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[Solved] Slow Boot-up on Windows 10 (2018)

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This video shows how to fix the problem of slow boot-up with windows 10. This is mostly observed after upgrading from windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 to windows 10, it could also happen for various other reasons including system updates. Certain laptop models are also more prone to this problem than others. For instance, HP Pavilion DV6 has been reported to frequently have this problem after upgrading to windows 10. The processes involved in this fix are as follows: 1. Fix the problem of multi-GPU CrossFire configuration by changing the value of the EnableULPS configuration file to 0. 2. Turn off processes with high start-up impacts. 3. Disable the fast start-up utility function. 4. Enable the fast start-up again after restarting your computer. Your computer should start a lot faster.

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Text Comments (262)
Rob Kingsbury (6 months ago)
Rarely have I found a youtube video that made such a huge impact on the performance of my computers. Changing one little registry entry made this old laptop load like a champ on the new SSD I installed. It was loading horribly slow before. Thank you soooo much man!! Great video!
despised demon (1 month ago)
lol no shit thats what an ssd does makes things faster nothing you did to the computer besides installing the ssd made any impact on the speeds the ssd did all that
Chiku Sama (4 months ago)
Rob Kingsbury wow
EasyTechs (6 months ago)
So generous of you!
Tech Computer (1 day ago)
my regedit couldn't find it
EasyTechs (21 hours ago)
Its okay if you don't find it, some chipsets don't give that option, try out the other two suggestions
Shweta B (2 days ago)
Hi.. I have a problem in my laptop.. it takes too much of time to turn on.. it's says updating evertime.. it is taking 30mins to turn on..and my laptop is slow downed it's performance too... please anyone suggest me ..
EasyTechs (21 hours ago)
Try to turn off automatic windows update and see if that helps
vijay singh (3 days ago)
Will it work in dual booting? with linux
Raja Talha Ayyaz (4 days ago)
I didn't find EnableUpls option
EasyTechs (2 days ago)
Is ok not to, for some chipset you wont find it, try the other two
Izmar (5 days ago)
Worked like a charm for my HP Pavilion g6 which also took like 2 minutes to boot where it seemed to idle for a minute. It now jumps straight to the login screen. Cheers dude.
EasyTechs (5 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback bro, good to know it helped you out
Is this a better solution than to replace the hard drive with SSD?
I have Lenovo laptop y50-70 Specifications are high but slow during operation And also the weight in running programs Is the SSD hard drive It solves my problem with software weight and ease of handling like programs adobe premier after effect
EasyTechs (6 days ago)
This is different from slow system, this is particularly during startup, and for that an SSD wont necessarily solve it
Mr ree 039 (6 days ago)
Thanks a lot lot lot bruhhh.... My laptop change from 20++ min to less than 1 min to boot up...u just save my life👏👏👏
EasyTechs (6 days ago)
Good to know it helped you out bro, thanks for the feedback
Black Acid Musics (7 days ago)
Thanks, Bro!
Graham Adlington (7 days ago)
Mate this regedit advice helped immensely. After countless hours googling fixes and about a year later I found this video. You my friend are a legend! Thank you... I bought my DV6 second hand based on the specs thinking I could throw in a SSD and bigger RAM, and have a half decent mobile rig. How wrong was I? the boot just annoyed me. I used to have to power on and go do other things to kill the time. I updated all my drivers through outside sources, changed startup, modified bios settings and tweaked various things. Keep in mind I am using an AMD GPU, going by others with nvidia this may not work. But on a DV6 from 2012 with upgrade ram and ssd the hard boot speeds are around 3-5 seconds with battery removed. Thanks again Champ :)
EasyTechs (7 days ago)
Good to know it helped you out Graham, and thanks for the feedback
Osama Tech (7 days ago)
Lap Sup Tang (8 days ago)
can't even find enableulps
EasyTechs (7 days ago)
Is ok if you dont find it, some chipsets dont support it, so you can try the other two suggestions
Nick Brown (8 days ago)
Great vid. Also after upgrading(or after any update), run 'Disk Clean-up' Press Windows+F, type cleanmgr in the Start Menu's search box and click cleanmgr in the results. Use Windows+R to open the Run dialog, enter cleanmgr in the blank box and choose OK. Way 3: Start Disk Cleanup through Command Prompt. Step 2: Type cleanmgr in the Command Prompt window, and then press Enter. Select the drive to clean, usually 'C', then clean up system files. Then it will run again click delete files. You will be surprised on how much 'junk' files are there.
