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Flaming Arrow Machine Gun! - Minecraft Tutorial (FAST & EASY!)

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Learn how to make a RAPID FAST MACHINE GUN that can switch between normal and flaming arrows! ► Announcements: • The next ‘Life of A’ announcement will be delayed as voting is incredibly tight at the moment! It will be announced soon enough when there is a clear winner! • Another two redstone tutorials on the way soon! • The next short film/movie will be arriving very soon on the channel! Check my Facebook page for the reveal! ■Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mrcubey ■Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/MrCubey_YouTube ■Playstation Network: MrCubey ■Quadeye Server Hosting: http://quadeye.net/ ■ Special Mentions: Vk222u! Taco_Cat_Gaming! ■ Credits & Thank You's: • Credit for the music goes to The Epidemic Sound: https://player.epidemicsound.com/#/browse/ • Credit to AA VFX for the use of a couple of vfx: https://www.youtube.com/user/dvdangor2011

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Text Comments (3155)
CM Kish (23 hours ago)
Razim BLAZE (2 days ago)
I took this design with a skeleton spawner and it made it fully automatic I use too kill villagers
ImperialFudge :3 (8 days ago)
My little brother will love this XD So will I tbh tho lol
Amir Harry (11 days ago)
What is the black one
Springtrap golden (12 days ago)
Thaaaank U man your da best!!!!
Sergeant So N' So (12 days ago)
this design doesn't work in 1.12+ can i get an explanation as to why this is?
CRAFTING RO (13 days ago)
Thanks bro
Humahamid Humahamid (18 days ago)
Zayn Lad-Miah (24 days ago)
I'm on pocket edition player and I still figured out how to do the shift
Christopher D Johnson (25 days ago)
It helped me a lot
kurt giger (28 days ago)
Wow amazing. You deserve 999999999 subscribers🤘
WhittyWhitts (29 days ago)
Wow cool stack 50 on top of each other and you got yourself instant death
ChaxerzzYT Channel2 (1 month ago)
You dont need a dispenser
lingoslingo Is Here (1 month ago)
Arrows didn’t work
By fire bucket my all machine got in fire but I got lucky! But thanx the arow machine works
A Bh (1 month ago)
Give a easy video
James Tuma (1 month ago)
It's not working for me... It just shoots normal arrows I followed the building of this perfectly but no dice... on or off it will only shoot normal arrows
amalia reyes (1 month ago)
this is cool
Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
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Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
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Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
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Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
Because again she in a second just to get this van again of course because the kids are going to get a guess of fucking scary Gizzy gets addressed all of that I get kids at the little
Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
Caracas sticky she knows the car, can the kids talk either Tito's because you're gonna Karakara kitty to sit up and lick it does the kitty girl
Joshua Mccartney (1 month ago)
Caracas sticky she knows the car, can the kids talk either Tito's because you're gonna Karakara kitty to sit up and lick it
catlancemc Yt (1 month ago)
OMG omg it works thx
Ricardo Landa del real (1 month ago)
1 star
Gaming Stuff (1 month ago)
Full star
Jack Kristensen (1 month ago)
Thank you. I put it on the walls of our castle
wakiya boise (1 month ago)
I put this in my kingdom and I put tons of zombies and I killed them all with the cannons
Doug Hedlund (1 month ago)
Maybe make a chicken cooker that you have two slots one with a cooker and one where our chicken victims will be held
Geiarah Ttamerie (1 month ago)
Hey Cubey it worked best vid ever loved the tutorial😊😇
Taha Sobhani (1 month ago)
آلی بود آفری 😀
KingMetalMario (1 month ago)
Why fire arrows? Fire charges would have worked better and dont hit the ground
Copy & Paste (1 month ago)
Or use the dispenser with one bucket and sign that's says ON/OFF just use cobble to replace the piston
William Son (2 months ago)
