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How Do We Flirt with Women? | LESBIAN VS BISEXUAL

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Text Comments (672)
ohthelovelypoems (6 hours ago)
Yep, guessed which was which, but to be fair I have many years in the lifestyle and it was easy-peasy.
Kira Angel (8 hours ago)
Bisexual are people who like guys and girls?
Andrea Lawson (12 hours ago)
I’m A Lesbian an I’m 22 Yrs Old. I’ve always known I’m into Girls an Women who are older than me,☺️ Doesn’t matter if she’s lesbian or bisexual I’m single an I need someone who’ll love me and be loyal but also be respectful an patient with me because I’ve only been with two girls and haven’t had sex with any girl yet and I feel so left out an I get shy and Im not confident. But still somehow I’m Loving an Caring and a good listener an I’m affectionate an love to hug an receive hugs 🤗 I’d love to cuddle ect. Yet why tf do straight girls mess with a Lesbian’s feelings an Lead them on then say “Oh sorry if I lead you on but I’m just kidding an I’m not into you like that an I have a boyfriend or Husband sorry.”
Kathryn O'Reilly (1 day ago)
Omg that cat 🥰
alex m yoga (2 days ago)
Omg i’m dying 😂
It's weird that i knew who was lesbian and who was bi before you said it...
Jess Pope (3 days ago)
I really don't understand why so many lesbians have an issue with bisexuals? Like as long are you're a girl and you're into me then I don't care 😂 but loads of lesbians make it a big thing
The Scarlet Lily (3 days ago)
I’m more attracted to women than men. I am a woman. Fight me.
The Scarlet Lily (1 day ago)
Amber Liu fan no, sorry.
The Scarlet Lily (1 day ago)
Amber Liu fan 😊
angela byrd (7 days ago)
I don't have the confidence to flirt with pretty girl like yall 😂😂👍
Anna Falls (7 days ago)
Definitely checking out lesbian Bre’s Channel....
Mi Ol (10 days ago)
Great! Your Video / channel is the first and until now only were lesbian and bisexual woman talk and listening to each other breaking down prejudice, stereotypes and misunderstandings between each other!! Please keep up and going! you are an example how people should talk to each other to overcome the opposition, disagreement... maybe even hate to the other party!! Bravo!
Madyson Dickerson (11 days ago)
It looks like your shirts together say “Lesbian sex” I AM LIVING FOR IT BUT ALSO DIED OF LAUGHTER😂😭😂
Holly Driver (11 days ago)
When I was single I really struggled with women. I feel like I look completely hetero. In the club I looked like the straight girl on a night out with all her gay buddies. Too terrified to flirt with girls other than just drunkenly kissing people on the dance floor 🤦‍♀️ and using apps was agonising, I’d write on my profile I’m looking to date not to do threesomes but still most women who messaged me were looking for a bi to come and be a third wheel, it’s just depressing man. And with those who matched with me genuinely, I too didn’t want to come across creepy and forceful like men so my flirting was useless 😂 there seriously needs to be coaching for bisexuals. Personally I’ve ended up dating 90% men because they’re very straight forward.
Elena Blatt Beauty (12 days ago)
Im screaming i love this
IN73RJ3c7I0N (12 days ago)
Thin version of Sinn Sage
bts_turkey _ (14 days ago)
Ne diyo bu garılar
123404 (15 days ago)
ok but how do you flirt with women tho
Jamin You Have No Jims (18 days ago)
"how do we flirt with women" we don't we just get flustered and die
Oto Lite (18 days ago)
i am bisex boy. I want to bisex girlfriend.
Kenzie Galapin (21 days ago)
my goshhh
Bisexual News (21 days ago)
When my partner with me I don't care about anything that's I want to satisfy him/her that's called love. meet bisexuals world wide bicupid.com/i/BIU
Alyssa Browne (23 days ago)
Can I join the party and just identify as Queer?
Valerie Paulsen (23 days ago)
2:00 that she could not decide....says it all.
Sarah P. (23 days ago)
As a trans lesbian I relate to both of these experiences. On the one hand I don't want to come off like a guy when I hit on girls. But also I get the like totally get the feeling of needing to disclose my status, so they know. One i want them to know and not be able to say I "tricked" them. Also I didn't want invest into them and then have them say bye because they found out I'm trans.