Theodore Tan (9 days ago)
Thank you for your help!
Setiawan MDS (9 days ago)
so the main problem is vga registry setting?
Ramdas Nayak (9 days ago)
this worked for faster startup but loading of app is still slower
vamsi sasidhar (9 days ago)
Thanks a lot brother It worked
EasyTechs (9 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback Vamsi
Ďinamo (11 days ago)
I have BIOS 15.2 i dont know how to lower dat
Suzanne Ramoundos (14 days ago)
Thank you for the video. Have not yet tried what you showed. I first wanted to ask if have downloaded and saved far too many pictures on this 3 yr. old acer laptop is the culprit. The boot up seems to take up to 30 min but irregularly after a shutdown which has been more frequent due to storms. Would you recommend deleting all the pics first? Then proceeding with your instruction? Or is there another strategy to employ? Thank you in advance for any assistance.
EasyTechs (14 days ago)
Hi Suzanne, if your laptop shuts down on its own, then I suggest you check for overheating, here's a video to help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgmJEyS-QJ8&t=31s
Vishnu Mohandas (20 days ago)
will this cause some bad to the pc in future
EasyTechs (20 days ago)
No it wont
Shüßh Sharma (20 days ago)
Thanks man, you're a saviour. Subscribed.💥
EasyTechs (20 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback
Techno Kamesh (22 days ago)
One more trick is here Change your HDD to SSD 😊
ALLENZ (23 days ago)
you're awesome
Ted Blagoev (23 days ago)
I think he means enable ups not ulps. Guys
Pranjal goel (23 days ago)
Thanks man,worked for me.
Sanjeev Saini (27 days ago)
I did not find this setting after searching enableulps Plz help my laptop opned in 2 or 3 minut late
EasyTechs (27 days ago)
Hi, is okay not to see this settings it just means you have a different kind of chipset than I do, you can try the other two fixes
Kuro Scarlet (29 days ago)
When i try to search "enableulps" it came up as nothing. Anyone know a thing about this?
mezmare (26 days ago)
ULPS is available for AMD graphic cars ONLY. If you happen to have nVidia, you won't find EnableUlps registry key.
biane matthew (30 days ago)
I computer cannot search unableuspl file? Please help
EasyTechs (30 days ago)
Yea, not all chipsets support ulps, is okay if you don't see it, just try the other two suggestions
Flash Bang (1 month ago)
Thank dude <3
It’s Random (1 month ago)
What an absolute legend ! I just went from 3 minutes to load and 5 minutes before anything was clickable after that to just 30 seconds to start !!! 10/10
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Good to know it helped you out, and thanks for the feedback
me1not1a1number (1 month ago)
Worked well on an Acer Aspire 7750 with Win10-1803-64bit! I kept the Fast Boot enabled though, without an issue. Another interesting thing, your workaround helped with a problem related to User Account Control; there was a great latency every time I had to give permission for an application to run with Administrator privilages and, your solution made the latency go away! I had even tried to set to the minimum level of protection, but the box was not responding. Thankfully, everything works as expected now. Thanks!
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Good to know it helped you out, thanks for the feedback
Aman Vishal (1 month ago)
i am unable to find enable ulps
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Its okay, your motherboard probably doesnt support it, so try the other two fixes
Steve Romero (1 month ago)
Hey there i did the first step with the regedit,changing the value and restarted my laptop now i just get a black screen.. what can i do fix this ??
