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Crossout #48 - The Invisible Container of Death - AWESOME NEW BUILD!!!

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World's first invisible container of death that drives and poops drones!!! Can this build be ever beaten? It can go invisible and drive away and camouflage in between other containers so that nobody can ever find it. It's indestructible build! * Sethioz Gaming & Fun --- https://youtube.com/SethiozProject * Sethioz Hacks / Trainers / Tutorials --- https://youtube.com/sethioz * Sethioz Reviews --- https://youtube.com/SethiozReviews * UltraGraphicsGaming --- https://www.youtube.com/UltraGraphicsGaming

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Text Comments (130)
The Sethioz Project (1 year ago)
Don't miss out my other awesome Crossout builds, check this epic Crossout playlist :) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrG96EBohANfddYVo3LXg5NCIFgVrAdt
L BS (6 months ago)
The Sethioz Project theres one major flaw,your name can still be seen
UodY NP. (7 months ago)
The Sethioz Project I
LiViNg LiKe LaRrY (2 months ago)
snake, is that you?
LiViNg LiKe LaRrY (2 months ago)
this is what we call a weapon to surpass metal gear.
The Sethioz Project (2 months ago)
haha, snake uses cardboard boxes actually :)
Thee_ _Number_Six (2 months ago)
You take that thing and park it in a cap zone
Mitchell WARRICK (2 months ago)
Doesn’t it display your gamer tag anyway?
Zach Daniels (2 months ago)
what really makes this op is that......no one pays atention to you like at all.....if i see someone with no turrets i know there droning. suppppper easy to get away from for only one playstyle...i play a stealth hover hurricane build i can destroy entire teams by myself.....most op thing in the game you want to have easy mode in crossout and just rack coins to build monster builds with any weapons you want like this guy spend the 100 for the hovercraft start with unguided with the coins then grind to guided missiles on hover chassis with the chameleon youd trash this dude unless he had the same build as you ten you can see who catches who with there stealth on cooldown only way your beating this guy......you think hes dumb but he destroys teams with almost any build....just beat cheese with cheese.
ZIP Channel (3 months ago)
"ихихихихи" - крыса отвратительная сука
Ekoh TheTaur (3 months ago)
"Ah it's gonna be a drone war" Fuze drone: NOT ON MY WATCH!
pony centaur (3 months ago)
3:10 jihad-drones are OP! they scream 'aloha snackbar' before suicide bombing
Brendan (4 months ago)
Now this is the kind of gaming lootbox I can get behind!
TokranInami (4 months ago)
kudos for creative build :D Now imagine there was a game mode without the markers over players. You could literally sit in the enemy cap an win the match without them ever knowing what happened :D :D :D
Sid Meisterwerk. (4 months ago)
Guard: waht is in dat Box, Me: 😂 Surprice 🎩
Wise Guy (5 months ago)
Expected container, loaded with barrels + invis module, and big detonations at enemy.
Grzegorz Ringwelski (5 months ago)
evryone says that evryone sucks in this comment section while the vehicle sucks because your name will appear so you can disguise as a container
Saggy Nuts (5 months ago)
I fucking lost it when the drone ran into him
Xismir (5 months ago)
This bot was on the top page in the Crossout exhibition shop.
Jay Warren (5 months ago)
I guess with the missle turret and fuze drones you could say you built a.......... BOOMBOX. Ill see myself out.
Sebastian Guerrero (5 months ago)
I diddnt realize that there was a face cam until i was 12 min in
Uros Vlahovic (2 months ago)
Thee_ _Number_Six You are late 2 months😂
Thee_ _Number_Six (2 months ago)
I didn't see the face cam till I saw your comment
Uros Vlahovic (4 months ago)
But when i spotted it,it was the greatest jumpscare of all times
Uros Vlahovic (4 months ago)
Sebastian Guerrero Same😂
Yousuf Hasan - YH World (5 months ago)
Looking very interesting ! Just launch the drone it will do it's work no need to aim or chase after enemy ! I like it but don't have ! But it flipped many times !
