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Summer to Fall Plus-Size Try-On Haul!

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Text Comments (225)
Pak Imam (2 months ago)
Shan Alam Prio (6 months ago)
my favorite ssbbw
Shan Alam Prio (6 months ago)
love you
Shawn Tanner (11 months ago)
Damn you look good in all of them
Amy Bukouras (1 year ago)
I love your energy, so full of life!! Also, love the purple dress! <3
Vivi Sti (1 year ago)
you look adorable in these outfits
N45441 (2 years ago)
Does the body positivity movement embrace all body sizes? Anybody knows?
hi boo fitz (2 years ago)
absolutely love this haul this is your best one yet definitely lean more to stuff like this
emily (2 years ago)
i love all these clothes on you. they're really flattering. i love the red and black bralettes (especially the black one).
milk pudding (2 years ago)
the first outfit she was wearing with the tulle skirt was so pretty 💙
Lena lad (2 years ago)
Omg someone gave her clothes that fit
lizzieisverycool (2 years ago)
What size do you wear in the black and white skirt?
Lee McDonald (2 years ago)
Perfect size and look. Keep both of these up!!! ☺
Yasmina (2 years ago)
what's the song at the beginning thanks xx
Diana Tello (2 years ago)
The purple dress was the best!
Diana Tello (2 years ago)
Eres muy linda! Tienes una ropa increible! Jaja y mucha personalidad creo q eres lo máximo 3
Bernadette Yanta (2 years ago)
I don't think anyone is as fat as you so why would they want your clothes
UnicornsSick (2 years ago)
You always make me feel better about myself when I watch your videos like I can be me and I can wear and do what I want you really inspire me💕
Love Nicole (2 years ago)
You looked so classy and beautiful in all these outfits I personally think these are the outfits you should be wearing
Zalika Roberts (2 years ago)
You are so butiful
So Pretty (2 years ago)
no offence but your face is so so pretty and your smile is gorgeous and i think you will look even prettier by losing a little bit of weight :)
Wandering Star (2 years ago)
your vids have helped me lose weight :) thank u
Estef BC (2 years ago)
Que hermosas son!😄
ingakaulitz (2 years ago)
Plz, wear this kind of clothes,no more shorts or skinny white jeans!
Audrey Nikolich (2 years ago)
Her feet look so small in those black heels!
Sina Arj (2 years ago)
CDYT (2 years ago)
If you see a super skinny girl everybody is like oh you look really unhealthy you should put on a little bit or weight and with oversize girls a lot of people are like I appreciate for be comfortable with yourself or that she is really brave... And that shouldn't be like this because what you all have to appreciate is a healthy body and person, neither really skinny not really fat.
Ditte Panner (2 years ago)
This is the kind of clothes that really suits your body! Much cuter than the other stuff you wear
Amy Sasburger (2 years ago)
STOP go Iose weight your so fat
Emily K. (2 years ago)
That purple jewel toned dress GASP I MUST have it!! AMAZING
Markéta Larsson (2 years ago)
I just don't get one thing. A lot of people in here are like: "OMG don't be rude let her alone she's so amazing" and stuff like this. BUT I bet that 99% of you at least once in your entire life made fun of an overweight person. In school, at some party, even in the street, anywhere. You're so two-faced. And it's not fair to be nice to someone just because it's kind of "famous".
Darshani Wilson (1 year ago)
SEE THAT'S THE THING. NO WE HAVEN'T. Which says a lot more about you than it does anyone else.
Justine Hudson (2 years ago)
Gorgeous xx
Love Rivera (2 years ago)
hi britt.. i loved your videos so much.. i hope you can give me your old old clothes .. bec i dont have money to buy those .. love you..
BADPOM no1 (2 years ago)
iS SHE still in the soft porn stuff ? shosh she has come far
Anna (2 years ago)
it grinds my gear when I hear that being obese or fat is "body type"
mina Brown (2 years ago)
Kinsley Marie it's like ur saying being anorexic is a body type
Kinsley Marie (2 years ago)
da fuckk???? it is
in your Area (2 years ago)
Yuki Sakamoto (2 years ago)
I think she says that because even though they're both fat her friend has proportionally smaller hips.Brittany seems to be pear shaped(plus sized or skinny,her hips would still be bigger than her shoulders) and the girl on the right seems not to have this body shape.Just that.
