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Lesbian Dating: How to Know If a Woman is Interested In You

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Flirting with a girl at work and unclear if she's interested in you? You're not alone. Flirting is a subtle art that needs to be experienced in order to BE recognized. Someone who is interested in you will let you know by exhibiting a few key behaviors. These subtle clues include: *Eye Contact *Making Excuses to continue to be around you *Laughing at everything you say (even if it's not funny) *Smiling at you *Finding ways to lightly touch you I describe each behavior with more detail in the video.... SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/littlegaybook WEB: https://www.littlegaybook.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/dr_frankie415/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/littlegaybook/ TW: https://twitter.com/LITTLEGAYBOOK Little Gay Book is the only matchmaking agency, that focuses exclusively on healthy lesbian & bisexual relationships for successful, professional women in the US, who want real love and real connections, during a time of decreasing quality social opportunities and lonely online dating. I host lesbian/bi fast flirting events all over the country. Join my email list to be the first to know: http://bit.ly/2dbvmEs
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Text Comments (241)
Marie Čákorová (1 day ago)
When you realize that you are the one doing it 😭😭 I have no clue
Sidali Amirouche (13 days ago)
What's wrrong with her mouth.. There's somthing wrong i swear.
Alex Kiss (16 days ago)
Being bisexual is just someoe who doesnt know who they are and dont know what they want...
Futebol e Esporte (1 month ago)
What I realized is that straight girls also to all of that.
byVentrex (1 month ago)
Lol what's wrong with me I've never even talked to her..
123456hurrdurr (1 month ago)
Imma use this to hint to the girl I like that I'm into her
Felisha James (1 month ago)
Guys is it normal that around some girls I feel like a guy but i still love pink and black. So does that make me feminine or masculine
LT Swift (1 month ago)
Someone looking for their significant other in comment section?
Riddhi Jain (1 month ago)
Jai jinendra sister
Therian 2 (1 month ago)
Watching this makes me realize how obvious I am when I have a crush on someone
Jessica Berry (1 month ago)
I keep getting mixed signals from this chick and idk if it's real or not
David James (2 months ago)
Wet lips ??
Nilay Benli (2 months ago)
i like a girl in my class and she says she likes me back. But i think she's just joking bc she told me about her crush one time. Her crushed asked her out but she refused. I really don't know what to do. I came out as bisexual to her but I think she's straight. She didn't say so though. Do you guys think she is serious or joking what should i do?
patricia nyce (3 months ago)
Awkward (4 months ago)
Here to know if I'm too obvious lmao
Hello Bye (4 months ago)
Nobody will be going to like me 😂 btw how do I find a gf in New Zealand
Sarah Jackson (4 months ago)
Yeah I guess I do all of this when I'm with *her* 🙄
Crimson Sketches (4 months ago)
I'm a shy girl around her and can barely get her to look my way... Sigh, forever alone
colin smith (4 months ago)
Dr Frankie looks very confident. I think she is getting plenty of action.
Emily Emily (5 months ago)
Guys, I need an advice there is a girl in my class she sits next to me she keeps touching me and she tries to get my attention but she dates guys now I’m confused I want to touch but I don’t want her to know that I like I want her to make the first move but I don’t know how I’m tired of hiding my emotions so I need help.
zaynab teyie (5 months ago)
Am looking for a les friend
My friend and i almost always have had addcidental kisses. We'll be talking then one of us will trip and land on top of each other and kiss, we laugh it off but she doesnt know i really love her. I told her i like girls and she has became way closer to me She says shes straight but i think shes bi.
carl0101 (5 months ago)
(Long short story) once I met a girl in a club we talk till it closed.. after that the day after she sent me a mss on fb...we started to talk and immediately became "friends", i mean in that moment she was in a breaked up with a guy so i didn't try anything with her... as we get more close, she was single (thats what i always thought) she never told me anything and always hidden this type of thing from me, i dont know why... anyways we always made joked bout we were a couple, in fact my friends thought that. Idk i was confused i kinda liked her but i didnt try to kiss her or anything bcuz i didnt want to break our friendship. But we had those closed moments where we were almost to kiss, but never happend... One day we were in a bar calibrating her bday, having lots of fun hugging, laughing, drinking... I was pretty wasted and the last thing i remember is that i dont know how or WHY but i ended inside a bathroom with girl friend of her nothing happend i swear.. she immediately went to knock the door, we went out and she started to hug this girl, i saw that and i leaved the bar . After that night, We were without talk for weeks, I really dont know what happend that night or what happend with us, but we not longer friends :'( i miss her i always wonder if she miss me too.. 😔 Pd: its longer but i won't write more ) lol
Zoe Summers (5 months ago)
Or.. just not play childish games and fucking ask.
chris hern (6 months ago)
Good question, it is happening to me but the only thing that she's married. 😐
If you are gay and your hanging around me and I don't know your gay, I'm going to ask if you are gay, and if you say yes, I'm going to point to the closest corner and tell you to go stand in it. so I can carry on with what I'm doing.
