locker room after the game because of the loss and i tried to comfort her. Later the other girls came into the locker room and I finally saw my crush and i though lol ok its going to be wierd and she just came in front of me and gave me a huge warm smile and hugged me soooooo tight 🥰. Do you think it means something?
anonim (2 days ago)
anonim (2 days ago)
claudiablue dude my crush came to see my game and when i came out of the locker room after the game she came running at me and hugged me soooo tight and held me for like 20 seconds, then she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and i was eating a sandwich lol. It was sooo cute😍. One of the girls from my team told me that my crush asked where was I(i was late with my sister for the game for some reason) and i was like wait wtf rlly omg🥰
claudiablue (8 days ago)
anonim awwe thats so cute😍oof just date her already!😆 btw i checked ur ig, ur so pretty!😍😊 so i do have an ig too but i wont use it till the end of this school year my ig is @deda_klaudja and my name isnt with a C but i put it like that cause its easier, check me out gurl😜
anonim (9 days ago)
claudiablue no we re not dating, not yet i mean i told her that i have to go to see a game and i was supposed to play but i would feel like shit sitting outside of the court and she said "Id take you to my house but im not in the town😫❤️❤️" and i was like wait u actually said that? AND SHE KEEPS CALLING ME BABY GURL AND MY HEART GOES CRAZY WHEN SHE DOES THAT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i asked her why do i feel so good when she calls me baby gurl and she said "cause i give you affection by saying that ❤️"
claudiablue (9 days ago)
anonim are u dating now😂 XD omg thats great im so happy for u 🤗 yass queen
Andalyn (17 days ago)
Want to tell my friend I'm gay not bi but I feel like she'll think i like her (i did once and if it ever goes anywhere, I wont be mad tbh, but I'm not going to make an effort) but she just asked out my crush today and I hate it, but I'm not going to be ride or bother their relationship.. anyway, I REALLY like some of my friends (I'm not a gay hoe lol) but i noticed the more lesbian I've become, the more personality has played in role of my liking people, and looks have gotten almost nothing to do with it. Anyway, I like one of my friends a lot, but we are the type of friends that are good friends, but dont really talk about feelings in a serious way, and tease each other (my nickname is trashcan for her, and when she calls me that, I say true, and she says "awww, no i was kidding" and it makes me feel like she cares, but she does that to everyone. Ughhhhh
Andalyn (3 days ago)
+Dutchy thank you❤ your channel has helped me SO much!
Dutchy (16 days ago)
My advice is to be open and honest if you feel comfortable doing so :) <3
SOME NERD (22 days ago)
sappho please get me a girlfriend please im desperate
Not a Magical Girl (23 days ago)
Someone who had a crush on me ages ago said 'It's so hard to have a crush on you because you're straight' and I just was like bIsH wAT sINCe wheN
Quinton Uran (25 days ago)
But what if she is straight and I am lesbian and I like her please help
Haley {Lesbian/Furry} (25 days ago)
I have an online girlfriend and I LOVE flirting with her. I do it once in a while. Though, she is different from others I've dated, since she had a bad childhood, she's not too touchy. So some of the things I say to her could bring back memories. But we love each other dearly and we can never let go. Her reactions to my flirty texts make me laugh. She doesn't expect it and it's so. Damn. CUTE. She's the love of my life. When we meet, I'm gonna cuddle her all the time, hold her in my arms when she's scared. Do her make-up, everything to make her feel safe. I'm getting impatient for the time to come <3
Aubre Taylor (26 days ago)
Fact never online date you can get catfishes
Nintendo Fan girl (26 days ago)
Thank you
ann f (27 days ago)
I’ve never liked a straight girl, I feel like such a bad lesbian.
Millie Rose (27 days ago)
Why do your pickup lines remind me of Barney Stinson?😂
Tomita_ Japan (27 days ago)
Heh😅😅😅 I literally don’t know how to flirt with girls so this should be helpful... plus I’m a shy girl too 😂
Alison Currin (28 days ago)
I like a girl but I have a BF and so does she but she is also bi y'all I need some help😂help?
Meow Cookies (28 days ago)
What if there was a cute girl in school? I always trying to make a eye contact to her but it didnt work cuz she's busy😅 and when we have a eye contact i look away and im having a goosebumps... Gosh im so bad at this 😂.. but it turns out she's straight welp im just a lonely potato..
