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Where Do I Find Girls?

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I tell you where to find girls that you'll have an authentic connection with! My websites - Music: http://youtube.com/jennaanne1026 Twitter: http://twitter.com/jennaanne01 - #QandTweet Tumblr: http://jennaanne01.tumblr.com Ask Blog: http://askjennaanne.tumblr.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/JennaAnneFans Instagram: @jennaanne01 Beme: @jennaanne
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That Crazy Sea Goat (6 days ago)
Hi I'm bi lol
Milenka04tasheva (9 days ago)
im 15 and id love to find someone but dating apps are for over 18
Heather Dial (18 days ago)
U r so sexy!
Harnie Monte (20 days ago)
This thing just blew my mind.... 27 freaking yrs.. Now i know the wat i am...
Shadya Farouk (24 days ago)
Girl the way u cute n u haven't found a beauty yet
Amir Roads. (27 days ago)
You are so cute I love you
Ani Pratap (1 month ago)
Mam sorry but are you lesbian
Appu Afroz (1 month ago)
I want girlfriend
Kaylee Kwitowski (1 month ago)
I'm so single 😂 I'm in a small town in Florida, I'm lesbian, I'm 14 and literally so alone 😂😂 kinda lonely...hmu? I tried 💁💁
Kaylee Kwitowski (6 days ago)
+UnoriginalFalken it's fine lol I'll follow you now 😅😅
UnoriginalFalken (6 days ago)
@Kaylee Kwitowski Yeah! Sorry if I caused any confusion with my name XD. It’s a nickname ✨
Kaylee Kwitowski (7 days ago)
+UnoriginalFalken you are a girl right? 😅 sorry just need a bit more info
UnoriginalFalken (7 days ago)
@Kaylee Kwitowski ah, send me a follow req @tv_falken
Kaylee Kwitowski (7 days ago)
+Randumb uhhhh 😅😅 okayyyy?...
Tizia Qualunque (1 month ago)
Me: nah im not gay Also me:
Kim Costino (1 month ago)
I love you ..are you single
Don (1 month ago)
Where do I meet you?
Alexia Butler (1 month ago)
The right one is hard to find 😐
cho echo (1 month ago)
The new version of https://bimatch.online/ Visit now to join, meet someone special Today!
Moonturns Thetides (2 months ago)
Single here lol
Randumb (8 days ago)
Moonturns Thetides Wanna trade pics? I’m a lesbian and my snaps Sharr.k13 if your interested
Lifelikea Meme (2 months ago)
Yeah lol imma be alone forever
Rikayla Mitchell (2 months ago)
Sushant Rout (2 months ago)
I'm 19 years old and i find a girl for serious relationship.if you interested then you can msg me on 8093526139 my whatsapp no and my mail susantkumar690@gmail.com
Anna Belle (2 months ago)
Thanks for this video :) However, I livr in a very small town and still have a very hard time finding girls :/
Jane Yang (2 months ago)
im lesbian ,i looking for lesbian date
Randumb (8 days ago)
Jane Yang looking to trade pics on snap? Sharr.k13 is my snap
COMEDY PUNCH (2 months ago)
Hey jeeni... awesome thanks...finally I got answer... really l like your video... your way of talking and explaining is superb... Thank you so much for giving information...
Echo Victor - Ellen - (3 months ago)
Sorry to say this, but i met great people, just not that click or someone who took my breath away... secondly, around here it’s very hard, as 90% is inside the closet (taboo bs). Thirdly, don’t trust online, people either are too far away or present themselves, not the way they truly are....
Nina G (3 months ago)
It's so hard when you're an introvert and have social anxiety. But I tried to go out and for the first time I felt great. But it's so hard to find a girlfriend in my little town :"(
Appu Afroz (3 months ago)
I want true love
Skiellarr Wilson (3 months ago)
I dead ass like you’re tattoos and I been single for a while and want a girl to love
Mysterious KA (3 months ago)
Average everyday life....naw it'll never happen im too weird XD
safe space ASMR (3 months ago)
We should start our very own femme lesbian app:)
Potato Fries (3 months ago)
2018? 🙋?
Jessica brown 1776 (3 months ago)
I need a gf 10-13
No Brainz (2 months ago)
Same here
Eternal Eclipse (3 months ago)
The problem with me is that I'm pretty sure that I have to know you for a couple of years or months and become really close like we could talk about anything to each other and it wouldn't matter on what is was! So I'm scared to start online dating app and get in a relationship straight away! Since I think I need to know you at least a couple of months and spend lots of time together! My mum said if your just friends for a couple of months or years you might miss out so now I'm super scared! 😓😓😓😓😓
tin fabs (3 months ago)
@LesbianAnswer I totally agree with you here Jenna. The more we try to fineld it, the more it get hard. But went you live your life, something beautiful will happen.