TheTwisted869 (5 months ago)
If only our names werent above our builds this would work out alot better
Grzegorz Ringwelski (5 months ago)
dude this game is not some prop hunt its about car fighting
The Sethioz Project (5 months ago)
nah, radar should only show dots on the map, that's it. I'm against this kiddy-widdy shit ... it ruins games. Removing name tags would force people to use map more and it would also make Neutrino very useful, then people would see enemies glowing, i think it would make Neutrino scope very used.
TheTwisted869 (5 months ago)
The Sethioz Project They could literally make using a radar show our names but if we dont a radar we wont see anyone until we start shooting each other.
The Sethioz Project (5 months ago)
yeah i keep saying this all the time ... devs need to remove enemy name tags completely.
Sapphire Power (5 months ago)
Now THATS a supply drop!
Fiddle Styx (6 months ago)
One word. Nametagd
r2d2 from startrek (6 months ago)
This would be a good idea if you stood still when you could, by man, I'm poor as fuck so I don't have the game, but the drones are good, people say nobody likes people who hide away and can't fight, but, this is genius for the right maps
The Sethioz Project (6 months ago)
FACEPALM .. it's free to play...
Retro Plus (6 months ago)
Clever build.
Brendan Van Havere (6 months ago)
Open bob
HerWon Ziemniak (6 months ago)
drone player ...
Kyle Smith (6 months ago)
i need to build a driveable shipping container
серый филин (6 months ago)
square brain, square machine
EAD CORPS (6 months ago)
You should sit and act as a container then surprise them when they pass
KitsuneNoMeiji (6 months ago)
Cozzapanic (6 months ago)
Um.... but your name will be visible giving you away lol
Jeff Anderson (7 months ago)
When this build hid right next to some buildings, I laughed; it really *did* look like it belonged there... ... and it got me thinking... On at least one of the maps, there're some rusted out shacks next to a base. As a base defender (if you're lucky enough to be on that team on that map), this thing can just wait there, most likely unnoticed, and can pop out the drones when a camper has his back turned, and *nobody's* going to know where you hit them from!
Jeff Anderson (6 months ago)
Sorry if it was a dumb idea; I was just (not) thinking out loud... Truth be told (and, yes, I am embarrassed to admit this), I don't play Cross-out. My interest is limited to trying to tell stories with the universe the developers have come up with. I'm actually someone on the Autism Spectrum who uses escape into fantastical worlds as my way of handling things when they get too much for me. I hope that explains why I thought it might actually work; hiding in plain sight like that...
The Sethioz Project (7 months ago)
yeah well no ... cuz they'll see the name tag. In lower power score it MIGHT work, cuz people are quite blind and don't use radar detectors, but I doubt. Devs need to remove enemy name tags completely, that would make it so much better.
Mistercombustible (7 months ago)
Bahahah thats awesome :D
Lolitsapug (7 months ago)
Use the crate and hide by other crates
Colonel Burton (7 months ago)
He talks like pewdiepie when pewdiepie is trying to sound like an idiot.
Михаил А (7 months ago)
Put the window with your face to the lower corner please
#1 Fluff Ball (8 months ago)
sit still and theyll probably thing ur just a REGULAR CONTAINER OJ THE MAP THAT DOESNT MOVE!!!!
The Sethioz Project (8 months ago)
I wish they'd remove the nametags and arrows .. then it would work :)
Maaan, that's a dirty build. ;D
Knock knock who’s there Contain contain who? Secure protect Shitiest joke
Purple ezaH (10 months ago)
1:42 Lole they got stuck on my Tourette
Colonel Burton (7 months ago)
I don't know what's funnier, that he said "tourette" or that he said "LOL". Because saying "LOL" instead of actually laughing is so lazy.
Ian M (11 months ago)
Knocked over by your own drone at 2.19, that's hilarious!
I'm away from computer for a while, what is the price of those Drone things? They seem like a heck of alot of fun.
Colonel Burton (7 months ago)
The price is currenty 65 EUR and you will get a nice picture of Santa Claus thrown in with the already downloaded "DL"C
The box of DOOM
Laflador _7 (1 year ago)
USA (1 year ago)
I love seeing stuff like this in Crossout
Gusttafa (1 year ago)
you sounds like pure faggot king. would recommend stop recording shitty videos like this
Synrgize (11 months ago)
Do people have to sound like Justin Bieber?