Nancy Norman (6 months ago)
Feelie and people don't always respond the way I would like~i try not to b too aggressive~ sometimes when they touch me I try not to let it go to my head any advice
Nancy Norman (6 months ago)
Is the advice also for older women? Sometimes I am more toughie feelie a
Christian 11 (6 months ago)
I have been waiting for so long so for the one special girl in my life but now I think I should give up as I think I will never get anyone by my side 😢😢
Linda Walter (6 months ago)
What about a long distance relationship and the words that they use and say to you how can I tell if that person is into me
Ali Oks (6 months ago)
Omg I'm such a idiot! She literally did Everything you said and she blushed super red and played with her hair while smiling and she sang a song to me Lol. I was so blind! I thought she was just being friendly. 😱😩
Gucci._. BB (6 months ago)
Thats gey
Kim Jhungson (7 months ago)
i love my friend and i dont know if she likes me but when i look her eye i feel an eye contact between us but i dont know if its a love or something
Aurora Klippert (7 months ago)
I miss her.
Kill me now. I do all of these things with a friend of mine. I'm way to obvious.
a tedious tupist (8 months ago)
Just fucking ask.
Tyto Alba (8 months ago)
I make frequent eye contact and if I sense them being kind of intrigued, I'll wink at them.
Taylor Adair (8 months ago)
Yep. No. I still have no clue 😭 it’s so hard to be a feminine girl that is attracted to other feminine girls. 😭😂 I’m lost guys 🤷🏼‍♀️
A A (14 days ago)
Taylor Adair Same 😿
Julie Kan (2 months ago)
stargarell (5 months ago)
Same gurl
Naaz Rehman (8 months ago)
Taylor Landers so sad for uuuuuu.......
queann dreww (8 months ago)
Thank you now i know im just delusional haha 😢
Tim Jung (8 months ago)
Gay or not, male or female, people convey romantic interest...by conveying romantic interest. Focusing on specific signs is bad advice because everyone's level of friendliness and generosity is different. The better advice is to *calibrate*. What I mean is that you observe how that person interacts with everyone else. If that person is friendlier towards you, that's a potential sign. The next step is for *you* to convey interest, and if that person reciprocates, that's a stronger sign. If the risk is worth it, it's better to be direct about your interest. But risky places like some work environments warrant indirectness, i.e. conveying interest and observing if it's reciprocated. You also have to discern between platonic and romantic interest. I think romantic interest is also predicated on platonic interest; romantic interest just has the added sexual tension. In indirect situations, sexual interest gives rise to certain body language. At the end of the day though, we have free will and we can choose to hide our interest and/or body language (although it's difficult).
confused meh (8 months ago)
One of our neighbor i knew. Recently i made all this signs to her does that mean im into her? Please anyone answer me. I'm so confused and afraid
Celluloid Queer (8 months ago)
My crush is always looking at me and smiling. I didn’t want to assume anything because maybe some people are just friendly. However, we were having an employee hang out and she kept looking over at me. I was talking to a friend who ended up walking away and it was just my crush and I. She blushes/smiles and looks down. When she’s far away she will still look all the way across the building and smile. We were all hanging out in one of the auditoriums and I was talking to a friend about how I was raised in Indiana. She turns around (keep in mind that this girl is like rows and rows away) and her face brightens up and apparently she’s from there. Later after the movie she comes up to me asking me a question about the end credits. Now, we barely know each other and there are tonnnns of people that she’s closer to and could ask. So this threw me off. I decided to test the waters and wear one of my gay shirts. When she saw it, she started smiling. She stared at it for a long time. What does this mean? Is she just very friendly or what?