Dr.muhammad Fathy (3 months ago)
damn on you
Lil' Garza (3 months ago)
I'm single, and 15. Anyone looking?
Kya Raven (3 months ago)
Do you have snapchat??
Sour Fruit (4 months ago)
But I’m a comic nerd
Heeey, i cant use any apps to meet girls because im only 16 but i would love to meet another girl who likes girls too (everybody in my little town is really religious) what do i do??
Aisling S (4 months ago)
Any Irish lesbians here?
Ellie Goldberg (4 months ago)
I'm gay, I'm trans, I go to online school, I have severe social anxiety, I am very depressed, I don't get to meet new people often, and no one likes me. How am I supposed to get a girlfriend?
Mhadz Brillantes (4 months ago)
Im looking for a girlfriend that who will accept for who i am and also welcome me and my son .😊
JG16riffin (4 months ago)
Decoy Rants (4 months ago)
I'm pretty young, but lots of people in my school have boyfriends. I really want a girlfriend, though.. But everybody is usually taken. I just wish I could find someone my age.. I'm not even 16, so I can't drive yet. It's kind of pathetic that I want someone, I should focus on something else, but I really want someone to care about me.
Decoy Rants (4 months ago)
+Zahra R I'm EmaxamE. Add me back 😊
Zahra R (4 months ago)
dede ema add me on snap emmx.12
Decoy Rants (4 months ago)
+Zahra R 😁😁😁
Zahra R (4 months ago)
Maybe i could dw 😚💗😋 I’m not 16
Decoy Rants (4 months ago)
Ah I see
Hannah Calzone (5 months ago)
I’ve never met a single wlw. They say there’s a lot of fish in the ocean but my ocean is just a solo cup filled with tap water
Kelsi 101 (5 months ago)
Theres this girl that I realllllllllllly like. The problem... idk if shes gay or straight? We're "flirty" and kinda joke around with each other, but I dont want to ask her if she's a lesbian... HELP PLEASE!
Mindi Ms (5 months ago)
I'm single,lol
Dance Freak (5 months ago)
you are so freakin cute follow me on twitter @love4dancing
Dance Freak (5 months ago)
you are so gorgeous
Anne-Lennie G (5 months ago)
well imm bi n i live in montreal and its more difficult to find girls ( lesbian n bi ) so yuupp still in search 🤷🏾‍♀️😫
PERFECTUS PARFUM (5 months ago)
Bi here.. ☺️
Call Meh Caleb (5 months ago)
Im bi and i would rather have a girl than a boy
Angela Swaim (5 months ago)
I guess im just not attractive
Yoely Resendiz (5 months ago)
Angela Swaim So all that's in the past?
Angela Swaim (5 months ago)
+Yoely Resendiz I would figure they would want to talk to me then. I truly find myself to be ugly. But its different nowadays.
Yoely Resendiz (5 months ago)
Err wait, I don't really know, people are weird
Yoely Resendiz (5 months ago)
Angela Swaim maybe it's because you're pretty?
Angela Swaim (5 months ago)
+Yoely Resendiz That i try to meet people in public. When i approach them to say hi, they look at me like i have an arm growing out of my neck
Ariana The Banana (5 months ago)
If any teens want to chat, and complain about not being able to find girls, my insta is @sunshinesatan
Teen Prexy (6 months ago)
am looking for a sugar mommy lesbian, for serious love and respect forever. call me +256754326621. thanks
rumeysa nur karABEKMEZ (6 months ago)
rmys_kr my Instagram account
Fearless Leo (6 months ago)
But everytime I find a girl online she’s literally so far away from me and I’m 17.. and I’m not even sure if half the girls are bi here and it’s hard because technically I never been in a real relationship every relationship I was in which was literally only one they was distance so you can’t really physically hug them and shit like that you know
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
_katelynccole_ my insta
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
Fearless Leo you should dm me lol it would be easier
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
Yeah... lol
Fearless Leo (6 months ago)
katelyn cole it truly sucks lol..
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
Fearless Leo I honestly feel the same
yosra znazen (7 months ago)
unfortunaly i searched for girl and i didnt find, ...
