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Why is Your Ex Girlfriend Blocking and Unblocking You on Facebook

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Text Comments (94)
imitalianbch (12 hours ago)
We broke up a month ago and got blocked on everything two weeks ago because I let my overthinking and assumptions get the best of me. I posted my assumptions saying “i hope you enjoy his company” on my Instagram story and showed immaturity. She blocked me because of it and even telling me she didn’t want to block me and it hurts her doing it but she did it. She said there’s no chance now. :(
ksmetalchick65 (12 days ago)
What if they unblock you but don't say anything?
Ezra Cox (1 month ago)
My ex blocked me on her page to the point where I can't like her picks I can share them and then unblocked me on messenger I was like wtf? 😂😂😂
Anthony Hologounis (1 month ago)
same thing with my friend we heave no issues so idk why this happened
Breanna Mullinax (2 months ago)
Actually I do this to my current boyfriend when he pisses me off I block his messages until I'm not mad anymore 💁🏼‍♀️
steve omalley (3 months ago)
I have been blocked by my ex fiance on Facebook messenger but she still follows me on Facebook and she has recently made a dummy fb account to keep tabs on me
Pennie Tarentino (4 months ago)
A Man Should Always Know How To Get Another Woman
Jose Monarrez (5 months ago)
She blocks me but she still has me on Snapchat. I’m confused
ayouknowzyoutuba (5 months ago)
Hey? I have a Question? You familiar with those messenger bubbles holding the profile picture? If someone's blocked you, there should be know way you should see any new update profile pictures unless they unblock you right?
Maiki Nemo (7 months ago)
Im girl my ex blocked me ... after three monthes he ublocked me only some hours then blocked me again,,, (on viber,,, he dosnot have facebook and instagram) pls advice me what ot means?
Shannon Anderson (8 months ago)
He broke up with me. I went full no contact and 2 weeks later he blocked me on fb (yes, sadly I checked but never tried to contact him) then 4 days ago I was unblocked. Still I did not contact him. Then last night (6 weeks no contact) he messaged me "accidentally" and I still did not contact him but an hour later he blocked me again. Wtf is that? A 43 y/o man doing this. Why?
903bloodjinn (1 month ago)
he was thinking about you and when you didn't say anything to his messaged he felt rejected so he blocked you again. I'm going though the same thing right now..
jacobhector614 (10 months ago)
Anybody have advise for me? My now ex after about a week went psycho after we broke up. I moved cities for work and she says she’d stay up crying every night, then I went and hung out with two lesbians (they were the only people I knew from Houston where I’m from in Austin which is where I went) I didn’t tell her about it because I knew how she got with any of my friends, if they were guys she’d think I was trying to get other girls with them, if they were girls she’d be effy because I had a bad past. Anyway she found out and got real pissed then hacked my snap chat and saw I called another girl beautiful a few months ago and was trying to make plans with her. I know most people won’t believe me but she really was just a friend, the beautiful bs was because I saw she had guys calling her beautiful and never stopped it “good morning gorgeous” and that kind of stuff. She ended the relationship and completely ghosted me, added all my guy friends on Facebook thinking I’d never find out because she blocked me. She told one of my friends that’s a girl she was completely done, but she loved me and she never told me but I was also her best friend. She claimed she didn’t want to say anything bad about me to change her perspective of me because I really am a good guy HERES WHERE THINGS GET INTERESTING! I blew her phone up the first couple of days (I honestly missed her and just wanted to talk) but then she uses that and starts talking shit to my friends saying I’m harassing her, starts telling them all the fucked up things I did and just goes completely insane. She messaged my close friend saying she wanted to talk to him to tell him so he could hear her side of the story knowing I’d eventually tell him. She told him every fucked up thing I ever did (from her perspective) how she’s going on a date already with one of my older friends and likes him (heard from another good friend that wasn’t true idk who to believe) and was apparently also flirting with him as well. She was always a sweetheart do anything for anyone kind of girl but after this break up I don’t even recognize her. I cursed her out after hearing what I did from my friend that told me everything’s Facebook (he let me) tried blowing her phone up again, she used that to tell my other friends I was harassing her which made me even more pissed cause all she was doing was victimizing herself. Best part is I didn’t even say every single detail because it’s just too much to type. Anyway the end is things have been calm for a couple days now and I noticed she unblocked me on Facebook last night I haven’t messaged her or anything. Why if she’s so done? She talked shit to all my friends and was treating repeatedly to call the cops rather than just talk to me the 300 or so times I tried reaching out via call.
