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Woman caught on camera stealing Uber driver's tips

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Raw video: Rider grabs cash from tip jar and runs away in Brooklyn, New York.

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Spiderhead (10 hours ago)
Should've stolen breast implants.
RazgrizOne (11 hours ago)
Matt Bryan (1 day ago)
If you say anything, you are a sexist so let her steal from you
Jaq Mìíhaugh (1 day ago)
One man's blessin is another man's lesson
Anthony Permuy (2 days ago)
She's probably going to blame Trump for that!!
jasmine labeth (3 days ago)
The way she looked at camera Lmfao... Yeah she's mentally Brain Dead smash her fingers while laughing and throw her in a ditch and burn her. Thieves are worthless
Daniel B (3 days ago)
She’s gonna need that money to put towards a boob job.
The Best (3 days ago)
CatLady 41 (4 days ago)
Why would you leave that much $$ in an open container that is in their face?
Felix Irvine (4 days ago)
She really needed that $3 makeup.
Kerry Stone (4 days ago)
At 1:36, it's a pity the bus that went past didn't flatten her thieving ass.
Amsterdam-inc (5 days ago)
trash tfoee
Steven Frisch (5 days ago)
Too bad he didnt catch her and make her repay it with sexual favors...
Jaysa Hunter (6 days ago)
Video starts at 1:28
Camden Plarner (6 days ago)
They aren’t wearing seatbelts, shame
GingerBean (6 days ago)
My tips were stolen at work. There was about 10 dollars in that thing and I'm so pissed.
No GoAway (7 days ago)
Literally stares right at the camera. Takes the money. Mfw.jpg
Jeffrey Llamas (8 days ago)
Another sucker!
brian 2 (8 days ago)
He should put it next to him then the passengers can say can I tip
brian 2 (8 days ago)
Why she just wearing a bra like bruh
Black turbine (8 days ago)
Gold digger without husband be like
Majid (8 days ago)
She must get killed
Imagine she gets a decent job but a colleague finds out about this video, if this person is smart they could blackmail a lot of cash outta this fuckwit
GREG Golfos (9 days ago)
She looks like a Star Track character
Lop Kam (9 days ago)
Pathetic, ugly whore
Lucky Banana (10 days ago)
Why was the hole in the tip holder so large tho? It could’ve been avoided if it was a better design :/
Kals (11 days ago)
Haha how embarrassing. You stole like 12 dollars? Must be desperate. Pity
Pac Tu (11 days ago)
She got BJ lips though.
ItzSilentStorm (11 days ago)
they aint even wearing seat belts
Dojan (11 days ago)
This is either fake or the driver is incredibly naive.
CGBOY IO (14 days ago)
The driver should’ve just blocked her on Facebook
kaspercola (14 days ago)
WHY! Thats soooo evil! She's not welcome to drive whit uber any more!
Satish Shingadia (15 days ago)
I hope that girl has got terminal cancer now.
Dumitru Benes (15 days ago)
her own version of Cash Cab.
kingalisouth (15 days ago)
she almost died running in front of passing truck, can imagine that would have cost the tax payer more money for a coffin and a space for a grave
Sukanna Gupta (15 days ago)
Danm that girl has allot of nerve
Fit Con (15 days ago)
Bet she’s a democrat.
Maritina Vas (16 days ago)
Guys, don't blame her, she saves money for her next plastic surgery!
Tarrec (18 days ago)
how low do you gotta be to take like 12 dollars from a uber driver
akimi2003 (18 days ago)
She really thinks she needs that boob job. Of course to be fair...
Lia Lie (19 days ago)
Very sad
Ziggy The Comedian (19 days ago)
Somebody gonna get charged....DUMB ASS
Proximity Symbol (20 days ago)
All mud people, non Americans.
IP Freelee (20 days ago)
Cody Kw (20 days ago)
Poor Gurl
trevor (21 days ago)
if there was more punishment in society little shits like this wouldnt be running around
DJ_potato 92 (21 days ago)
Her face reminds me of Kylie jenner 😂
Jennifer Bryan (21 days ago)
It's wrong but people will always steal. When I worked in accounting for Yellow Cab in 2000, our drivers would put their tips under the driver mat. He should leave $1 in his jar like I did when I was doing nails. 'it's hip to tip" lol I hope she goes to jail for stealing. I am looking at videos cause my disabled daughter will just go into a wallet. She doesn't understand, so I want to teach her thought video. She has pre frontal cortex damage so she doesn't "get it" can't punish someone until they understand what is wrong. Not this video though lol I hope Uber dude got his money back. In Older times they took your hand or branded your greeting palm for stealing, IJS