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
+Faraz Ahmed lmao! You are a clown? Hater? What are we hating on? Put someone down by calling out b.s
Safiaamz Sanyang (2 years ago)
best video since I started to watch your videos
chirlinn rolle (2 years ago)
honestly I loved this one the clothes were more mature better quality I loved how you looked in them and they fitted u well only one thing your bra you need to do s video on bras because your breast seem huge but love the video
mee ly (2 years ago)
love the tutu <3
Victoria Poirier (2 years ago)
You look like a beautiful, majestic, respectful woman in these clothes! 💕💕💕
Zee bro (2 years ago)
manu alban (2 years ago)
Woow you looked stunning in this video! Specially with the purple dress, that one was gorgeous!!!
Chloe (2 years ago)
Finally clothes that fit and suit your body type.
I just found your channel. I really love it a lot. I love how confident you are. Keep up the good work and stay beautiful
Bbw Lover (2 years ago)
you are such a stylish baby.
Mario Ciattoni (2 years ago)
Hello from Italy. You are absolutely gorgeous <3
Deana (2 years ago)
Now those are the type of outfits you should wear. You look so much more sexy then in that other garbage you wear.
ZMXL (2 years ago)
I think you are absolutely gorgeous and you look hot!!!
Jen H (2 years ago)
you are honestly so pretty and so charming! Thanx for the vid!!!
Rachel (2 years ago)
I LOVE the red crop top with the black and white skirt! That is such a cute look. You are beautiful.
Queen Naj (2 years ago)
Queen Naj (2 years ago)
God she's Gorgeous
Enulf Art (2 years ago)
I miss your talking videos! Like fat-chat Fridays. I think that I'm not alone in wanting to know what is going on in your life! Missing the weekly inspiration I got from those. <3
pushpa kumara (2 years ago)
Muhammad Shahid (2 years ago)
+xBrittney89 💙💙
xBrittney89 (2 years ago)
Aw I feel you I will definitely be back to uploading at least once a week on those soon! This summer has led for some craziness. Thank you for enjoying this videos, too! I love making them. That's when I feel like I am sitting down and really talking and connecting to each of you. Ah <3
MinxLaura123 ASMR (2 years ago)
hi from uk !! u r BEAUTIFUL !!! :) hugs hugs hugs :) great channel ! x
Hannah Hill (2 years ago)
Saw a video of yours and just had to subscribe! You are honestly so beautiful. Love to see you clothing hauls!!!!
아리동동 (2 years ago)
정말 예뻐요 !
AerinaeW (2 years ago)
Great video, the tops are really cute!!!! BTW I am selling somethings in my closet I would love if you guys check it out!!!! http://aerinaew.bigcartel.com
Courtney Pugh (2 years ago)
LOVE this video. You both look gorgeous! It's so cool seeing you both together since I've been following you separately for so long!
Dominique Polyniak (2 years ago)
Girls you are absolutely stunning and are being such an incredibly positive role model for so many girls and guys who watch your videos! Do not let any of the nasty stuff people say in the comment section make you feel any less confident because you both are amazing and beautiful!
Lemon Grass (2 years ago)
These outfits are a lot more appealing then those in your previous video.
Aspen K (2 years ago)
I'm 5'2 and 130lbs. I wish I was as confident as you! You are amazing and don't let anyone tell you differently! <3
#bob 3 Bob land (2 years ago)
allbeautyincluded (2 years ago)
super giveaway!!! you are so cute!!!😊😊😊
Carol Lira (2 years ago)
Ellie D (2 years ago)
Ok im sorry but if two extremely anorexic women were doing a clothes haul would you all be so quick to give positive comments? no you wouldn't..... These girls are beautiful but they are grossly obese and imagine the strain on there limbs and heart because of it, not to mention the risk of diabetes and everything else that goes along with being over weight..... I just think this is promoting bad health.. think if it was the other way around.. We would be going mental..