Cathy Baby (11 months ago)
Mine unblocked me after three years and his side hoe did too
James Walker (11 months ago)
My ex isn't contacting me she just keeps blocking and unblocking me?? Any reasons
Young Jay (4 months ago)
Maybe she's just being nosey or thinks about you still
Denzel Klass (1 year ago)
Hey my Ex unblocked me from what app and social media after the no contact it was 3week now , what should I do???
Diadem Kiss (1 year ago)
Maybe she’s just playing games.. knowing it will bother you or simply she is nosey.. lol
Hanna 1GOD (1 year ago)
A K 2 (1 year ago)
what if i want her back, and i find it comforting that she blocks me, and unblocks me on fb... i still love her....
A K 2 (8 months ago)
Pablo Tapia im already over her. I even said on top that i don't care anymore and that i am happy with the girl im with now..
Pablo Tapia (8 months ago)
Azan Khan 3 years, are you fucking serious?
A K 2 (9 months ago)
i don't care anymore bro. plus i'm happy with the person i'm with now. and this girl is a keeper.....
ISLAM I (9 months ago)
Azan Khan bro just stop being a wuss and move on seriously.. it’s been 3 years
A K 2 (1 year ago)
Asia Jones just recently she has unblocked me for only like 3 days so when i found out she unblocked me, i texted (i never erased her number) her a love song in Spanish with spanish sub and than the next day she blocks me again!.. 💔 but I've been texting her like crazy reminding her how much i love her before i even found out that she has blocked me (even though yesterday she blocked me again!)... i don't know if it is the song that scare her away or why does she keep doing this to me... and i even told her that no matter what no one not even herself will ever get me to stop loving her but it's like she does not get that... so why does she keep blocking me and than unblocking me?!.. why cant she just tell me to fuck off or that she doesn't care anymore?!..
Trinity Brown (1 year ago)
My ex and I were okay for awhile and he told me that he still loved me. I asked him why won't we just get back together , and move forward from the situation that had happened. He said no that he just wanted to be friends but when I tried to be friends with him it didn't feel right, we haven't spoken in awhile until I text him saying I miss our friendship and that we were so close, that it was hard to throw that all away as if it never happened. He replied back saying just friends and I said "yes" that's all I want. So then he blocked me on everything instergam Snapchat etc. Why did he block me ? All I wanted was to be friends with him. A couple days later he unblocked me but didn't add me back. I decided why not add him back. once I did that, he text me asking me if I was ok I never replied to that message because I seen it super late. 2 weeks later I message him saying "hi. Ik u probably don't want to talk to me and u probably would even block me or remove me again if u see this but all I wanted to say was hi and good luck in basketball." He responded back saying "thx dud" he purposely trying to friendzone me but I tried not to bothered by it because I was glad he even respond back. A day later I asked him a question and he just left me on seen a day later I seen he blocked me once again why does he keep doing that to me which I didn't do anything to him all I want was to be friend. Can anyone tell me why he keeps doing that??
Asia Jones (1 year ago)
Lol "dude?" Yea definitely is trying to convince himself! Mine kept saying we are friends then wanting to be more then wanting to be friends lol. Keep in touch with him
Asia Jones (1 year ago)
That sounds like mg ex! That's because he doesn't want to be friends but more! He's a little confused. My ex did the same thing. I'm now blocked on everything! Try unblocked me then blocked again then unblocked. They claimed they wanted to be only friends but acted all mean and shit. I know they want more. Now they have someone else. But hey still have unblocked me and blocked again. I know I'm on their mind. Your ex still loves you but needs to find themselves. They do want you in their life at some capacity but they are unsure. You still have a chance to get back with them since they don't seem to hate you. Just give it time and space.