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmTQJCa2nf0&lc=UgysGDP_aGhATznu6E54AaABAg
Vitality Juicery (1 month ago)
EnableULPS ,,,,, not found... (tried to search manually too.. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class
ROBOKITZ Baldelobar (1 month ago)
Why theres no "enableulps" in my Registry Editor? Please need some help. Thanks 😊
sbdonlon (1 month ago)
which other two lol
ROBOKITZ Baldelobar (1 month ago)
EasyTechs which two??
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Its okay not to see it, it means you have a diferent chipset, try the other two
Gerry Clough (1 month ago)
Well I'm amazed! a video that didn't just tell me to turn off startup programs and delete temp files etc. After a Windows 10 update my system suddenly took 2 hours to start/restart. Of course I did all the cleanups and fixes - tried a system restore but it failed. The trick for me was the turning Enableulps off in the registry as you suggested. As this I believe is only used for AMD multi GPU's and I use Nvidia I never though it would cause an issue. My hat is off to you. My system still takes 2 minutes to boot but it's running from an old hard drive so I expect that.
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Good to know it helped you out Gerry and thanks for the feedback
hem joshi (1 month ago)
There is nothing when I enter enableulps I need help what to do now
logitechmk350 (1 month ago)
What the hell is wrong with windows 10!!!
Okla Channel (1 month ago)
Just install Windows 98 and your pc is now powerful
Jovaney Bernard (27 days ago)
why stop there when you can use the super secret forbiddenly hidden windows 9 oh shit gotta run, the illuminate found out that I said the forbidden windows
haithem ali (1 month ago)
Parnav Arora (1 month ago)
Okla Channel 🤣
bishal pandey (1 month ago)
does this changes have any effect on the performance of the laptop?
bishal pandey (1 month ago)
I cant find enable ulpd plz help
EasyTechs (1 month ago)
Not all, maybe the change of startup programs
Sogbu TV (1 month ago)
I will use windows 8 instead
Killer- ROBLOX (1 month ago)
nikoolay raykov (1 month ago)
enableups is an amd option ONLY. Jesus I thought my pc was odd but it turns out that the tutorial guy didn't let us know nvidia powerusers.
narain kabir (3 days ago)
Yeah! I am glad I came across your comment..I got worried!
Ayman Hazeem (2 months ago)
hi sir my pc can't find the registry can you tell me the name of the exact folder in registry thanks
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
I guess UPLS is not supported on your motherboard, you can try the other two suggestions
Armando Macedo (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot, it worked for me, just the ULPS made the diference
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out, thanks for the feedback
Wait a sec guys (2 months ago)
It's been doing that for about 20 min is my computer broken?
ductile (2 months ago)
Thanks alot men super the tip is really real i recently do it on my hp dv6 the startup was a blast thanks again and more power to you channel.
Parnav Arora (1 month ago)
ductile now u r not getting a black screen ?😚
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out, and thanks for the feedback
#Pd ean (2 months ago)
In my laptop takes 30 mins
Iraqi Painter (2 months ago)
i cant find this file pls use another method like open folder step by step
iiAbood (2 months ago)
Can you make a video about this: so basically my boot up is fine but after the boot up it shows u ur lock screen with a time, after you press any keys it will direct you to the password but mine takes so long to direct to the password
Rohit Sahota (2 months ago)
I try this but it cannot work on my pc
Rohit Sahota (2 months ago)
Enableulps not found in regedit
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Hi, is normal not to have it, it depends on your chipset, just try the other two fixes
Martin van Zyl (2 months ago)
This is a brand new HP laptop. Ran fine for a few days. Done a LOT of Windows updates. Then boot-up/restart suddenly went from about 90 seconds to over 4 minutes!!! Completed the above procedure, first with the last step included, then without. Now restart time is down to just under 4 minutes. I have very little on this machine as I'm not a gamer. Using it mainly for e-mail, Youtube, Office 365, news and weather. Only 4G ram, but it should still be a lot faster. Model: 15-bw099sa Microprocessor AMD Dual-Core A6-9220 APU (2.5 GHz base frequency, up to 2.9 GHz burst frequency, 1 MB cache) Memory, standard 4 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB) Video graphics AMD Radeon™ R4 Graphics Hard drive 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
Martin van Zyl (2 months ago)
I could not have "Not used it for too long" as it is a brand new laptop. I have only had it for a few days, and I used it every day.