Ellie D (2 years ago)
It is me Emily.. Thanks 😊
emily (2 years ago)
Ellie D if that's you in the picture, you look like a mix between pink and hannah hart. killer🤘🏼
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
xStrawberryKitty I'm also not trying to be rude, I am being factual... the reason there's this "obesity acceptance movement" is because people are not being factual in an attempt not to be rude. As you rightly said, adult human beings were not designed to be 400lbs, neither were they designed to be 60lbs... 400lbs is an animal's weight and 60lbs is a kids weight. You are 100% right that if an anorexic person does clothing hauls it would be viewed as promotion... i don't know why people think this is normal and the other not so much... it is one and the same! Brittney has an eating disorder and people want to pretend like it's a body type.
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
xStrawberryKitty thank you!! Talking about it's a body type... I didn't know 500lbs was a body type... I thought that was the weight of animals.
Dr Drake Ramoray (2 years ago)
I wouldn't necessarily call the girl on the right 'grossly obese' tho
Sarah Kendrick (2 years ago)
entered you look so good in all of these looks
Muhammad Shahid (2 years ago)
G M (2 years ago)
Finally, a place that makes clothes that fit.
Coconut Head (2 years ago)
Lmao you guys need to stfu about her weight
Coconut Head (2 years ago)
For you're new to the channel, she does go to the gym. Lmao
jassie turtles (2 years ago)
+Mary Feather because its no ones business so they should shut up about it already
Mary Feather (2 years ago)
why?They speak the truth..you wanna encourage her for her weight and gain more??
BikiniBOD (2 years ago)
AngC85 (2 years ago)
Love them all except the black skirt. It did your body no justice! The Tu-Tus are so cute!!
Anne van Buren (2 years ago)
You look amazing!! You go girl!!!!
TheJoBenny (2 years ago)
The black and red bralettes are so perfect on you. I would like to see what the pink set looks like without the white vest....that color is amazing on you! You like to show skin.....you like to be a little scandalous with your clothes, I get it....and you should go for it! But for those times when you're going for classic beauty.......when you want to enter a room and have jaws drop - not for scandal but for how shockingly beautiful you are - (I hope that didn't sound like an insult cos I surely didn't mean it that way!!) these looks are the way to go! In styles like these, Tess Holliday has nothing on you.
Penny (2 years ago)
Your smile is everything . 🙌🏾🙌🏾✨
sammie xo (2 years ago)
that purple dress looked amazinggggg on you!
Carlee Anne (2 years ago)
The first outfit is my favorite! I love how the white medium length sleeve shirt fits you! Gorgeous! Five Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
HayleyDaily (2 years ago)
i browsed the society + site. the cuuuuutest stuff
Cp4 (2 years ago)
You look absolutely amazing in that deep purple dress!!
jess J (2 years ago)
I love this style on you! The makeup was amazing. I love all the skirts ☺️
cicinou touenti (2 years ago)
hey britteny i love you
Skye (2 years ago)
So cute : )
ashleyxofashions (2 years ago)
Kendall Rae sent me here!
Vixney Rxmero (2 years ago)
This clothes yess
Francesca (2 years ago)
Your positivity and happiness is infectious! Stay lovely xx
ezmeraldaarvallo (2 years ago)
how can I be a plus size model?
Scarlet Rose (2 years ago)
Have you ever though about loosing weight? Please do not take that in a wrong way!!! i love you just how you are i am a big fan and i think you're awesome and da best!!!!! and i am sure the rest of your subscribers do to! but it was just a thought that came to mind :)
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
+Ash Ketchup haha! No, that would make me just like you! You are obviously fat as hell also and full of excuses as to why you are fat, can't even own up that it's the disgusting types of foods that you eat and the quantities! Talking about she goes to the gym... Lol! How about you take your fat ass to the gym retard! We were having a convo until you decided to revert to insults and now you can't take it. Lol. Boy bye!
Coconut Head (2 years ago)
+Nengi lol don't be talking to yourself
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
+Ash Ketchup lmao! Bye retard!
Coconut Head (2 years ago)
lol whatever, bitch
Cherry chia (2 years ago)
+Ash Ketchup of course you've chosen to be stupid at this point... I have no idea, I never claimed that I know what she eats... You responded to someone inquiring about her weight loss efforts by saying she goes to the gym and I was just letting you know that doesn't answer the persons question. Dummy.