Yukieye Tagawa (7 months ago)
Go to the phillippines
Ershad Seddiqi (7 months ago)
You also are beautiful, where can I find u?😂😂❤
Jane Chan (7 months ago)
Elizabeth Wilson (7 months ago)
but what about younger girls who cant get into clubs and stuffs likeee whatttt and if you live where a place where there is noone like that?
Melodie Minaj (7 months ago)
29. need a gf
taylor welch (7 months ago)
I hope I can find a girl to love 😭
Techno Implant (7 months ago)
I love your energy 😍
In Germany are no bi girls and my best friend thinks shes bi but is always hitting in boys 😓
Supreme sincerely (4 months ago)
Julia und Julias verrückte Abentuer verstehe
Soft Taeee (7 months ago)
I'm just that lonely 12 year old waiting until November so I can be a teenager and actually find someone 😂 I really really want a girlfriend who we can be there for eachother and fall into fandomns together 😂😂😂 if that sounds good to you then oml hmu 😂😂
Yoely Resendiz (5 months ago)
Sounds amazing to me
Avey Ovo (7 months ago)
Aveyonnia Carr is so sexy my YouTube is named after her and her favorite music but I’m so scared to talk to her I know she’s gay she’s the stud type
nick the killer (8 months ago)
I'm already gay like I'm lesbians dating my girlfriend.
candy5742 (8 months ago)
I went to a gay club one time and the lesbians were dressed like lesbians I want a wan not a stud. Today a woman got my # by asking me were is a nice place to eat and then said her job hiring. But see I'm careful because she was a Fem and I'm not on no 3 some shit. She could have a husband you never know
Kendal Chloe (8 months ago)
actuality i found a girl i love , but sometimes she look like bi ,sometimes she look like straight ,but i think she is bi oohhh i’m so so so confused , anybody help me
Kendal Chloe same problem.
Kendal Chloe (8 months ago)
I want a girl like you
Shae (8 months ago)
taking gf applications hmuuu lmao
I liked this girl that was straight. She makes fun of me because I liked her and now I get bullied for liking girls. Y a y (;-;)
I'm a Person (1 month ago)
;-; she isn’t a nice person either is those girls who bully you ignore them cause your better than them i got bullied a lot for being bisexual at school but i stay strong and i hang out with people who accept me for who i am ☺️
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
Judge sOs same for me
SunnySander (8 months ago)
I’m 12 and want a gf... CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP? (Please don’t just say I’m too young.)
Jessica brown 1776 (3 months ago)
I'm 10 wanna go out
Kiya Peppers (7 months ago)
Sunnysander do you have insta if so add me misskiyasue
Soft Taeee (7 months ago)
I'm 12 toooo i'm here 😂
Alex Shy (8 months ago)
Anyone wanna be my princess? 11-14?💕💍*Giggles*
Kyra Monday (4 months ago)
Idk if your offer still stands but I'm 14 and my insta is Puppy_love256. Maybe we could dm and maybe become friends...?
Soft Taeee (7 months ago)
12 going on 13 in November°•○☆ i like kpop, anime, musicals, and are in alot more fandomns than I can fit into this comment 😂 I have google hangouts (cringe i know but yeah I am that one girk without proper texting TT) but yeah if it's okay with you i will give you my gmail OwO
keekee M (8 months ago)
The dating apps literally say 17+ and then u download it and it says you need to be 18+ its fucked btw, luv ur vid tho
히히ღ'ᴗ'ღ (9 months ago)
I really hope to find a girl to give love😙
히히ღ'ᴗ'ღ (8 months ago)
Toutou Pitty I don't have Insta😂 Do you have Gmail ID?
Toutou Pitty (8 months ago)
OoOo oo if you have Instagram text @aiislopez
The Beautiful Life (9 months ago)
I want true love
The Beautiful Life (8 months ago)
Alex Shy 37
Alex Shy (8 months ago)
Liz Salazar How old are u?
Christa Argota (9 months ago)
I've had like 2 girlfriends (I'm a pan girl) literally they didn't go to well like at all, honestly now I'm looking for someone to get to know at least.
rebellious girl (9 months ago)
So where can I meet you then ?
Tristan Lopez (9 months ago)
I guess this is the only answear that could be given... There is no answear , people and life can be unpredictable. I assume having a good attitude will atleast save you from dissapointment.
Chyowing Leo (9 months ago)
It's especially hard for shy girls like me to find someone special because I don't usually go to a bar or a club and in everyday life, every girl seems to be straight. Speaking of apps, I've used them before but I was fooled by a man who pretended to be a woman and it sucked. So I'm wondering how people who are not good at talking or expressing themselves find their girlfriends.