AkitaMixx (8 months ago)
Taylor Evans lucky you
Keren Ho (8 months ago)
I like someone from my work and she did all this things, but she’s kinda confusing. I like her but dont know if she feel the same way even though she did all you mentioned. ☹️
AkitaMixx (8 months ago)
Keren Ho maybe she's constantly aware that you're co-workers and she follows rules like that
bowties are cool (9 months ago)
I like this girl, let’s call her Frankie. I’ve know Frankie for a couple of years now, and only recently I’ve felt a strong connection with her.We have this other friend, let’s call her Michelle. Michelle isn’t the bestest of friends, she’s a bit mean, she’s mean to Frankie a lot, she hits Frankie, she’s very selfish, etc, and Frankie doesn’t like her, as well as I don’t. Sometimes, when us three are hanging out, me and Frankie sneak off, and Michelle doesn’t notice, you can’t say that’s mean compared to what she does. Frankie tells me secrets, and so do I, and once, she even said she was bisexual. I’m bi too, so I’m quite happy about that. She’s very smiley and she laughs at the most random things I say, but I laugh at what she says, too. I do kind of drag her around sometimes, I feel bad that I do that to be honest, but yeah I really like her but I feel like it’s not the time to say I like her, I’m actually 10, and she’s 11, almost 12, and I just feel like if I were to say I liked her, it might ruin our friendship, and it feels too young to say I like her. Any advice?
My Name Is (2 months ago)
How about michelle?
bowties are cool (6 months ago)
Idk, I’m a very shy person and I always think of the negative things
Alisa Fedorova (6 months ago)
Fluffle Pop Im 12 and i totally think she likes you! you totally should tell her that you like her goodluck!!!! Omg Im so sorry for my bad English Its hard because Im on my computer .-.
Dan Vorhees (9 months ago)
i remember camren HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Pururu (9 months ago)
Haha, you totally described me acting when I like someone. Funny
Luna Martínez (9 months ago)
So I have a crush on this girl from musical theatre and she’s a gay (I’m bi) and we’ve been texting almost everyday for two months now but she takes a lot of time to reply? But she is the one who keeps the conversation going? Like asks me a lot of things and stuff to make me talk more but idk if she is interested in me:( and we are friends so I wouldn’t like to “ruin” our friendship? But maybe I should ask her out? Idk
Ryan Kenzo rodrigo (1 month ago)
I think She likes you too.
Taylor Adair (8 months ago)
I think you should text her more, and get progressively more flirtatious and see if she flirts back. 🤷🏼‍♀️ it sounds like she likes you
Riddhi Shah (8 months ago)
Luna Martínez hi did u talk to her...
Riddhi Shah (8 months ago)
Luna Martínez 😃😃😃😃 she will definitely say yes.... To u...
Luna Martínez (8 months ago)
AkitaMixx maybe I should text her a bit more🤔 if we keep talking I’ll ask her out lol thanks for replying
Nikita Hill (9 months ago)
So say you have a girlfriend and your a girl and she ask you out on date but you’ve only date guys what difference are there going out with a date with a guy compered to going out with a girl. Also who makes the first move because normally the guy does that and is it the same for what to do and what not to. I’m 16 years old and my name is Nikita and this is my first girlfriend and I really don’t want to screw it up please help me .
Nathasha Love (10 months ago)
Some girls are just too touchy
Yumira Kurosawa (10 months ago)
I'm not sure, but i think i have something for my best friend's friend. This week i met her for a very long time, and after that i couldn't stop thinking about her. I didn't remember she was that pretty, i couldn't even properly look her in the eye when we spoke. Ah shit, this is really bothersome! It's like my heart could explode in any second... And especially when she came closer to me and started to talk to me, i was really about to lose my cool. Fuck this, i didn't know i was into girls! -__-
Lucky Me (10 months ago)
I do not know if I'm gay or bi ... that is ... I'm married, we have a daughter ... but I like to touch other people ... women in general ... not for a sexual fantasy ... just to have contact with the person I love ... what to do if I answer the same? I would not go further than a kiss ...
Mia A. Mystica (10 months ago)
I think she's in love with the camera.😍
Cara J (10 months ago)
What does it mean when you make physical contact, often. From touching their hair, waist arm, etc... They don't touch back, but they don't move away or ask you to stop?
Cara J (8 months ago)
AkitaMixx she always allowed me to touch her, even before I told her how I felt. She never backed away, and there were times when I was very close on her. In my confession I told her that I would "come get her" if things were different, I would consider experiencing...time with her. All in all, I believe we respect our relationships and neither of us are willing to sacrifice who and what we have. Thank for your insight.