Nugget McNugget (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure my crush is straight (I'm pansexual), so any flirting would probably be taken as just being funny bc we're BFFs. I feel like we could be a really good couple but I'm afraid I'll get friendzoned or all my progression with becoming her best friend will go down the toilet and she won't want to talk to me ;-; Anyways I was talking about this to my bisexual friend and he is like, "make her stare at a rainbow for at least an hour" XD Thanks for reading my boring comment
Orora Dingo (1 month ago)
Eeek I’m bi, but I have a crush on this girl in my grade atm. I had a class with her last year and liked her last year, and I like her this year too, and she’s in one of my classes, and I’m super shy haha. I purposely walked over to her and passed her the papers we were handing out so I had an excuse to say hi, and when I handed it to her and she relied with, “Thank you Princess.” And I swear I screamed internally. She’s a lesbian (pretty sure, I know she at least is interested in girls, I don’t think she’s into guys) and idk what to do bc I want to get to know her more and be friends with her but I’m not sure how. Any tips? :))
Letty Mtz (1 month ago)
That Harry Potter one is good. I'll try it out haha. Dinah Shore this year?!
Hey, girl. Did you sit on sugar, because you have a sweet ass!!! ..... Nailed it!!!
Mia Treadwell (1 month ago)
When your 14 with social anxiety and you can’t find someone not straight except for like one person who you just don’t like that way and you really want a gf but aaaaaaaaaa
dudes.itz. Maddog (9 days ago)
Mia Treadwell I’m 14 also and literally no one in my school is out beside like 1-2 people so I literally can’t try to date anyone. I’m. It out either tho but I thought if someone else would come out as gay I could too and start talking to them. But for now I can just sit there and do nothing besides try to find someone online
Bluebelles15 (1 month ago)
i’m so awkward around my crush and i think we might have a chance together so i’m gonna try subtly hinting i might like her and if i’m brave enough i’ll compliment her i’m scared tho NDKWJFISLAJWKSK
Metal (1 month ago)
hey dutchy i was just wondering i noticed there's this girl in my history and english class. she sits two seats away from me in history, while in english she sits across from me. whenever i talk to my friend in history, she always looks over to look at me or maybe just listen to the conversation. it was kinda weird but i didn't really care. BUT THEN in english, she started looking at me across the room! i thought she was just looking at the clock or something (it's right behind me) but when i glanced up at her to check she was looking at me oof 😆 so i'm just wondering if you think she likes me or is just admiring from afar
Tornado Freak ASMR (1 month ago)
Stella Peoples (1 month ago)
Hayley Kiyoko: posts a picture Me: 0:00
Erika Bajanova (1 month ago)
Love your videos 💓 haaaha cute and funny person 😍
yanagi haldamell (1 month ago)
I like this amazing girl named adi and I told her but she never really ansures me I'm worried I'm being annoying. HELP😢
Liss TH (1 month ago)
Buenos consejos. It's not easy when you're shy. I'll try. :)
Bomb Killers Nuke (1 month ago)
Can you use these tips on your friends cause I have a crush on my bff.
Dutchy (1 month ago)
of course you can!
Mimosa S (1 month ago)
3:03 but... i don't have hair....:( Edit: awee u liked my comment❤ Also thanks for the vid, now im talking to this gurl. I was so lost before😂
Dutchy (1 month ago)
Duc Yam (1 month ago)
i want a girlfriend
Duc Yam (1 month ago)
+Bluebelles15 hard to get
Bluebelles15 (1 month ago)
Duc Yam (1 month ago)
+Dutchy give me one
Dutchy (1 month ago)
get yoself a girl!
Emily Holman (1 month ago)
This helps. Im a shy goth girl🖤.......😳
Dutchy (1 month ago)
I'm glad!! <3
Bananas Rule (1 month ago)
*Somebody I like kisses me* me: my prayers have been answered ;-;
dontworryitsmesarah (1 month ago)
how do i start a conversation with a girl i like at work?? i think she's also gay or bi, but i don't know for sure. i'm really socially awkward and anxious and want to at least be friends with her but i'm always too scared to talk to her.
Amber Mendez (1 month ago)
I like this girl alot but she is dating a guy........any tips?