Its Just Jeremy Yo (1 year ago)
Block Facebook from your life. Problem. Solved.
Carl Mitchinson (1 year ago)
women act like children dont get what they want they spit their dummies out
Ben Chesterman (1 year ago)
mine has trust issues , why shes hot and cold .together 3 yrs
Azalia Heredia (1 year ago)
What if my ex boyfriend didn't have a girlfriend? And still unblocked me on Facebook
teach and learn (1 year ago)
Your right bro
Lasha Shantadze (1 year ago)
I have three people that blocked me for a stupid reason
Ricky Nardella (1 year ago)
My ex blocked me on FB 8 months AFTER she broke up with me, does this mean anything?
One of the things he posted was petty*****
Ricky Nardella she's probably moved on and doesn't want you to see or she's lurking and getting her feelings hurt. My ex blocks me then unblocks me and posts sad shit idk what that means but I recently blocked him because of the things he posted is petty asf and it hurt my feelings so yeah and he's still posting sad shit he knows I was lurking. Idk maybe you can help me..
laura tea (1 year ago)
I think that is slightly delusional. What about general curiosity?
prince Manu Baby (1 year ago)
is there any reason for this " general curiosity"? I'm just curious..AF
alfredocruz123426 (2 years ago)
my ex has a new boyfriend. They've been together a couple months now. She unblocked me when they first started dating and now for no reason at all she blocked me again lol why? If she's so over me why keep blocking and unblocking? Its not like I even messaged her or anything. She dumped me btw.
brz lover (2 years ago)
alfredocruz123426 by the way same has happened to me but she blocked me when they started talking, they started dating yesterday and now I'm unblocked.
brz lover (2 years ago)
alfredocruz123426 she wants your attention but won't do it herself she thinks your better than her new man and she misses you so she's being hot and cold to make you feel bad and try to speak up.
Jesus is the way (2 years ago)
can you help me out here, a guy I meet couple months ago it never worked out I said I didn't want to be friends so he blocked me, then fews ago he unblocked me asked how I was when I replied he blocked me again, then yesterday he unblocked me called me when I replied he blocked me again, WHAT IS THAT ABOUT I get get such NONSENSE if he doesn't want to know me why he not just delete my number does anyone have any idea?
Master Terra (2 years ago)
I know this is old. But my Ex has blocked and unblocked me three different time's. I left Facebook for about 4 month's and had a different number. Came back on and seen she did so. I love her and I miss her. But she's done wrong in the past. I know people can change. But I don't know. Any advice? I really miss her and care about her.
ZantorianTW (2 years ago)
Block and unblock means either she's snooping, or misses you.. Now if you dumped her, the ball is in your court if you wanna try and make things right..If she did the dumping live your life man, as best you can, and always remember the universe got this..
Gökhan Ö (2 years ago)
Why would you get blocked and unblocked again after 1month ??
Zipo 26 (8 months ago)
Why unnlock if you move on? Its not Logic at all
Mishi Arain (9 months ago)
Gökhan Ö that's clearly means she moved so should you may be she just got someone else and doesn't want any interruptions sorry for being so straightforward but that's true bless you And you will also find someone who will love u and respect u more ☺
Gabriel Newnum (2 years ago)
After me and my ex broke up after a year and ten months... Then she blocked me almost right away. Three months went by and I noticed she unblocked me. But I think she is just over it, I'm trying and its getting there but I just thought that was kind of strange idk.
Ryland Brown (2 years ago)
Gabriel Newnum Same stuff just happend with me too. what ever happend man?
Alana cats (2 years ago)
My ex blocked me on Facebook and I noticed I was unblocked and then blocked 2 days later....love sucks lol
bay (2 years ago)
how that love story ended?
