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Femme Lesbian Struggles

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krystel mercado (6 hours ago)
Hi hun I love this YouTube u keeping it real and honest I’m fem lesbian too, I always get heat on by guys
Francesca Murgia (10 hours ago)
Marry meee
Katie Westwood (13 hours ago)
I'm pretty much a femme lesbian except I'm an ugly piece of sh*t and you kinda have to be pretty to match the criteria . I thought I was going to relate to this ,but could only relate to a few so eeeeeeee??
hi my name is (19 hours ago)
Omg I love your voice
Blair Carson (19 hours ago)
Haha I’m glad I don’t “look gay”. I easily fly under the radar without anyone suspecting a thing. I get close to my girl crush all I want, since she and everyone else accepts it as just being friendly 🤪. I’m kinda heteroflexible btw.
maramkura (21 hours ago)
That person most probably had a very unpleasant experience with bi or straight women experimenting... so... i wouldn't be so angry
Sarah Spencer (23 hours ago)
I’m in love with you
So I’m Pansexual, Demiromantic and I’ve been discriminated against at school (not really discrimination just someone being an asshole). So it was a normal school day and in English these two girls next to me are talking and everything. All of the sudden one says, “Hah that’s so gay” and I just responded with saying “something can’t be gay it’s a person that’s gay.” So she just said, “Faggot,” and went back to talking to her friend and I tapped her on the shoulder and said. “I’m sorry if your homophobic ass is that rude to people, maybe if you were nicer and didn’t call people faggots you could find a boyfriend,” and she just said, “like you can get a girlfriend,” so I got my phone out and showed her my texts to my girlfriend to then I smiled and the bell rang so class was over and I left. Side note: This was the end of class and we had already finished what we could do in class that day so we had some free time. (If this person is here for no reason, I hate third period English now because of you and your asshole friends.)
z nation (1 day ago)
you remind me of emma stone & i’m gay
Jessica Lambs (1 day ago)
Struggle of a stud lesbian is having ppl say your to pretty to be like that
Keyana Johnson (1 day ago)
When a guy talks to me (I’m bi and I’m more into girls)your really pretty and I think we should hangout yes ok . Me:hey your really meh and I think we should hangout no ok oh and by the way I like girls Guy:🤯🤯🤯🤯
Sophia Ramirez (1 day ago)
“Hay me 🏳️‍🌈Gay🏳️‍🌈”😂
Lucy l (2 days ago)
I'm obsessed with her voice
That one Gay girl (2 days ago)
Yes we have sex 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
You are so cute xjjxhx
kya raven (2 days ago)
All my friends don’t believe that im a lesbian. They all say I look straight. They say that I’m not bi either. But I have a girlfriend. All my friends just say I’m messing around and doing it for attention
New Life (2 days ago)
Femme lesbian? Now category in a category 🙄
winter aaplle (3 days ago)
Some guy said - do you like vegen girls?
Madison Austin (3 days ago)
Okay a huge struggle for me as a femme lesbian: Whenever I see a hot butch lesbian and I end up staring because she’s really attractive, they think I’m staring in a rude way and that I’m homophobic. No, I’m gay. Please, you’re so hot!!!! But I can relate to people saying gross things. After lunch, I’d meet up with my gf at the time. We’d talk, kiss, and go to class. One day, a group of dudes were watching us and said our loud, “Man, I like me some girls that kiss other girls. That shit be nice!” I flipped him off...
Danara De Jong (3 days ago)
I can't stand biphobic people no matter if they are gay or not. If you're using bi as an insult I absolutely hate you
Soma Persaud (3 days ago)
“Hey. Me. Gay” Oh uh. Me gay too! Where are my One Day at a Time peeps at? 😁
Rae (3 days ago)
Jaye Epino (4 days ago)
Where is my femme?