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Since you hadn't used for too long, it might help to backup your files and reset to factory defaults
Oscar Cruz (2 months ago)
You are a GENIUS, sir. Thank you.
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
So generous of you Oscar, good to know it helped you out, and thanks for the feedback
Mohammad Shour (2 months ago)
My laptop is core i7 and still booting slowly, I have tried almost everything on youtube but I still face the same problem whenever I start it. I noticed the fan is spinning so fast when i shut it down. It takes like 2 minuets to shut down, any suggestions plz?
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Hi, I think your processor and/or graphics card is more likely to cause such problem, check that they are in proper contact with the cooling metals and have the thermal grease in place and still moist
Prashant N (2 months ago)
Hi, My new laptop even if I shutdown, after starting in Task Manager-> Processes it shows uptime like since last few days also more than 170 processes running at background. Please help me in solving this issue.
Deepak Basty (2 months ago)
Windows 10 is the most crappiest operating system i have seen ever and used
Kani Fuker (2 months ago)
Nice when people explain it properly and with a great video to add unlike the old geeks who thought everyone understood computer language. Cheers my friend, definitely worth a sub also.
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out Kani, and thanks for the feedback, it means a lot
Pllo T (2 months ago)
Yeah thanks for your help u know my laptop hp is almost 10 minutes to open :)
Aman Vishal (1 month ago)
i didn't find enable ulps option pease help me, Sir
EasyTechs (2 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out, thanks for the feedback
Ganesh Jadhav (2 months ago)
Hey it shaved off 5 seconds but before my boot up times were 5 seconds. My brother by mistake touched the contacts on the processor (not the pins). Would that be a reason? ——— PS:- I have 16 GB of RAM, Core i5 processor , MSI H-87 motherhood and GTX 980 8GB, finally 2 terabytes of storage. I used to get 4-5 second boot times but then after my brother’s blunder it’s now at 18 seconds. Edit:- It’s pretty dated.
Sunandan Jakta (2 months ago)
My pc is facing problem after April windows update , None of the mentioned steps worked. Please help
Bansi khunt (2 months ago)
my computer starts in 9 seconds!
Luis Galapon (1 day ago)
1803 os is really slow 😒
Shivam Gupta (26 days ago)
Mine in around 5 secs.
Parnav Arora (1 month ago)
Bansi khunt same. my laptop starts in 7-9 seconds in 1503 or 1511 build of windows 10. but in 1709 nd 1803 they took almost 3-4 min to load
Prosperous Gurdian (3 months ago)
Amd sucks , Nvidia is the best
Joel David (3 months ago)
Thanks dude it legit went from 4:06 to 0:22
陳柏瑋 (3 months ago)
thank you!!!
xXISeeUrSoulXx IGN (3 months ago)
Amit soni (3 months ago)
Thanks a ton, it worked!!
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out Amit, and thanks for the feedback
Dave Buby (3 months ago)
Thanks for the help... I really needed this registry fix!
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out Dave, and thanks for the feedback
Suraj Kumar Prasad (3 months ago)
i didn't find enableulps in my laptop, what should i do ?