Duskhoundrocks (25 days ago)
I am pansexual, and also transgender
Diabla Martinez (30 days ago)
Im just curious to know if im the only bisexual woman that has only dated men but is attracted to women as well? Im having such a hard time approaching women though, like i don't know what to say!? 😯
A Wa (6 hours ago)
Diabla Martinez for me it’s the opposite. only dated women amd never men but Im definitely bi 😅
lili (1 month ago)
this was so funny omg
Scaredbyeagle Z (1 month ago)
I'm super picky with guys and girls. There's only one girl I've ever liked (so far) and two guys I've liked (so far). I'm hoping on netting the girl but I think she's struggling mentally on what to do.
zabaleta (1 month ago)
I'd smash both......and the lesbian will know she's lucky, and a confirmed bisexual, after I've finished with her.
Nature Girl (1 month ago)
I’m bisexual! 💖💜💙
wildone99 (1 month ago)
i literally got a add on how to text flirt with guys... What is this internet explain please
Pizza Goblin (1 month ago)
“I couldn’t choose. Classic bisexual” love that 😂
stephanie gil (1 month ago)
As a queer woman, flirting with girls can be SO difficult!
anildo (1 month ago)
Bre reminds me of a mix of the sister of my friend and her girlfriend and I can't unsee that now
highbirdlx (1 month ago)
I think some lesbians don't realize how much they are actually hurting bisexuals by making them feel as if they are liars, fakers or just tell them to "finally choose whether they like men or women". I often get the impression that they look at me as a minor person. Im neither confused nor too scared to come out as a lesbian. IMost lesbians have been through quiet something so why are they doing the same to bisexuals tf
Orko Chowdhury (1 month ago)
I like only bisexual.because its little bit logical.
Sofi Mora (1 month ago)
Why do you remind me to my mom? Lmaoo
Leslie Holt (1 month ago)
I really thought it was just me who found it weird when people try to convince someone to like them after they’ve been turned down! I’m glad I’m not alone with the frustration. Or when I say I’m a lesbian and the guy will say it’s hot and ask to join.🤦‍♀️ Like, um fuck no?
-meg-the-meme - (1 month ago)
Anyone else a bisexual who has almost the same haircut as Alayna?
Ashley Taylor (1 month ago)
as a female bisexual i have no fucking clue how to flirt with women.... help a bitch out.
Jaeleigh Ortiz (1 month ago)
I think I’m bisexual, I don’t find people attractive in general, but the times I do catch myself fantasizing or thinking romantically it’s mostly about another person if the same sex. I want to start experimenting to see if this is just me being attention seeking or actually attracted to another person of the same sex. I plan on asking one of my not so close friends to go out with me, as an experiment... but I’m not sure if I should mention it’s and experiment or not. Should I?
lola mentos (1 month ago)
The weirdest thing i do as a bisexual girl when flirting with another girl, is that sometimes in the back of my head i'm thinking "am i faking it?" Wich I know it sounds really weird, but because i like men more than women, and society always assume that im faking it, i sometimes do it too. Then i think "nah i like this girl" and just continue with my life lol
Kizwi (1 month ago)
Okay bre is really pretty
FlowerofDissolution (1 month ago)
This isn't about winning! Anyhow: I liked how you presented the bisexual so I could relate, I too doesn't really get the genderedness of peoples' desires. I just go with personality. That is my main priority, but I am guessing, everyone elses's as well. So, go after the nice person, I guess....
Gwen Read (1 month ago)
about what they said about society only accepting one or the other, i feel that this is true but only to an extent. I’m a high schooler and at least within my school there is a sense of fluidity in sexuality. While there are of course people who are strictly one or the other, many of the people i know have been in relationships with both genders. There is a sense of normalcy around it also that i hope will become something society accepts, instead of just one or the other
CareBear Cari (1 month ago)
Alayna looks like Blair Waldorf but sounds like Serena
Divinity (1 month ago)
tips on flirting with women pls!
Piper Slinka-Petka (1 month ago)
i identify as bisexual but secretly consider myself a lesbian ;)
eye- have an addiction (1 month ago)
i broke my ears with the cough at the begining with ear phones
Kat I M (1 month ago)
I knew I was bi when I took home a woman to please myself and not my boyfriend. Thanks ladies.