AkitaMixx (8 months ago)
She doesn't mind you being touchy after you've opened up since she knows nothing will come out of it. She might also think at the back of her mind that you're straight and wouldn't want to do anything to risk her relationship for something that might be nothing. If she does make a move, she doesn't care that you're married (or it's not something she'd be conscious about) and if she doesn't then she still doesn't care but cares more about her relationship regardless of what she feels towards you.
Cara J (8 months ago)
AkitaMixx thank you for your response. Well, she is not the "touchy feely," type but makes frequent, and long eye contact and her eyes roam. However, I had the opportunity to tell her that I find her attractive and she was flattered, but also stated that she never picked up on it. See, we once worked together so I had to be discreet and professional. I did not want her to feel uncomfortable, or, bring SHC against me. Now that we no longer work together, I opened up. She was not offended and we still interact and it isn't weird. She still let's me touch her, knowing that I am fond of her. But, nothing will come of it. Neither one of us will cross boundaries. I am married and she is engaged. I also know her partner and I am fond of her too--they are both attractive. Nonetheless, I just wanted to know because I am not always sure. But, I am not sure if I am bisexual either. Thanks again.
AkitaMixx (8 months ago)
Cara J can't make conclusion based on what you said. There needs to be context behind the touching. The person might be sensitive and doesn't like touching people in the first place, or likes the attention but can't process what to do, etc.
Lydia Asamoah (11 months ago)
we are in the same school but we don't have class together
Lydia Asamoah (11 months ago)
what should i do now please
Lydia Asamoah (11 months ago)
i have a friend in my school she always stare at me and smile at me so i reach her and told her that i like her but she was with her friend so her friend told me that she is nervous so she will talk to her so I gave her my Instagram name and she send me a message so i asked her out but she said that she is not into girls and she blocked me
Sabrina Holda (11 months ago)
So i have this huge crush in this girl from my school and she knows it and i told her it and she says that she has nothing against it. And we are both in boarding school and and she always comes into my room and always looks at me and makes eye contact i think she had interest but now i dont know anymore its strange
nono meme (11 months ago)
I sometimes do some of these things (laughing/ friendly physical contact) if I like the person a lot as just a friend, so these aren't really "key behaviours"
Angelece Abbey (11 months ago)
My problem is there is noone I like here in Maine at all. Havent found anyone who is my type at all. Im not attracted to old dykes and hairy women. Maybe im too picky
Bianca Parra (10 months ago)
Everyone has their own tastes. Just keep searching in your area. You are bound to find someone.
Madelyn Perocho (10 months ago)
Hmm maybe it's not right time for you to get in love,or you didn't found a right person for u
Angelece Abbey (11 months ago)
oh and if they are my type they are straight and engaged
maritia (11 months ago)
Gay or straight the signals are the same if the person is not a troll!
Barb Cieri (11 months ago)
Number One: Eye Contact
MzGumby02 (11 months ago)
I always attract the controlling and manipulative women...smh.
Chanyeol Park (11 months ago)
My crush in class always keeps glancing towards me.. We have made eye contact a lot of times too...and her friends act weird around me.... Can you give me sum advice??? I don't know what to do..
Riddhi Shah (8 months ago)
Chanyeol Park hi ignore her friends... Try to take step ahead... Take ur chance.... Try to talk with her...
Live Not Die (11 months ago)
You have pretty eyes
alma alinthia (1 year ago)
Doctor , do you have a girlfriend?🤔...maybe we can have a cup of ☕ just coffee
Nana K (11 months ago)
alma alinthia 😂
Nick Peluso (1 year ago)
You can both talk about how you're going to hell
Nana K (11 months ago)
Nick Peluso 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doris Thompson (1 year ago)
I love you Dr.Frankie, youre so awesome and helped me so much. I miss you.
monkeycaboose (1 year ago)
Yo that camera zoom gave an ebola
monkeycaboose (1 year ago)
I like ur hair it fights the patriarchy down with trump my amigAH
monkeycaboose (1 year ago)
Bold af my nigga
Shay Bouverie. (1 year ago)
thanks for the advice ...... it really helped
Dpk V (1 year ago)
When I clear to her she want change my mind.... you are wrong it's just your Misunderstanding stop thinking you are straight this feelings are wrong (when we talk about the homo relationship she always said love is love I have no peoblem if she or he....That's all my falte..