2Sense Change (2 years ago)
i have that blue/purple dress in pink
Abbey Good (2 years ago)
Skirts and dresses are gorgeous, but I can never wear them. :( Chafing is a horrible curse that I can't figure out how to get rid of. #GirlProbs? New subbie, you're the realest girl I've ever seen. Thank you for putting positivity into the world!
Anais Fernandez (2 years ago)
I've read that the Monistat Chafing Relief Gel works wonders. Never used it, because I don't usually use skirts or dresses, but I want to try it. Just so you know. :)
Voluptuousvixen (2 years ago)
Does the black and white skirt have stretch at the waist?
kiryuisking (2 years ago)
The first thing that struck me about this video was that the clothes are actually your size, especially the tops. Those professionals must have really fitted you and got your true size because normally all your bras and bralettes are too small. And I don't mean that in a "omg you're so fat way" at all, I am 100% behind the body positive/no body shame movement. I just mean that you haven't had a true the sizing in the past and it really shows. These tops look much, much better on you. All your outfits and types of things you like to wear (whether more revealing or not) would look 100x better on you in the right size.
MizzLizzyLiz (2 years ago)
I am so glad I wasn't the only one who thought this! it's good to be plus size...but you have to find clothing that works with your body. but it's the same for all body types. some clothes don't flatter skinny people versus those who are slightly bigger. I just can't stand the way she dressed because nothing actually looks good on her! I'm a plus size girl myself and it's tough to find clothes. but overall, find stuff that fits!
Paiten Goodrich (2 years ago)
+rae l 100% agree
rae lloyd (2 years ago)
unfortunately i think its this mentality that if you are buying up, your bigger than you are. And its just not the case. The bras always,always turn me right off the looks. Its not cute. Or sexy. Or even remotely attractive to have your breasts spill out of you bras. Maybe for the bedroom, but it looks 50 times better to have a bra support you, hold them where they should be. It just flatters the whole body shape. I literally have a friend who is tiny but big boobed say "i;ve been wearing the wrong sized bra for 10 yrs. I've been measured, and i'm actually 3 cups bigger and I can't stop staring at myself in the mirror. It just changes the way I look. No back flab. No shoulder strap issues. And I can't believe how different i look. I feel so sexy". Thats what a bra should do. Make you feel supported and sexy in them. Clothes sizes vary no matter the size. Plus or petite. You can be one size in a store, and 2 sizes smaller or bigger in another. Women have to get out of their head "but i'm THIS size. Not that size! see...it fits. I'm not THAT big. This will do" when its not. Who cares if your a 8 at target and a 12 at h&m. No one is looking at the tags. They are looking at YOU. If it means grabbing the bigger size, do it. Just because it fits, doesn't mean its flattering. The size of our clothing doesn't define us. If it doesn't fit, find the ones that do.
sonata1618 (2 years ago)
Thank you! No one is saying don't be proud of your body or hide your body behind your clothes but your clothes should flatter your body no matter what your size is.
Amanda Maz (2 years ago)
+sonata1618 agree....
Ashleigh Nicole (2 years ago)
These style of clothes and the cut of them suit you so well, this is the best style video you have done. You look wonderful and classy. And gurrrrrl, that purple dress is amazing on you.
Tony Leech (2 years ago)
i hate be fat
Anna S (2 years ago)
+Erin McLurkin I'm guessing they said they hate being fat?
Erin McLurkin (2 years ago)
Huh your sentence makes no sense?
Yoongles Rus (2 years ago)
You are literally my main inspiration for being confident in myself and loving who I am. Thank you.💜😊
ToriZee (2 years ago)
Loving the purple dress and the tutu I might have to go get one
TheScienceOfChic (2 years ago)
Daaaaaaamn, gurl! You look amazing in all of these. 😍😍😍 Were you not taken I would court you in a most respectful manner.
Lindsey Lujan (2 years ago)
I don't know much about the company, but do they have the mint green toile skirt in size 6 or 7? Or is it exclusively plus size? I LOVE the tu-tus, I'd love to have one. It looks so good on you!
Zoey goldworthy (2 years ago)
Wow looking great! So glam and fabulous! Loved the video!
Liliana McDermott (2 years ago)
Jazzie 'Mariee (2 years ago)
I LOVE that purple dress omg!
MANON (2 years ago)
je te trouve super belle xx
Warren Phillips (2 years ago)
you are very awesome

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