Natalie Riley (1 month ago)
Kat I M omg goals 😂😭
Insha Neupane (1 month ago)
am i the only one who saw her shirt as i sex u? lol cuz" b" and "al" is hiding lol
Bria Bradley (1 month ago)
This is the first video of yours I’ve seen and as a bi woman I love the idea of this series so much!!! So many of the frustrations I’ve had as a bi woman were spoken here and it’s so relieving to hear
maggie curry (1 month ago)
i am cheese too ; )
The Fox sisters! :3 (1 month ago)
15 seconds in and I'm already loving these two XD *bi pride!*
Alice Tsui (2 months ago)
Y’all are so funny on camera together 😂😂 looking forward to more of theeeeese
You guys are so fun to watch, btw totally knew which one was lesbian before the shirt reveal. <3 both beautiful
Moor (2 months ago)
For me actually flirting with women is really hard because it just always makes me feel predatory and creepy :/
Your Dry Blazer (2 months ago)
Damn the “don’t do it like a man” thing is so real. I’m bi and when I began taking the initiative talking to girls I didn’t know how else to do it beside mimicking how men do it... and I constantly feel like I’m giving out the wrong idea which really ruins my confidence so to this day I still don’t know how to flirt right... *help*
Laggy Vids (2 months ago)
its really iconic that the second they put on those shirts theyre like "ROLL THE SLEVES". CLassic gays :)
Eliza Hamilton (2 months ago)
“you’re picky!“ “no i’m not!“ * points at shirt*
fseesauras (2 months ago)
Lesbians are not around for non prejudicial dating opportunities for bisexuals. lesbians have to protect themselves. bisexuals have men to protect them and can always go back to a happy heterosexual lifestyle where they fit in everywhere and are accepted everywhere. I would never date a bisexual woman. Why can't they date other bisexual women and not put it on lesbians to date them when lesbians already have fewer dating options?
Mmakigami (1 month ago)
Haha no one forces you to date bi women. Do whatever the fuck you want. I don't understand what you're saying though... Bisexual women are attracted to women (lesbian or bi) and men (bi or hetero) so what's your point? Anyway women, straight or bi aren't "protected" by men. I can take care of myself, thank you. And heterosexual lifestyle isn't "happy" for every straight couple. Actually a lot of them are quite unhappy. And guess what, bi women don't owe you anything, we indeed date whoever we want. If a lesbian lady is ok to date us, what's your fucking problem?
Tala Habern (2 months ago)
Lol just so much ignorance packed into one comment, it's wild! News flash if you're bisexual you can't live a heterosexual life...cause you're not straight. I have no idea what you mean by protecting yourself, from what exactly? Either way I take care of myself no men involved. I can't speak for all bi's but I'd love to be with another bi girl but lesbians are fine too, I don't discriminate unlike yourself. Also since lesbians have a smaller dating pool it would make sense to date bisexuals. Not you though, please do the bisexual ladies a favor and stay far away. They deserve better.
Mariam Assi (2 months ago)
Talk about the privileges and challenges both identities have in our society and maybe what can be done to help everyone out!
Brianna Fleming (2 months ago)
Lesbian rolls up sleeves at 2:48 CLASSIC
Nicole Byron (2 months ago)
I just found you, and I'm not sure why it has taken me so long.... new sub here. love this stuff (: Bisexuality is difficult, so I love to find other channels that really dive into it. It deserves to be acknowledged just as much as any other. Thanks girl.
ThingStuffs (2 months ago)
I prefer women by an enormous margin, but I do occasionally find men attractive. I'm not entirely closed to dating men, but I really want to be with a woman, so a guy would REALLY have to prove himself worthy for me to forego that. I guess I would consider myself a Kinsey four to five. I don't really flirt with anyone though. I especially don't flirt with lesbians because as a trans woman, I assume they automatically find me repulsive and it's just not a can of worms I want to risk opening. That being said, I have been approached by a small number of lesbians, but the chemistry has never been there.
Gina Plopper-Norton (2 months ago)
Bre is so gorgeous. I have such a crush now
Krystal Hooper (2 months ago)
Elley Henderson (2 months ago)
bre gives me an intimidation boner
Kelia (2 months ago)
I’m bisexual 💗💜💙
Kathryn Free (2 months ago)
Nah nope, I don't flirt. I usually just move in and be like "Hey."