Dpk V (1 year ago)
All signs I found in my crush but she said she have bf and she is not intersted in me she want to be my Sister😔
mahouyz mosa (1 year ago)
I wish I could go out on a date with a girl that I like 😢💔
Priya Mathur (7 months ago)
Kassia Toth (1 year ago)
That is some of the dumbest nonsense ever. I could go to a straight teen channel if I wanted to hear this shit from someone who just got her very first colligen injection. Pfft.
Katerine (1 year ago)
hi there! I like one girl from work and now that she likes girls for sure. but the thing is that i think she has a girlfriend although I do not know for sure..i just feel like it is like a magnet..i just always want to watch her and just get to know her better..we do not talk a lot but she is always laughing and smiling when I am saying something..last time we even got exactly the same drinks from starbucks..it is just hard for me to think how we can start talking more..because we see each other only at work..maybe I just should let it go?
Riddhi Shah (8 months ago)
Ask her out... For coffee
Filou Plane (1 year ago)
Hi Katherine, i hope you will listen to you vibe. As She said Maybe an event in your town could be the opportunity ?
Sabrina Holda (1 year ago)
Hey so i really love this one girl from my school she knows that i have feelings for her and literally everytime we see eachothers at school she always looks at me and we both are in boarding school and she has her room on the same side as me and she always comes to me and wants to have my phone and then when i want to habe ir back she always touches me on rhe arm or helds my hand nur she really always looks at me she says that she is straight nur i am pretty sure she is bi what should i do?
John Rutledge (1 year ago)
sex is broken
John Rutledge (1 year ago)
John Rutledge (1 year ago)
so important
S h i o v a n k o (1 year ago)
I have a friend he is a guy like me xD duh? And he laughs on every single thing I say..., I mean I'm kinda like, I'm going to be serious. I like him, but idk if this is love like of interest or just friend love like.... He's cute tho xP, this was helpful, Thanks!
Gay Peanut (1 year ago)
Me and my bestfriend😚 We are like the cutest ship😗 She always smiles in the cutest way and puts her head on my shoulder😍 and she always puts her foot on mine under the table and gives me a flirty playfull smile😋
Nilay Benli (2 months ago)
are you guys dating?
Julia (1 year ago)
What irritating me a lot is those girls who are really "flirtly" with you and are hetero. They are making fucking signals but you know they are hetero! lol I have this friend from school, I spend most of the time at school with her, I'm lesbian but I don't think of her that way, just a friend, she is not my type. But she is acting like she is filtring with me everytime hahah she touches me a lot, laught everytime etc and sometimes as a lesbian I just feel angry lol
Julia (1 year ago)
Sometimes she is even staring at me when I'm "not looking" weird way ahhahaha but I know she is hetero like come one or maybe she just don't know she is not. We had this converstaion aboout gay males and I always support LGBT so I was so strict about her "not toleranting". She is religious so that's her deal. I said in the Bible it's written that "if man treats another man like a woman" then it's not okay. She agreed on that but she also said she likes our country because they don't tolerate gays (in our language gay only means gay males) lol and my face when she said "you are hetero" ahhahahahahah
Athenathe SheWolf (1 year ago)
It's so hard to find useful videos on this exact question, lo and behold a video that actually helps. Thank you!
Kafee the small (1 year ago)
There was this girl that I loved, I was making all these signs and she knew that I loved her and she said that she liked me back but she wasn't sure. So I waited, waited and waited, asking her sometimes how she was feeling about this and them the next thing I know is that she got a boyfriend that she never even mentioned before. I feel betrayed and lied to and don't know how to tell her how I feel without causing drama... Help me QvQ
Riddhi Shah (8 months ago)
Kafee the small ...just move on... In life... She was doing experiment...
NewYorkHunter (1 year ago)
I love watching this and realizing that none of this has ever happened to me 😂
andrene meca (6 months ago)
carrie mathison (10 months ago)
NewYorkHunter Heyy
Shine Aishley (1 year ago)
I love a girl but she’s in love w another girl. I’m in love w my best friend I can never get her to like me back😭
Siz Mumbi Martha (8 months ago)
Shine Aishley same to me,,,, I feel so offended, she acts like she likes but she is serious with another gal, I hate that gal who love her 😏🙄
Alexis Jorgensen (1 year ago)
The problem is the girl I like does all of this with me, but she has a serious girlfriend...