Why is being bisexual or pansexual etc. continuously looked at as being lesser in the gay community as a whole? I can understand personal preference when in terms of matchmaking but it’s almost as if being bisexual/pans is looked at as a cop out? Like your ideals or experiences in same sex relationships is no longer of value when you suddenly open the door of ‘yea, I could see myself being with a trans male/cis male/femme female’. The thought of someone being open to more than lesbians almost discredits their sexual orientation in the community. Asking for a friend👀👀
Irene Necula (6 days ago)
I feel u gurl ^>^
macabre Ducet (7 days ago)
But.. You are too pretty to be gay 😌
featheredsnake811 (7 days ago)
Omg I love you for this , thank you 😊 I’m a femme lesbian too and I have all these problems too! I agree it is hurts so much more when other lesbians assume you’ll flake after a couple of years. Really I think they’ve possibly been burned by a few femme lesbians and are just bitter. It’s invalidating when you’re not taken seriously, but as long as we keep informing everyone they’ll eventually understand, thanks again 🙏😊❤️
Sophi Sapa (7 days ago)
I ship you with Rose so badly (i do love Rosie...) you should have an afair or something😂😂
Marshmellow s (8 days ago)
*is nice to a guy* Boy:OH SHE IS FLIRTING WITH ME! *flirts with a girl* Girl: she is just being nice.
Myla'sLife (8 days ago)
We lesbians are not fap material even tho we are fine as hell
Han toast (8 days ago)
¡te entiendo taaaanto! Me pasa siempre
Blaire Ferry (8 days ago)
“Yes. We have sex.” 😂😂 So funny. I really love and appreciate this video. I just recently accepted my bisexuality and videos like this help me understand more and really kind of see things. Just know it was really helpful and I liked it :) and you are very gorgeous lol but more importantly you seem like a fantastic person :)
AnotherLesbianChannel (9 days ago)
Story of my life!!
SugarSkøllz (10 days ago)
i’m a femme gay transguy but i get questions similar like “ wOuldNt iT be eAsiER TO SAY STRAIGHT FEMMALLE??? “ i’m also dating my best friend since forever for like 5 years now h
dolly molly (10 days ago)
being called pretty is sUch a sTrUggle omg sjsjsjsj
Potato.Nightcore (10 days ago)
bisexual femme attracted to other femmes is so hard! femmes finding other femmes! also it’s hard that everyone is supporting us bi people until we date someone of the opposite gender ugh
Jula Gomez (10 days ago)
Virus girl (10 days ago)
You look like my bully in the thumbnail 😂 im sorry thats all i could think of
Oh yu soooo pwettyyyy
Mel Superman (10 days ago)
I love me some femmes! ❤️😍
Hilde Olsen (11 days ago)
Marry me
Nicole Ruvalcaba (11 days ago)
You look like Lauren Conrad 😍😍😍😍😍
Abby Glen (11 days ago)
my girl crush😍😍😍
Anna Mary (11 days ago)
Your voice is so calming omg
Clan Arensdorf (11 days ago)
Yasssss both me and my girlfriend are femmes and no one believes we are together because “neither of us look lesbian” so this was so relatable so was the horror story once I was in class and my girlfriend called me and some girl sitting across from me asked me who it was I told her it was my girlfriend and she responded in a way that I will NEVER forget she said “ eww you’re lesbian you don’t look lesbian” first of all what does a lesbian look like than also why is it that now that you know I’m lesbian you won’t talk to me
Mimi Hayer (12 days ago)
my girlfriend just recently told me that when we met for the first time she was afraid i was just using her to experiment bc she thought i wasn't gay since i really don't ever flag as a lesbian lmao rip me
pray for jisoos (12 days ago)
I think I just fell in love with you
Dorito_Overlord (13 days ago)
very late but wasn’t the black stripe to commemorate the AIDS epidemic or something?
shantay bearcakes (13 days ago)
When I saw that pin I was like...gurl. That was a choice that was chosen.