Jessica Davies (2 months ago)
Anyone else think bre looks like dodie?
nat (2 months ago)
lmao now i feel like a fake lesbian cause i don’t roll my t shirt sleeves LMAO
deirdre kealy (2 months ago)
yup i've wasted way too much of my time laughing at your videos A+.....subscribe
jts 1262 (2 months ago)
Thank you both for searing. You are so cute!
Theresa Vaccaro (2 months ago)
I'm bisexual and I'm like 70% into women but.., only romantically like I want to fall in love and be there for each other for the rest of our lives nothing sexually but with men all I want is sex and some cuddle nothing like LOVE
Asdf Asdf (2 months ago)
This is so real. I love it.
Claudia T Rios S (2 months ago)
Just passing by, I’d never seen your videos (but now I follow both of you).. also, as a lesbian I knew right away that it was Bre hahaha aaand I like don’t have a problem with bi women, but I personally do prefer full on lesbians haha anyway, you’re both cute and funny, I’ll go along and watch more of your vids (:
trippie zi (2 months ago)
Im bisexual i never hesitate. I just flirt😂😂
Débora Karan (2 months ago)
Something about the way you speak and your traces reminded me of Ashley Tisdale
KC x2 (2 months ago)
Of course the lesbian has the corona. Look at her setting a stereotype. I dont mean that in a bad way. I loved the video and as a lesbian relate to what you feel when you approach a girl.
virginia (2 months ago)
“I witnessed them get in a car accident”
Catherine Wasylewski (2 months ago)
I 100% agree with feeling like you have to come out all over again as a bisexual before getting too far into things with a female! I thought I was done with the coming out shit once my family knew, but little did I know 😂
Natalie Jean (2 months ago)
This is why I don’t like saying bi girls
lillimarq (2 months ago)
I love your chemistry, but I don't love a number of hurtful stereotypes about bisexuals that are being reiterated while supposedly being dealt with ( spoiler alert :they're not).
Krizzia Udtohan (2 months ago)
I'm bisexual but I dated more women than men .
Melania Chavez (2 months ago)
"I couldnt choose between the 2 styles" bisexual cuotes
Gale (2 months ago)
You can tell which one's a lesbian by the way she holds the bottle. That is gay culture right there.
Jaunot Nelson (2 months ago)
She gay you have sex with women then your gay. your gay who put up with sex with a man what the hell is bi crap bullshit. Some minds are really worthless you say bi just for people to look at you damn be real 😒
Gilda Hobbs (2 months ago)
I have the same problem when flirting with women, especially since I'm usually really not the upfront type, but then if I'm being subtle most girls will just mistake it for being friendly O.o struggles..
Billie Bitch (2 months ago)
i’m a lesbian whose almost strictly into bisexuals. i have no idea why, i think lots of bisexuals are more femme then lesbians (although there are obviously femme lesbians, i am one) and personally i like femmes, so most of the people i end up dating are bi, which i’m totally cool with. being bi is not a turn off for me.
Wilhelmiina Jantunen (5 days ago)
Did Billie Eilish make u gay?
Emma Kilcoyne (11 days ago)
I'm the same way
Nature Girl (1 month ago)
I’m bisexual
Kimmely Fields (1 month ago)
Candace Michelle (1 month ago)
I look very démine but the style I want to have I can’t wear cuz of my parents :(
Renee Ethier (2 months ago)
I get too scared to flirt cause I don't wanna creep anyone out. But it's hard finding other girls and it really heckin sucks
Laura G. (2 months ago)
didnt need a shirt to tell......
Erica Aveni (2 months ago)
Bre though 😍
fabhlc (2 months ago)
lesbian culture is having the same shirt as the youtube lesbian you are watching
Haven Alexa Langley (2 months ago)
wait this was just in my recommended and i thought it was a new Andrea russet video
SLoves Smiles (2 months ago)
I like women waaaay more than men and I’m Bi. But yeah people assume Bisexuality is something we do for fun or because we won’t choose.
WIGGLES THE BUSH CAT (2 months ago)
I cannot believe I’ve spent so long on the internet without knowing you guys existed.
Franky (2 months ago)
two gays --> hold my beer first i have to roll my sleeves

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