GarlicKiss (1 month ago)
Move on. Don't hurt yourself going after someone who isn't available. <3
Ivan (1 month ago)
I'm a straight guy ,and I don't know how I got here.
Itz Bonnie (1 month ago)
dAm i waNnA geT me SuM of dAt Edit: Jeez I feel important now 😂 😊
Dutchy (1 month ago)
Delaney Smith (2 months ago)
*Wait what if ur young?* like a tween...
Delaney Smith (2 months ago)
Dutchy k thx! ;)
Dutchy (2 months ago)
Same rules apply :)
myaa wah (2 months ago)
Hmmm i don't have long hair...
Dutchy (2 months ago)
Just a stereotype but who knows.. :)
HD Animez (2 months ago)
Girls are sweeter than guys because they want to act cool
Dutchy (1 month ago)
True :)
Kelsey Szpunar (2 months ago)
I just try to talk about the L word because if she can talk to me about if Tonya killed Mr. Piddles then she's probably gay.
Dutchy (1 month ago)
Yessss!! Too true!
well wisher (2 months ago)
I really need ur help Dutchy... 😢 I'm a hidden lesbian ... I'm not out to anyone... I try hard not to pretend that I like girls I don't touch them or don't give them heart eyes etc... but I get responses from lesbian girls like they hit on me I'm good looking too... do I came in gayradar? I have crush on girl.. according to my radar she is gay I didn't show her any sign of crush she kissed me so passionately on my cheeks recently n hug me she used to touch me n she gives me all sign that she is attracted... am I in gayradar ? she is really gay or I'm having some wrong vibes...? she gets jealous she always stays closer to me
well wisher (1 month ago)
+Dutchy so nice of u thank u... stay blessed 💐
Dutchy (1 month ago)
It's okay to stay in the closet for as long as you need lovely!! and it's hard to know when I don't know her myself but she may be :) everything will sort itself out in the end I promise <3
So I just got into my first relationship with one of my best friends we are both ofc not straight they are Gender-fluid and bi and I’m Female and Pan. Our relationship started in a weird way, we have been bsf’s for 4yrs and promised if/when we break up we will still be friends and joke abt it. So how it started, we tag each other on insta and lot and we both *love* voltron and they tagged me in a thing and I said “ily even more now (no homo or do I mean homo)” then this stranger replied saying “I don’t even know you but I ship” then my friend said “I ship it too” and I texted them and they said yeah I ship us. Then I replied to the chain at his point saying “yeah you never know we might get together” and we talk EVERY night before bed and they asked me “do you want to date me?” And I was just speechless and I texted my other friends and they responded saying “did they just... omg” so I said yes to them. Now we are dating we know that if we ever break up we will leave it on good terms so we can still be good friends and laugh abt it later on life.
Dutchy (2 months ago)
awww this was such a cute story!!! I love it! All the best for you both <3
potato eater (2 months ago)
So there's this really cute girl in my school and she gives me super gay vibes, she has short hair and in the school basketball team, idk she just looks like she would grab a girl and pin her to a wall.
Dutchy (2 months ago)
Hahaha we love a girl who would do that! Maybe befriend her :) see what/who she's into xx
Weird Bean (2 months ago)
One time I "accidentall"y flirted with my best friend. my friend: What do you want to eat Me: Whatever you're having? *winks* my friend: umm whaaaaaaaa 😂😂
Puff ali (1 month ago)
Weird Bean haha
Dutchy (2 months ago)
Hahahaha awks ;)
musical shit (2 months ago)
My crush is in a different grade than me. I can't even talk to her 😣😂
Dutchy (2 months ago)
That sucks :(
Lili (2 months ago)
Now the question is: where do I find lesbians/bi girls when I am 14, preferably online because I live in this tiny town?
Lili (1 month ago)
+im ADDICTED rolimo7
im ADDICTED (1 month ago)
+Lili sure what's your insta
Lili (1 month ago)
+im ADDICTED Cool lol... Sorry it took so long to answer, I'm more active on my other account, but would you like to text in private?
im ADDICTED (2 months ago)
Here's one lol
Lili (2 months ago)
+Dutchy How... ?