George Prince (1 year ago)
lol, so hilarious container!
Terrance Adrian (1 year ago)
What platform is this game on?
r2d2 from startrek (6 months ago)
Terrance Adrian ps vita, 3DS
Goonhead (6 months ago)
Dragonfyre (1 year ago)
Ps4, Xbox one, PC
EternalRespawn (1 year ago)
You sound just like Yamiks.....
timfractor (1 year ago)
Fuze are for noobs i hâte those things
Kalibre Chill (3 months ago)
fuze can kill you fast dude, you're just a whiny lil shit SPOILED as well
Grzegorz Ringwelski (5 months ago)
you get so toxic and stupid when someone calls you bad like a kid
Big Big Thonk (10 months ago)
The Sethioz Project Thats bullshit, Fuze is just another weapon, like a rapier. Sure it was probably a joke, but you don't have to get mad after one "hate" comment. Thats how YouTube works ;)
Aron Feher (11 months ago)
Correction - " I hate them, therefore they are for noobs".
NeonStorm (1 year ago)
cause its not constructive unlike conrad motorrad's comment, which is legitimately adding to the conversation.
room temp (1 year ago)
Invisible container of cowardice. Funny build, but drones are for sissies.
I smell butthurt
The lost Byte (7 months ago)
"Container. CONTAINER! The enemy hides in METAWL BOXES! Tha Cowards! THE FLEWS!"
Big Big Thonk (10 months ago)
room temp Yea i totally agree, drones are a bit to op around the 4500 power score, nobody has really got a good counter for them. And god the fuze drones.... They always drive under me and explode, what causes to destroy my fuel barrel. I'd say: Drones are for ppl who are to lazy to fire any kind of gun.
Aron Feher (11 months ago)
Cry me some river princess. Drones are in the game. I will or won't use it as and when I like to do so. If you have some problem with them, tell the developers. Oh wait, they won't do anything, because it works as intended. But hey, calling names, belittling, etc. people who aren't proceeding according to your values is easier than to adapt. Egoism is only a lowly human remnant that can't be shed.
jonas.205 (1 year ago)
The Sethioz Project drone builds are noobish cause you need no aiming skills
sosuke aizen (1 year ago)
i lost my shit when i see a container car coming
Ragnar Lothbrok (1 year ago)
that fuze drons expensive:( i love your builds dude keep up the good work
John Bartolini (1 year ago)
I did the same thing but with no guns lol and people drove right past me it was halarious
FullSpectrum Survivalist (11 months ago)
Stop using lame drones then everyone won't be gunning for you every match, people don't like cowardly drone droppers that drop, stealth and spend the game running away from the fight.
The Sethioz Project (1 year ago)
it's funny how people don't notice the name tags lol, i wish they'd remove enemy name tags tho, would make it more competitive.
PastyCayk (1 year ago)
It's inconspicuous XD, and it takes some real tilent to have your own drone flip you over
RazerTracer Overwatch (1 year ago)
This is such a quirky build lol 😂
Matej Velican (1 year ago)
You always use Carapace huh?
FrozenParadoX (1 year ago)
Well its a good cabin
Omega (1 year ago)
Why are you always so toxic ? i'ts only game why you have to be mad.
damQuick3x6 (3 months ago)
You're not even trying to hide in plain sight with your container, pkus the fact that you use your webcam but dont even move the whole time haha
Krystal (4 months ago)
Gaming with Neomite You also have to realize that his nametag would give him away.
Gaming with Neomite (4 months ago)
Omega also him making a container and moving just defeats the the reason of hiding in plain sight
spades95 (5 months ago)
Funny how one can prove the point of one's opponent so effectively.
Theunlimitsword (5 months ago)
The Sethioz Project yes he does, you say it all the time. Not the exact definition but a way of describing a persons attitude to a certain thing. What about you use your small little brain too figure that out.
Null Bacon hair (1 year ago)
Me-Hi (1 year ago)
funniest building
The Sethioz Project (1 year ago)
that's the idea xD

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