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Lesbians Try Kissing Men

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Will lesbians enjoy kissing men? Let's find out. Watch Gay Men Kiss Women ► https://youtu.be/UZ1EtJUWCb8 Subscribe to The Human Experiment ► http://bit.ly/1IBioTU Produced by Jumpcut Studios http://jumpcutstudios.com
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Text Comments (23954)
Seif Mouawad (6 minutes ago)
This is when they find out they like dicks.
Johnny Lira (7 minutes ago)
Cringe cheese. It had to be done!!!
Alan Hisoka (10 minutes ago)
The cringe ...
Bryan Xiong (49 minutes ago)
Click bait ass title lol
Matt Mulroy (1 hour ago)
"did i cure ya?"
PBP (2 hours ago)
Lesbians try kissing Ben Shapiro
Whito Dev (2 hours ago)
More like men try kissing lesbians
ChocoKaylaRobin (2 hours ago)
Aw its so awkward
Martin Vossler (2 hours ago)
Look how weird and quirky straight guys are xd
H3h3 video?
Eric the Viking (2 hours ago)
How the hell can these apparent lesbians do this with ease? I couldn't kiss a dude if my life depended on it.
Jeren Peace (2 hours ago)
Lady J. (3 hours ago)
Vulgar Tale (3 hours ago)
Change the title in women kissing men for the first time.
nman431 (3 hours ago)
I feel this is fueling the idea that some men have that they can make lesbians like them and it makes me sick
ANGRY WRARRL (3 hours ago)
What a fucking cringy video.. holy shit this is fucking pathetically gross and demeaning. These guys are fucking creeps........ Why are they hitting on these women? They are supposed to just be kissing them, not trying to fuck them. Creep mode 100%.... And that haircut is called a fucking pixie cut.. yeah she looks like tinkerbell jackass. And that creep that keeps pecking the girl that tries to back away? Fucking CREEEEEPS.
Boss Theory (3 hours ago)
Hate to be that guy, but this technically qualifies as sexual assault if these women decide to revoke consent. This could also be revenge porn. Learn the laws guys. It's that bad
Chickenalaking (3 hours ago)
Oh god, please convert them to being straight
Sky Playss (4 hours ago)
0:02 he soumd that you make when your drowning
Mass Acre Audio (4 hours ago)
too many white ppl
minty milo (4 hours ago)
chair, but make it electric
Alex.L (4 hours ago)
Title: lesbians tr... Me: BONER TIME
JugaJuga14 (4 hours ago)
The "charming" guy in the purple shirt can go and sit on a spike. He sucks.
Cut grass stains (4 hours ago)
This makes me wanna die
nclrms (4 hours ago)
the black guys were the only guys who weren’t weird about it
Cut grass stains (4 hours ago)
They should've gotten less horny guys
Юлія Julia (4 hours ago)
Zer0Nick (5 hours ago)
this is dizgusting
vp2 (5 hours ago)
FBI come get this dude 1:44 LMAOOOO
Seylle (5 hours ago)
My pp hard
Sandman552 (5 hours ago)
*y O u l O o K L i K e t I n K e R b E l L*
a robot's gf (5 hours ago)
Do you ever cringe so hard you implode
El Gringo (5 hours ago)
2:28 she sounds like Gal Gadot
bean (4 hours ago)
Henry Andersson (5 hours ago)
Alex is creepy as hell wtf
They not even bian😏😏😏
mackeymkay (6 hours ago)
What is the purpose of the experiment? To show lesbians can be cool and open to challenge themsleves? That some people will take the money because it's a relatively safe environment? That men don't know how (and more importantly when) to flirt?
BenjiJump _8 (6 hours ago)
agent smith (7 hours ago)
The real question is: Wa a u ge ?
Hefnaheimer (7 hours ago)
I cannot fucking watch the clips from that video. Too cringe. I have to turn this video off.
Chilli Shaus (7 hours ago)
*hEy GUyS i cAme FrOm h3h3 pROdUctioNS sO LIke mY fUckIng coMmenT BecAusE Im ToTalLy orIginAl*
StrangeDrawingArt (7 hours ago)
fml this is such a cringe
AtomicSymphonic (7 hours ago)
...am I the only one here that found most of these ‘couples’ cute when kissing? Not cringey at all? Only one set was cringey. The others were adorable and affectionate! I feel like maybe American society is trying to project disapproval here when in reality... there is nothing objectionable here. No one was forced to do this.
Forsyth Pazdalski (8 hours ago)
To answer your question of "Do lesbians like kissing guys?" No you numb nuts, no one likes making out with someone they're not attracted to. Yall dumb as hell
Yamaiko Hiro (8 hours ago)
Yeah. Pretty sure that they're not men... They are soy creatures with the testosterone level equal to an ant's. They prolly don't have dicks either.
Karl Kahn (8 hours ago)
Wow wtf. So happy H3H3. Took control of this bullshit situation. Amp it up to awkward as fuck, i'd rather live in reality.
Noah Cels (8 hours ago)
Who’s here from h3h3
Jeffaldoo 23 (8 hours ago)
I want to die.
Very N*IZ (8 hours ago)
Why is Ben Shapiro in this video?
Jaclyn tina (9 hours ago)
I CANT WATCH THIS! Okay, Maybe a little.. OMG, I CANT. I'll just skip a little.. OMG NO
Mr. Cake (9 hours ago)
Why? Why??? WHY??????
OddTuber (9 hours ago)
came here from H3h3 vid.