Shiny (2 months ago)
Why I'm watching this when I already have a gf lol *don't tell her btw*
Dutchy (2 months ago)
hahah aw!
peachie dot (2 months ago)
You're so funny omg! You earned a sub girl!
Dutchy (2 months ago)
Aww i'm so glad! Welcome to the fam girl xxx
Children Of the stars (2 months ago)
Are you from France? cause' girl Eiffel for you 😂 That's my pick up line at 2 in the morning 😂😂 Gn or morning?🤔
Dutchy (2 months ago)
HAHAHAHA good one!!
Torn In Black (2 months ago)
idk if you're saying guys or gays i stan both
Torn In Black (2 months ago)
Dutchy lolol also you're rlly cute
Dutchy (2 months ago)
probably literally both lel
Koda jablonski (2 months ago)
Would it be cool to send 😘 Then go opps i ment 😊
Dutchy (2 months ago)
om_ g (2 months ago)
DAM those pick up lines I have a girlfriend now.
Bluebelles15 (1 month ago)
ooh nice
Dutchy (2 months ago)
HAHAH yas! I am impressed!
Chelsey Steele (2 months ago)
The struggle of being lesbian for me is that most my crushes are straight😒😂
Dutchy (2 months ago)
How much does that suck!!
Lily O. (2 months ago)
What if u accidentally flirt with a straight girl
Dutchy (2 months ago)
that's okay haha! it can happen
Aze Purple (2 months ago)
I'm so very curious what it feels if you have a girlfriend.
Dutchy (2 months ago)
A Conscious Journey (3 months ago)
I think you're cute.
Wolf Heart (3 months ago)
Where did you get your flag?
Annika Willow (3 months ago)
I have this girl crush at school (I'm also a girl) and I think she likes me back, does anyone have an ideas to what I should say to her?
Kity Quake (21 days ago)
Uni corn (3 months ago)
Well with me it's pretty much the same thing,but we're actually friends. I guess she likes me but i dunno and I also like her. Just play "the game" with her and look wheather she goes along with it or not. That's pretty much how I deal with stuff like this.
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Aww just talk to her and make friends with her first :) ask her what her hobbies are, fave shows etc <3
Ivo Lovakovic (3 months ago)
I'm on grandpa account So I'm young and this is my first girl crush, she likes me but I'm moving in 6 weeks long distance would be hard plus we've known each other for 7 years. HELP ME
Dutchy (3 months ago)
aww if you've known each other for 7 years then long distance may not be so hard as you would have lots of trust in each other and it would make it all the more exciting when you see each other again! How far away would you be moving? Are there ways to see each other?
Just Dixon (3 months ago)
I’m honestly terrible at flirting 😂 I jus come across really awkward 😂
Dutchy (3 months ago)
hahaha aw don't we all :)
Bly X (3 months ago)
Wow, as a non-native speaker of English I had trouble understanding your accent. Are you Australian? I mean I've heard Australians talking before but your accident is really special
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Haha aw that's so sweet of you!! Yeah I have an australian accent :)
Arina Nur (3 months ago)
Omg you used Lido‘s music at the end ❤️
Arina Nur (3 months ago)
Dutchy the video was funny too btw!!! I just tend to get caught off guard when it comes to lido haha!!
Dutchy (3 months ago)
hahaha yeah Lido is my faveee!
Sarah Brooks (3 months ago)
Stumbled across this video 🏳️‍🌈 lol...And well I wanted to see what you have to say about flirting but I'm already quite a flirt 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Haha there you go! Hope you enjoyed the video :)
hailey jane (3 months ago)
AHHHHHHSKSKSK last night i told the gal i like that i like her and we’re talking and i’m pumpeddddd. been watching these videos and i got the confidence to tell her. AND IT WORKED!!! so anyway thank you so much💗
Dutchy (3 months ago)
YAY!! Good work H! Proud of you <3
dry skin gal (3 months ago)
Dutchy (3 months ago)
aww you sweetheart thank you!!! <3
Sunshine Hernandez (3 months ago)
I'm already nervous and there's nobody to flirt with rip
Dutchy (3 months ago)
aww there will be one day :)
GaeboyBloody (3 months ago)
I can’t say the karate thing... she does taekwondo and would think I’m ignorant lmao
Dutchy (3 months ago)
hahahah aw okay maybe pass on that one :)
Tinaraver (3 months ago)
thank you :)
Dutchy (3 months ago)
you're so welcome!