Howisee it YT (10 months ago)
When i grow up (I'm 12) I wanna be a hot butch and a doctor with a split tongue to piercing at the top of my ear im pretty shy and i dont really care if i find anyone i wanna live in a fancy hotel and maybe ill just find somebody in everyday life i know a lot of people at school who are LGBT yup we have em all and my hobby will be fitness and long boarding and a #christymackhaircut
Abigail Padilla (10 months ago)
This might be pathetic but I am in Florida and I can't find any lesbians so I'm writing on YT to maybe find someone to get to know cx I'm into video games, traveling, silly adventures, and other things 😄 hit me up for more info! Kik: WithKindness (p.s I'm 17)
Anastasia Applegate (10 months ago)
You are a goddess thankyou so much for blessing me with this information
Ida Linholdt (11 months ago)
I have a lot of lesbian friends, and we’re always like “where are all the gay girls?!!” Until someone pointed out that all the gay girls where already friends in our own little gay group... it was very uncomfortable, and we’ll continue being only friends. 😂
Live Laugh Love (11 months ago)
i am 34 years old and i don't like the bar scene and i totally do not like the club scene. I am shy and awkward and it's just....no....ive been trying to use websites but it's hard. I find either the pictures of people look so good it's like....im a shlub they can't be into me....and they might not even be real. Plus there are those times when the pic is a little fuzzy or you can't totally see it and you click it....and it's like oh....hello pornographic picture i can't unsee now! Please don't just post a picture of your nipple and use that as your pic....the rest of us are looking to find a bi or lesbian girl to connect with.....not surprise boob picture!
Blessing Samuel (8 months ago)
Omayma Manaa (11 months ago)
I want a girlfriend 😢
Alex Shy (8 months ago)
Omayma Manaa Mee? How old are u?
Taye Money (11 months ago)
I’m 21 I’m looking for a girlfriend
Angina Coquelicot (11 months ago)
OMG she's so hot damn 😍😍
Jayy Nicole (11 months ago)
This is amazing and encouraging advive thank you!!
Jayy Nicole (11 months ago)
blue black (11 months ago)
The way you move ohh hell 😍😍😍😍😍 i think i'm drunk of you😤😍
Hannah Perzan (11 months ago)
I wanna find a girl that goes to my school. So ya... I wanna start a relationship next year when I'm a freshman so that I will know if I have classes or lunch with her. Oh well
Farhana Jesmin Momo (11 months ago)
I need someone who is prepared for : 1. A million questions. 2. Uncomfortable laughter. 3. My family. 4. My friends 5. My appetite 6. Random dancing, Musical outburst 7. Sad/Happy tears. 8. Deep talks. 9. My imagination. 10. Walks in the rain. 11. Gossiping whole night. 12. Random texts. 13. Useless arguments. And Acceptance of the real Me...
Farhana Jesmin Momo well said😇
katelyn cole (6 months ago)
Farhana Jesmin Momo yessss
Farhana Jesmin Momo (11 months ago)
Prerona Bhattacharya@ yeah it's too hard to express ourselves!!!! sometimes it's so painful and odd thing!!! but I really want someone special like me... & I know it's so much difficult to get someone..........
P B (11 months ago)
Farhana Jesmin Momo Cause I hardly see any Bengalis here. Besides brown people like us hardly come out in public. I'm from India.
Farhana Jesmin Momo (11 months ago)
Prerona Bhattacharya @ hmmm. i am from Bangladesh. by the way, why u didn't expect? and what about you?
MR Farina (11 months ago)
Hahhaah i asked out the girl who got my ice cream at DQ because I thought she was cute and she seemed like she might be into girls and she's bi lol she gave me her number
nfn sumi (11 months ago)
Saw this video for first time and Just subscribe in your channel🤜🤛
Elibeli19 (11 months ago)
LOVE this message thank you!!!!!! <3
atoshe islam (1 year ago)
You r cute
Makeup addict aisha (1 year ago)
I am 24 I want a gf.... But I never find 😢
Amy Surginer (1 year ago)
True connection is what its all about💖 this video was so spot on!
Olivia McCarthy (1 year ago)
My Tumblr is just memes
::.Ralphy_ Ren.:: (1 year ago)
Great vid! (Straight up noticed the Aveno cream 😂👍🏽) but yeah ... Just would love to find someone and make them happy as u know when u have that love to give and know you'll be able to support them

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