Austin cash (9 hours ago)
Comments% they're not real lesbians 25% This is cringy 25% Who's here because of h3h3 50%
Flora T (2 hours ago)
bean, epic bruh moment dude. We have 25%, 25%, and 50% 25 +25 =50 So that gives us 50% and 50% And whats 50 + 50? *_100_*
bean (2 hours ago)
+Flora T no you're wrong and he made a mistake i hope. It should add up to 100 so there must be an additional 35
Flora T (3 hours ago)
bean uhhh.... i think you’ve got a problem with your maths
bean (4 hours ago)
What about the other 35%?
F I A S C O (10 hours ago)
cringe complation
Atom Smasher (10 hours ago)
Why tho?
Rivash Naidoo (10 hours ago)
cringe fest
Vah Majora (10 hours ago)
Short haired girl and large white man looking like siblings
M J Grasscutter (11 hours ago)
Dumb nothing video, disliked. Human experiment? We have a couple of 'lesbians' that came there for money and fame to prove that they are still lesbian in this video and we are somehow supposed to get something out of this? This is one of those dumb videos for non thinking people. That should be the real experiment. 'How far do we have to go before people massively dislike our video' experiment.
bean (4 hours ago)
Fame lol
FourTwenty Hellions (11 hours ago)
What the fuck
arthurglobe (11 hours ago)
$20 if you can spell the sound at 0:03
Noah Cels (8 hours ago)
寂しいコールド (11 hours ago)
寂しいコールド (11 hours ago)
IG: Sec.2001
ElloBoppit (11 hours ago)
Rapey ass dudes.
Jesus Christ (12 hours ago)
Why are the lesbians all reluctant and acting like they've been forced to do this???? What real actual straight man would want to kiss any of these females?? None that I know of. Stupid and insulting video.
Graeme Higginson (12 hours ago)
Straight men kissing gay men. Human Experiment, make it rain.
BESTIRAQIGAMER (12 hours ago)
I need the sauce for the girl on 1:43 please
Juan Soto (1 hour ago)
she looks like she needs a shower
Hendrik Schellings (12 hours ago)
Wtf did he say at 0:31
LiL C_2003 (12 hours ago)
1:09 After Seeing This...Kinda Wish I Wasn't The Same Sex As This Dude.
cubing master (12 hours ago)
i dont think there lesbian anymore
Dimas (12 hours ago)
0:03 wtf is that sound Lol
ExTremeHYPE (12 hours ago)
Lmao Alex has me dead
Emily Burch (12 hours ago)
I know that this is a “social experiment” but why does this exist?
[Kazuma ] (13 hours ago)
why my pee pee hard
bean (4 hours ago)
You're dying
Desmond Lyons (13 hours ago)
The more interesting video would be straight guys try kissing gay guys or lesbians try kissing straight girls
Matt Johnstonz (13 hours ago)
Who here from h3h3?
Geoffrey Boyle (13 hours ago)
I feel so bad for these women, like, experiment or not you could've changed their whole ass sexuality but you chose every chad you found on the field
bean (3 hours ago)
I mean you probably could but this certainly wouldn't help the chances
Lucky Enigma (13 hours ago)
You should make a transgender female kissing a female video💝💝💝😍😍
BuckeyeFan_4eva (13 hours ago)
This is the most, uncomfortable, nerve-wrenching, spine twisting, toe curling, forehead wrinkling, eye squinting, shit I have ever seen
Akito NEP (13 hours ago)
This is low-key porn
Jasmine Hernandez (13 hours ago)
This isn’t as good without Ethan’s sound effects
C.DatAZNguyoverthere (13 hours ago)
2:17 The purple shirt guy is too creepy. Also, H3H3 brought me here!
Verity (14 hours ago)
but why
notsure ifsrs (14 hours ago)
I think i've found it, the most cringe video on youtube... nothing will ever top this.
Josh (14 hours ago)
This is cringe
Elmir Seyfullayev (14 hours ago)
next video : straight dudes kissing (no homo)
Virteris Virteris (14 hours ago)
if a man talks shit (14 hours ago)
Lesbiand sweetie im so sorry
Lone Sphinx4 (14 hours ago)
This is so fake
California1408 (14 hours ago)
H3h3 made lesbians convert back to normalism! ☔️☔️☔️🤘
Grady Burk (14 hours ago)
Lesbians are just Dick Vegans
հokцƽ ρokus (14 hours ago)
There isnt an lesbians just bisexual. That is it. Look at them. They enjoy it. There is no pans, no tri, no attack helicopters. Just bisexual. Sue me 🖕 🖕
mulu negash (14 hours ago)
...Since that day the lesbians all became non binary.
Young dagger dxck (14 hours ago)
Not my proudest nut
Helios (14 hours ago)
this is so fucking stupid
Zephyr360 (14 hours ago)
1:43 wtf dude
Zephyr360 (14 hours ago)
1:09 I’m gonna use that
Dr Dwg (14 hours ago)
Scorpion (15 hours ago)
H3h3 brought me here..
Jill's Sandwiches (15 hours ago)
*H3H3 Brought Me Here!*
Lexi (15 hours ago)
Anyone know who the first purple shirt guy is?
lyss p (15 hours ago)
The one girl with the accent is really cute, i feel bad she had such a bad kiss
Lindsay Livolsi (15 hours ago)
The chick with the blonde hair and red sweater is not a lesbian...she was on dating no filter dating straight guys FAKE lmao

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