Masked (3 months ago)
So happy to have found your videos ( came from your comment on Shannon’s channel) 🏳️‍🌈
Masked (3 months ago)
Dutchy Proud to be part of it
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Masked thanks so much ahhh! Welcome to the fam 💕💕
Masked (3 months ago)
Deserve it baby your content is bomb! New sub here
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Aww thank you!! Ahh that's insane! I thought my comment would get lost in the sea of other comments haha but hello and welcome to the family <3
Ash In The Trash (3 months ago)
This actually helped! But i wonder how is she into me. I'm super edgy and emo and she's so sunshiny and normal. But she likes me back and she said she liked my style. I love her so muxh. Thank you!! 💞
Sir Panda (3 months ago)
But I'm a guy....and gay xD 🏳️‍🌈
no not my name yours (3 months ago)
Is it normal to have a girl crush when your straight? I have a crush at school and I'm really confused.
Anne Dumont (3 days ago)
You could possibly be a bisexual or pansexual my friend. 👌
0-0 (3 days ago)
ur prob not straight then😂 im bi and i used to think im straight. I thought having crushes on girls is just a 'friend thing' lol
Andalyn (17 days ago)
Olaris Gallardo (1 month ago)
+Amber Iona or bi XD
Amber Iona (2 months ago)
If your watching this video your probably gay 😂
Doodle dummy (3 months ago)
I’d be way too scared for this! Only my closes friends know I’m gay, not even my parents know. Also I’m only 14 so probably not gonna do this yet 😅. But in the future definitely using these tips!
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Aww that's all good!! You're still so young! You have plenty of time to work up the confidence :)
Zeebieb0038 (3 months ago)
I’m a 15year old girl try a find a girlfriend lol most of the girls at school already have girlfriends I’m lonely
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Aww you'll find the perfect girl for you one day :)
Isabel Magnolia (3 months ago)
If we where in Hogwarts we would be in Slytherine, cause you could slither into my bed any time. Just in case anyone was thinking of using HP pick up lines, they are not that helpful. 😂
rachel stone (26 days ago)
Are you a snitch cause you’re out of sight, did I just get lost in the room of requirement or was it just your eyes, are you a dementor because I’d be a criminal for your kiss. Some more Harry Potter pick up lines :)
Isabel Magnolia (1 month ago)
I’m afraid it’s women only in that department, but I love the half glass full approach. 😂👏
Ray Malfoy (1 month ago)
Isabel Magnolia I’m in slytherin so do you mind if I slyther in...? 😏
Isabel Magnolia (2 months ago)
No not at all, what gave such an obvious thing away? Lol only teasing, but yes love it. 😉
Sara Hoster (2 months ago)
I’m going to assume you watch Attack On Titan
Huski3 Pup (3 months ago)
Just flirting with my gf~ Local, Asexual, Pansexual, and in an open relationship with a long distance bf and a recent Gf ;)
BlackPandaPlayzzRoblox (3 months ago)
Dutchy how do you find out if someone else is les or bi
Dutchy (3 months ago)
I think I did a video on this somewhere :) can do another one though!
BlackPandaPlayzzRoblox (3 months ago)
I told someone I was lesbian and they said we get away from me and I was like ;-;
Dutchy (3 months ago)
Rude!! It sucks how some people are just so unsupportive of differring sexualities <3
Jam 2401 •—• (3 months ago)
I really want to get a girl but idk if she’s gay or bi. Soooooo I’ll just get her number first I guess....... become her friend..... I’ll try and fail. That’s my entire life.
dudes.itz. Maddog (9 days ago)
Jam 2401 •—• I have a crush on a girl that I have spoken to one and i said like 10 words. I haven’t gotten very far but I get a vibe that she might like girls so I hope I’m right
BlackPandaPlayzzRoblox (3 months ago)
+Jam 2401 •—• we will stick together! 😊
Jam 2401 •—• (3 months ago)
gacha girls same
BlackPandaPlayzzRoblox (3 months ago)
I'm lesbian I don't think my mum will accept me
Makaro Makaro (3 months ago)
Fuuck man y she godda be a girl
Big Marz (3 months ago)
U look like a pig

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