Drossel Von Flugel (21 days ago)
sledgehammer to the face
Rebbi JOJO JJ (23 days ago)
Wow They ran away with $5.00 dollars!?.... Hmmmmmm 🧐 $1.66 split between the 3 of them.! Congratulations...now days, what could they posible buy with $1.66? Anyone!?
Kevo (23 days ago)
He’s not supposed to be having a tip jar any damn way!!!
Akshen Figure (23 days ago)
You thief
sayan das (23 days ago)
bitches and their pimp.
yvonneost12 (23 days ago)
That is a pretty stupid place to leave a pile of notes not everyone can be trusted ( obviously by the looks of this video ) hope her friends & family are so proud of the thieving scumbag that she is.
Lexi (24 days ago)
Poor girl is the victim of systematic oppression. Oh wait... driver is black / brown. Damn white priviliged whore.
Lexi (24 days ago)
What a slut
kkajj5 (24 days ago)
Look more trash, low life POS.
lrock48 (24 days ago)
I thought it is against Uber policy to involve cash.
Roger K (25 days ago)
Millennial Scumbag!
Black God (26 days ago)
But the white pigs say that only the black people steal bullshit ass people.
Mad YouTube Family (27 days ago)
I wonder where she learnt that behaviour from.
You know Da Wae? (27 days ago)
stealing tips is pathetic
emaniwhite1 (27 days ago)
Such a bum $5
Rose N (27 days ago)
so humiliating
1:36 is what you came for, Thank me later
Mikey Spikey (28 days ago)
Fail!if i drove for uber I'd def have a gun permit.. Passengers are getting dangerous these days.
Team Rayquaza (28 days ago)
she stole like 5 dollars and now everyone hates her😂
Schrute Farms (29 days ago)
Lol stole a few dollars in tip only to ruin your life by making your employment that much more difficult. Loser.
Mac Tanner (30 days ago)
People need to chill and maybe focus their attention on something else more importand
uku 000 (30 days ago)
People like her have a special place in hell
Kitty Cat (1 month ago)
He looked soo oblivious
Jonny Keo (1 month ago)
Low life piece of shit she only apologized later cause she was caught on camera smh
jim63047 (1 month ago)
white slut sitting between two blacks
meme review (1 month ago)
ugly lol
THOMAS (1 month ago)
What a cheap, dirty, whore.
N L (1 month ago)
Daisy RC (1 month ago)
I don’t understand why he doesn’t empty it after each trip, smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
A Chaps (1 month ago)
0:24   oh and no seat belt and her nose-pickin' friend
user F (1 month ago)
It's a win. The YouTube hits pay back the tips. U get to shame her hopefully people will recognize.
Lord Voldemort (1 month ago)
Saj Ali (1 month ago)
That a shame. daft cow 😡
MaBarkers Revenge (1 month ago)
Damen Whitman (1 month ago)
*Me before she takes money* Yeah she isn't going to steal the money *Me after* THAT SON OF A B!TCH!!!!
80's 90's movies (1 month ago)
looked liked she's looking at the camera waiting for it to blink....3...2....1.... blink grab money and run thinking it did't see me.... hehe
Bill Blast (1 month ago)
*Put the car in reverse & back over her!!!!*
michael peberdy (1 month ago)
If this is for real anybody who knows this scum and the other two with her should shun them for ever . Why the other two as well ? Well why not ? They were with her . Absolute trash . Hope it was reported to the Police and she got caught and jailed for a few years .
Frontal Lobotomy (1 month ago)
When did Trevor noah start driving an uber?
PatriotAr15 (1 month ago)
That dress is gross...
Sophia DeMartino (1 month ago)
Why didn't he show the rest of the recording? Did he not confront her?
Luis Baez (1 month ago)
That’s why I don’t carry a tip jar or any cash on me for that matter what ever they tip me throughout the night I deposit or use that for fuel and stuff
bassbuckmaster (1 month ago)
She needs shirt money...
Isabella Isabella (1 month ago)
Ladra escrota ,merecia um cacete na boca pra ficar sem os dentes
Jonathan Green (1 month ago)
The moment he looks at his tip jar 😂😂😂
Damian (1 month ago)
i'd empty that box each tip
willmatic 84 (1 month ago)
🤷‍♂️ why have the tip Jar I am a driver and I dont have a tip jar I put that shit in my pocket
Mik Mik (1 month ago)
Save time, Jump to 1:24 in the video.
FENTANYL KANG (1 month ago)
Sad no home training
Richard Head (7 days ago)
FENTANYL KANG What's even sadder is she will reproduce.
Janet Johnson (1 month ago)
a damn shame
Patrick Pepin (1 month ago)
so many people out there are pieces of shit and its not gender specific

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