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Your chipset doesn't support that, try the other suggestions
Bpal arl (3 months ago)
it helped me alot, now it's fixed thanks alot man
Bpal arl (3 months ago)
mention not keep uploading such useful videos ahead
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
good to know it helped you out, and thanks for the feedback
Bhaskar Sonber (3 months ago)
in my task manager no any app is taking much time .then also i disabled every app. but still its not working. please help me
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Undo the three processes one at a time and check again
Mary Bost (3 months ago)
My desktop is stuck in restore mode and I can’t do anything. Can I unplug my desktop and replug it up, or will that make it worse?
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Try the suggestions in this video and see if it helps : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOVFIEAxSQ
Gamer Launda (3 months ago)
enableulps is not there in registry
EasyTechs (3 months ago)
Thats because your chipset doesn't support it, you can proceed with the other suggestions in the video
Gamer Launda (3 months ago)
enableulps is not found when i search it plz tell exact location
Tushar Choudhari (3 months ago)
It worked for me. Thank you so much.
Are you from india?? Please dont eat your words
o- Sidawi (3 months ago)
Ekansh Sharma (3 months ago)
My start up speed is up by quite a few seconds but the laptop takes the same time as before while restarting. Could you suggest any reason/fix for this?
Viking Odin (3 months ago)
Impressive...from 1 minute 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Thank you very much!!!!!
joz3 m4long (4 months ago)
wow magic
Darlene Haverland (4 months ago)
Your video saved this computer from the trash. Thank You for your GREAT VIDEO.
Jeremy Hill (4 months ago)
This completely fixed my slow start up on my DV6. Thanks so much :)
EasyTechs (4 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out
maui margallo (4 months ago)
nice bud!!
GaMeR PlusMars (4 months ago)
You are lucky my old laptop takes around 30 minutes to start.
100Bucks (2 months ago)
GaMeR PlusMars time to put Linux on it. 30 min is too long.
Ziovice (4 months ago)
My pc takes 4 minutes to boot up
WahidPlayz (4 months ago)
by the way can you tell me how i make my pavilion dv6 laptop shiny like yours? also do you have any tips for this thing? my laptop overheats while playing roblox or gta 3 and 4 and PC building simulator (it always stays 58C) while gaming its tempurature is 76C graphics card of laptop is Radeon 6770M ram is 8gb
WahidPlayz (4 months ago)
Fardin Ahmed (4 months ago)
cannot find enable ulps
Saikiran Saikiran (4 months ago)
enableulps are not there in my pc
Huzaifa Mushtaq (4 months ago)
I have don't show Enableulps option..............and I done other steps but Black Screen still there help me........
asif raza (4 months ago)
I was annoyed by the windows 10 startup time. It was taking 3 minutes to startup the windows. Now after using these tips except for the 3rd one step, now my windows startup in just 20 seconds. Thanx a lot. Thanks for the tutorial.
Janka Siegel (4 months ago)
Thank you. It worked magic
Omid Aghaei (4 months ago)
excellent, thanks :))))))))
gustavo gamer (4 months ago)
Amazing tip!!! My N53TA now is running like never before!!!! TKS!!!!
EasyTechs (4 months ago)
Good to know it helped you out Marcio, and thanks for the feedback
Alex Rojas (4 months ago)
Does this actually work?
EasyTechs (4 months ago)
Yes, you can try
Real Mihaifox (4 months ago)
Bruh mine used 7 min to open
Real Mihaifox (4 months ago)
more wrost Normal - 10 min After - 7 min It's still work some :)
EasyTechs (4 months ago)
Try changing the settings back to normal one at a time
Sriram Ram (4 months ago)
Broo enableulps file not showing in search
EasyTechs (4 months ago)
You have a different kind of chipset, you dont have to worry, try the other suggestions in the video
Jose A. L. (4 months ago)
Thank you so much
Tom Pitchforth (5 months ago)
Superb article, clearing the EnableULPS registry value to 0 sorted out the very slow boot times for my HP DV6 with Windows 10. Many thanks for sharing this knowledge.
Kimwel Brixter Estrada (5 months ago)
Theres no EnableULPS on mine when im searching it. Im using HP ENVY 15 Intel core i5 - 5500u

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