Sharmarlies Brinkman (13 days ago)
Everytime I see “Femme” i have to think of my friend because her name is Femme (in The Netherlands that’s a normal name) But i’m bisexual but because I’m still pretty young (I’m 13) I haven’t heard any of these and I don’t want to hear any of them😒❤️❤️❤️
kittykitten 666 (14 days ago)
When you're a femme lebian but you're also ugly so you can't relate
-Lost Lonely- (14 days ago)
Can only relate half of this bc I’m bi 🤷🏽‍♀️
fire girl of epicness (14 days ago)
I’m lesbian and 14 and i wear boys clothes cause that’s what I feel comfortable wearing and a guy who is in his like 30’s comes up to me and asked me are u trans and I got really mad and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being trans because my brother is he was a girl now a boy but anyways I felt hurt and my friend took me and talked to me about it because I suffer from depression and she was scared I would kill my self but I just wanna let u all know that if someone is mean just walk away cause it’s not worth ur time.
matennme (14 days ago)
8:00 *cara pervertida*
Let me just say: 1. You’re are truly beautiful and your voice is lovely. I really enjoy watching your video. 2. This story you told about the girl in the restroom was shocking. People should never assume that someone’s not a lesbian or not gay in general because of their looks. Thanks for listening. Bye
meleth maethor (14 days ago)
I'm a lesbian and I'm really into femme girls... But everytime I have a crush on someone, they turn out to be straight Damnit
MissRaindrop24 (14 days ago)
In german there is no like totally neutral „Friend“ when i say she‘s my „female friend“ i say „Freundin“ and when I say girlfriend we also use „Freundin“ 🙈
Cornelia Eriksson (14 days ago)
I'm bi and sense I've only dated (aka been a gf to) men i am straight. I'm quite feminine (but i have my all black hoodie days) so apperently i can't be gay or bi. So yeah, i feel ya
You kinda sound like Gidget from the secret life of pets!😂😂😅
KumiPlay T.v. (14 days ago)
I'm a femme lesbian and OH MY GOD THIS IS RELATABLE I HAVE GOTTEN THE "what did a guy do to you to make you this way" SO MANY TIMES
Mc Thiccle (15 days ago)
Honestly, it's so refreshing to see lesbians like you. I'm femme too and it's a struggle. At my school all of the gay people are super immature and it's exhausting that I am grouped in with them
róse faus (15 days ago)
I get the dreaded "Oh you're too young to know your sexuality" and "You haven't met the right boy yet and you're too young" edit: this is a mood 7:26
Lea (15 days ago)
I love your voice! Anyone else? ❤️
FLdancer00 (15 days ago)
Why do people take their sexually so seriously?? If who you sleep with, defines "who you are", that's really sad.
Zoï Pfarr (15 days ago)
i want the solution to this problem: how to find a femme girlfriend when you’re a femme yourself ?🤔
Bman (15 days ago)
You did the right thing because it doesn't matter what people think. Be who you are and love yourself like you do. Stop labels because labels lead to division. Who cares, I tell you straight people don't say, hey we're straight. They just do and be. Be with who you love, like and be the happiest person that you seem to be. Peace.. Your beautiful the way you are.
Sophie Jordan (16 days ago)
When you are girl trying to figure out your sexuality and then you see this girl.
CallMe Snowwy (17 days ago)
I'm only here because of have a lesbian friend and I wanted to know why she is so cute. I'm a guy and me myself I don't see why people are discriminated against people can live how they want to, like people need to learn how to co exist and not say hurtful things. I'm also a middle school so soon gonna start a movement at my school I hope you all take this message, also what she said
Skymuffins (18 days ago)
Cammie you look just like Rapunzel from Tangled!! 😄♥️
l i o l a (18 days ago)
Im a femme who likes femmes......