Michelle Chetrit (1 year ago)
this is so helpful
Alice Lalhrietzing (1 year ago)
This only made me realise how interested I am in this one person cos I do all these things but I’m pretty sure it’s not mutual sigh
Nathalia Cool (1 year ago)
Hey! i have a crush on my bff and i told her that i am interested in her. now she is no long friends with me .but i have noticed her looking at me just like for 3 seconds and as soon as i look she looks away why is she doing that?
Nana K (11 months ago)
Nathalia Cool she might be scared
Miracle Stivender (1 year ago)
What about if your in a bar and you see this really gorgeous chick with beautiful blue eyes and I just was waiting on my drink and I sense someone staring at me it was her. We stared at each other a few times and I approached her and told her she has gorgeous eyes. And then left because she had shots for her friends and she looked a lot older than me but she she said thank you and that was it I know how to flirt with woman it’s just was it me?
RoyalOutcast (1 year ago)
This video was helpful cause I just can tell off of the vibes that I get from them. Sometimes I just know, ya know? It’s hard to explain so this video was spot on.
CurlyAndNerdy101 (1 year ago)
LOVE this video! It's quite similar to my situation. There's a girl I like who works at the fish market stall across from my work, and she comes to get coffee from us all the time. She is so pretty and enigmatic that you just can't help but sigh! I have only dated guys thus far, but I've often wanted to try things out with women since I suspect I may be bi. What words of wisdom would you have for someone who is scared of embarrassment and rumors for their first try at asking the same sex out?
Sarah (1 year ago)
Can we talk about how pretty you are?
Emilia Begani (1 year ago)
Hey guys i would love to read some advices from you So i have a crush on a really good friend of mine for some months now. My problem is that i can't really find out if she likes me back in that way or is just messing around or having fun. So we've been on the same school for about 5 years now and it actually just always was a casual friendship. But last year, our friendship grew much bigger, then i realised after some time that i want more than a friendship or that i just feel different for her than for a "normal" friend. We text each other 24/7 for a year now and always say super cute and flirty things to each other that i wouldn't say to other "friends" . She always touches me in every way when we're at school or somewhere else, always wants to be near me and hugs me really tight, and what i like most is that most times when we're just Hanging around with a group of people or when we're in class, she always looks at me an then we have this INTENSE eye contact for like 5 seconds and she always laughs at whatever i say even if it's not funny and I just don't know she also tries to make me jealous all the time she only says this shit about boys and everything when i'm around and extra super loud so i can hear it and then tends to look at me and see my reaction to that. She always says stuff about kissing me or just some other gay things haha can't really describe it. Okay i know that was much and i could list more things but what do you think, if anyone even read it?? Is there a chance for me or should i just move on?
Poo mei (11 months ago)
go girl! .... u definitely have a chance
sasoukky (11 months ago)
I think you might have a chance. She's mentioning kissing you! There will be no other way to know but to ask. You should update us :D wish you luck
Annika Wells (1 year ago)
Um yes I think you definitely have a chance! From what I hear she feels the same esp with talking about boys and looking to see your reaction and also talking about kissing u
Celebrity Angle (1 year ago)
I freaking need your advice guys, there is this girl at work that I know is gay (long story) but anyways at the beginning she used to make lots of compliments towards me but out of the blue she just stopped I think it happened when I mentioned my ex not boyfriend say it was a affair with a man, I am bi btw, anyways sometimes when we sit in fron of each other to eat at lunch I catch her staring at me for long terms.... what should I do?? I really like her
She's Sylvia (1 year ago)
Celebrity Angle This was 4 months ago, how are you two right now? If you really like her, go for it :)
Erica Horan (1 year ago)
I need soooo much advice for this girl I am *head over heels* for!!!! 😭😭😍😍♥️
Candace Stone (1 year ago)
lol who knew
rachee03 (1 year ago)
Alison Stone seriously...who knew.. this was really helpful..
BJ Pascual (1 year ago)
Wat if u really want to tell a girl that u like her but you don't want to ruin ur friendship with her???
AkitaMixx (8 months ago)
BJ Perez What are you planning after you tell her that? what do you really want to happen?
Ivy K (1 year ago)
Yeah I hope some people dont see this video because I'm kinda doing all those things with some people

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