Alexander Marchel (3 years ago)
Wrong, the correct answer is because they're FUCKING RETARDED
Fatou's World (1 year ago)
AutomobileFunk (2 years ago)
+Alexander Marchel lol hahaha
Russell Forbes (3 years ago)
She got a bf a few weeks after breaking. We went on a break when I was inhospital for a heart condition. She knows I was upset, we argued a lot she up blocked me after a fight then u blocks me. She's the one that got away I love her, does she still have the desire to be with me?
Lloydee Banks (3 years ago)
I have had two ex's unblock me this month, one was after two years and another after 3 months. The latter was still texting me on whatsapp even though I was blocked on fb, which is just cray. So I cancelled my whatsapp, then noticed she unblocked me on Facebook 😂😂😂
Steven Cook (2 months ago)
you should have told her "you had your chance bitch, but you blew it" now watch her burst into tears and lick them off of her face like a psychopath... figuratively speaking of course.
Xavier Pawa (11 months ago)
lloyd t bro I know this is late but whats does is mean of this, like my ex gf has alreadu a bf for about 5-6mos I guess and me and my ex broke up last yr feb 4 2017 and i found out that she blocked me on facebook LAST 2DAYS bro i was shock and laughing and felt down too, wth happen man why she did that now only?? Its been a year now bro, i dont get it
lloyd t (2 years ago)
after all that she did add me again, then I just had her on there and NEVER spoke to her. Eventually she deleted me and now she has started posting public posts on fb since she deleted me looool
Chris (3 years ago)
There is some truth in what you say but on the same token, if you still want to patch things up, I don't think its a good idea to just completely ignore her. It may have the adverse effect of making her ultimately decide not to be with you and then it's game over. I am no relationship expert but I have been through the above quite a few times. Me and my gf break up like once a week and blocking and unblocking me is almost a routine. Jacques Giles advise is actually really good coz that was what I have been doing most of the time. Casual chat lightens her mood.
Santricia Jones (3 years ago)
+Chris Thank you.. I wish you the best as well.
Chris (3 years ago)
+Santricia Jones I wish you the best of luck in your relationship and beyond.  You just need to know when to let go and have the courage to do so when the time comes.
Santricia Jones (3 years ago)
+Chris Yes, i am very young but i've been through many heartbreaks. I thought my ex was the one for me. He is 32 years old and i really wanted to settle down with him. I thought long term and our relationship was very serious. We were even talking marriage. I don't get into relationships just to pass time. I'm a woman who wants a relationship and i am faithful. I just need someone who is willing to put in the work that i put in. I'm also aware that our relationship wasn't very healthy.
Chris (3 years ago)
+Santricia Jones Still young, long journey ahead of you :)
Santricia Jones (3 years ago)
+Chris I'm 23.
george70 george (3 years ago)
My ex unblocked me on face book after 2 weeks blocking but i have one of my old exs posting on my wall pics and vids all the time , do u think my ex will be angry with me and move on , thnking im back with my old ex ,coz I love her and don't want to lose her thinking I gave up and went with other woman , plz reply
SELA Ghost (4 years ago)
Should i blocked any calls from her too??
Vincent Lin (4 years ago)
let's say, my ex blocked me on facebook 2 years ago, she's dated and i messed around and now she's single and i am as well and recently i've discovered she unblocked me. what does that say, in your opinion she wants? should i message her on fb? 
Jacques Gilles (4 years ago)
My best advice would be to initiate contact neutrally, and subtlety. For example, you can say something like, "Hey, I hope you're having a good day." It lets her know that you're thinking about her and opens up the door for communication. After that, wait for her to respond. And if she doesn't, leave it alone. You've got your answer. But if she responds, chat lightly, and remember to end the conversation first. Don't tell her too much. The key is to be mysterious. Wait a few and repeat, then ask her if she'd like to grab coffee or something. No "dating spots" like movies or whatnot.

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