I loved it I built in Minecraft pe and it worked
kevin ???? Mai (2 months ago)
Thank you so much this is work !
Omega Phoenix (2 months ago)
Mine doesn't light the arrows on fire... :(
Stuop (2 months ago)
Looks like a sheep
PsychXxKiddo (2 months ago)
Minecraft Pe?
Manuel Andre (2 months ago)
Pawan A Suthar (2 months ago)
Cool dude next video on flotting sand or blocks
Máté Csatári (2 months ago)
Its great !!!!
Gustavo Zapien (2 months ago)
Joe Painter (2 months ago)
So cool!
Chicku The apex predator (2 months ago)
awesome thanks for the help😂
car co on (2 months ago)
You rale halp it my
Harri Cool (2 months ago)
TheGaming Cheetah (2 months ago)
Lol my inventions block went to 30
Chris Sullivan (2 months ago)
It actually works on Xbox one!!!
Dylan Stowe (2 months ago)
Best deisin ever
Pablo Chen (2 months ago)
I'm just using stone bricks
Mr. maniac (2 months ago)
With that fortress gun I can now fully defend my empire
Fendery Liang (2 months ago)
I did it iys crazy for my chalenge build whith my friend
Tony Stark (2 months ago)
how to place redstone on dispenser
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James Emmanuel (2 months ago)
Thnks i beat my friend on making machine gun with burning arrows thanks ill alwyas subscribe and like to you now
Wendy Klimas (2 months ago)
The lava will burn the gate so put a dispenser pointing up and fill it with flint and steels so it will make fire when activated then the arrows will pass through the fire and make fire arrows. So you don’t need a gate.
andeng flores (2 months ago)
Thx cool
HORRIOR (2 months ago)
I took this design, combined it with an automatic cow farm and a villager wheat farm, and created an automatic cow cooker. Beef for everyone!
HORRIOR omg thanks for this idea
MN the gamer indonesia (2 months ago)
this is interest
Areeba Aslam (3 months ago)
thx bro
Cameron_ Vlogs (3 months ago)
cool vid cubey
Treastam Gaming (3 months ago)
thank you For your idea With This Machine I can have fun To Shooting My Friends If They Shoot Me With a Bow and Arrow
it's a secret, sorry (3 months ago)
it actuly workred i love u i ditent need hoppers
mj121808 (3 months ago)
Love it
Luke Morrow (3 months ago)
How does this guy not have at least 1 million subscribers?
Shining Stars (3 months ago)
What mcpe version do you have
Ethan Vince (3 months ago)
it works
Aditya Reddy (3 months ago)
You can't put redstone on dispenser fail
Bayrem C (3 months ago)
My rating is 7.5
nur nmbyyy212 (3 months ago)
thanks i learn a lesson from you man thank you very much for your help
Pola Alamba (3 months ago)
Your the one minecraft helper thanks for the video mr.cubey 100 likes
Tine Griarte (3 months ago)
Cubey heh
Tine Griarte (3 months ago)
Its work nice Curbey yehaa!
Tine Griarte (3 months ago)
Hey Cubey nice gun!ah
Tine Griarte (3 months ago)
Hey Cubey nice gun!ah
Dante Chapa (3 months ago)
Will poison arrows work on the machine?
ansilulum yahoo (3 months ago)
Hello everyone
Rezky Gaming 550 (3 months ago)
Very good
WaterPulse Gaming (3 months ago)
This sounds devilish MWAHAHA
Legends Of King (3 months ago)
Cool Cubey
And Marie Tañedo (3 months ago)
Taco cat is awsome!
SOMA SOMA (3 months ago)
Jaden the MinecraftGamer (3 months ago)
I did your thing! :D
Jackie Couch (4 months ago)
muh sihhadi (4 months ago)
shuborna1990 (4 months ago)
Thanks you guys Please do more
Vincent Li (4 months ago)
Thx bro that helped me In my survival series a lot it's a very good mob cooking system as well so thx for the idea ps I've watched every one of your vids and their awesome and keep up the good work bro
Ezeikle_ 2000 (4 months ago)
thanks it help me alot and your other tutorial
Yogesh Thakre (4 months ago)
Mostafa Chowdhury (4 months ago)
Mostafa Chowdhury (4 months ago)
Marive Pepito (4 months ago)
it so cool but thers only one problem it is not fire arrows it is normal arrows
Roland Valladolid (4 months ago)
your skin is so cuuuuuuutttttteè
mal toon (4 months ago)
Hello in 2018 I liked and also subed it just worked super cool awesome stuff thanks bro
Jordan Sun (4 months ago)
It did not work when I turned on fire arrows
Potatoe (4 months ago)
Caution gamer (4 months ago)

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