Killer Donut (19 days ago)
I'm gay. (sorry that was weird) This is why I don't label anyone! Some girls like girls but their Femme! I don't like labeling
Maddi Nicole (21 days ago)
“hey! me! gay!” I FELT THAT BAHAHA
Cutely Sisters (23 days ago)
Lesbian here YEAH we do! One of my “friends” isn’t my friend anymore cuz I’m “gay” and the day before that I asked my BFF to be my girlfriend the day before that she said yes! So let’s just call her Lisa. Lisa said “ewwww! Girls should like boys not girls like girls!” My friend Amelia said “....Go suck a straight a$$ d!ck” Lisa said “will do! go lick a lesbian vagina” after that my gf Hannah pulled me away I was in fucking tears! (It was recess ye we’re in 5th grade lol crazy!) she sat me down and said it was okay and I didn’t need Lisa so the LGBTQ group (my group of LGBTQ friends) came over and spilled tea! Moral of the story! Be proud! LGBTQ + I AM THE L!
Sarah KKH (23 days ago)
i talked to a girl who was lesbian trying to make friends and i had a gf at that time and this girl was like i can pleasure you more and shit and im not at all into those things and she knew i had a gf at that time and i rejected her and called her a slut but not directly I said I dont mess with sluts and she asked me whats my sexuality and i said im a lesbian and she was like you look bisexual and than i defendet myself
Sarah KKH (23 days ago)
id hit that bitch so hard in the toiled
Sarah KKH (23 days ago)
i hate those things when people say this to me
Evy Hell (23 days ago)
Neve Sargeant (23 days ago)
7:26 is my forever mood
RiskierGalaxy (23 days ago)
How the hell am I supposed to look gay?
SelfLoveSaph (24 days ago)
This is so relatable! Almost every LGBT+ girl I've met has told me that I'm bi because of how I dress and act. I'm a lesbian who's never met another lesbian (I know many bi and pan females though) and it's so hurtful to have other queer women stereotyping me, especially when they themselves know how harmful that is.
little_ Devil_ (24 days ago)
You are actually stunning
LacrymosaStar (24 days ago)
you are gorgeous
Jessica Berry (24 days ago)
I hear you are just bi like all the time
Alix Night (24 days ago)
As a bi girl, you're soooo pretty. Very homo.
Zoo Girl (25 days ago)
Thank God for femme lesbians
Amara Kampert (25 days ago)
Okay but youre eyes are so beautiful wtf
Nay Tripppy (26 days ago)
Femme Stuggle: But... “you don’t look gay?” “You’re way too cute to be gay.” “what guy hurt you?” OR my favorite, “you just haven’t had sex with the right guy.” Like NOOOOOO!! I love girls & that’s it, get over it. This video really inspired me to piggy back off of this & make my own video. Thank you for putting this out there & giving us Femmes a voice. 💜💜💜
VintageLee (26 days ago)
As an older butch I’m saddened to hear that we as a community still treat each other with such prejudice. Please don’t let the actions of one individual speak for the collective population of butches. I’ve had several relationships with femmes because that is who I am attracted to but I don’t believe in judging anyone for how they present themselves and who they choose to love.
αeathetic homo (26 days ago)
I’m a femme lesbian and my style is kinda grunge but still girly and when I come out to my mum she said that I’m so girly to be one
Abayomi Loves you all (29 days ago)
The one that I get the most is "You're probably pretending and just bi or something." I have nothing against bisexuality, but just because I have feminine features and appearance does not make me attracted to men.
Rainy Buddy (29 days ago)
Thanks @CammieScott. It really helped us understand things that we're currently struggling every single day.
jess1996vinall (1 month ago)
I love your video’s like this 🥰
So Awsome (1 month ago)
7:25 " hey me gay"
Jerry Mamet (1 month ago)
Constantly coming out for sure...I even have to remind people
miss. tomlinson (1 month ago)
I have a major girl crush on you!!😍
Michelle Torez (1 month ago)
Oh wow your hot ❤ nice view ;)
Diving Here (1 month ago)
#femmelesbianstruggles haha now this became a meme
Klara Stopar (1 month ago)
"youre too pretty to be gay" *so gays are ugly or something?*
cali roll (1 month ago)
why are you so pretty-

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