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Text Comments (1364)
Ash Hardell (2 years ago)
Thank you Alayna Fondle Her for the great opportunity. This interview was a treat.
Hunter Markey (3 months ago)
You're wearing pan colors!!!!
TheAnimatiorGod YT (3 months ago)
Ash Hardell yeet! Collaboration time!
keith parkhill (3 months ago)
Captain Ghost Wow. Perhaps you should deal with the reality that all bisexuals have a distinct preference for one gender or the other. In all my years I have never met a 50/50 bisexual and I have never seen a mixed marriage work.
on the orange (6 months ago)
can i have you
Captain Ghost (1 year ago)
I hope your not like the other Lesbians who make fun of us Bi's and I'm never NEVER helping your people again! You do not deserve it.
Being bi it was so hard to watch this 😂
*I'm lesbian and I date Bisexuals... I'm dating one now.. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°*
Asaru Re (7 days ago)
Heterosexuals and bisexuals are the same because they pleasure the opposite sex ; homosexuals (lesbian and gay) do not pleasure the opposite sex only reproduce by On Point Climax OPC.
Asaru Re (7 days ago)
The rule is very simple ; gays do not pleasure vagina and lesbians do not pleasure penise ; at the same time gays and lesbians method of reproduction would be a tease to heterosexuals. ULGS
Millie Rose (11 days ago)
Took me a while to work out they were being sarcastic. I was just super confused at first. I haven’t slept in a while and I’m thinking I’m going crazy
Tyler Talks A Lot (12 days ago)
I know all of this has got to be satire or something but this honestly feels like a bunch of 15-year-olds trying to act like they know the ins and outs of gender/sexuality and failing miserably
sV 18 (13 days ago)
I am Bi and have a lesbian as Girlfriend. Yay☺️🤷😂
Lili Mo (14 days ago)
4:01 I don't get that part, what's it referring to?
Caitlin Ames (15 days ago)
*cough**cough*Alayna Fondle her**cough*cough*
WHUH? (15 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣omg I love this channel it’s so funny
Artist God (16 days ago)
This Youtuber is focused on the fact she is interested she is gay
Strxwberry_acai (22 days ago)
I'm lesbian and I dated a bi girl.. ;-;
Ashly Jaramillo (25 days ago)
I was about to flip because I just found her channel but then I realized *there was a load of sarcasm put into this video* 😂😂
Alison Nichols (1 month ago)
I love how confused she is
So, a virgen <3
Jerzy Productionz (1 month ago)
This was hilarious. Glad to have stumbled across it.
John Visage (1 month ago)
Bi women should stick to women. i did read the comments of the female bisexuals and it is clear that they are more attracted to women. So straight men should go for straight women who actually like men romantically and physically.
F r a n c e s c a (1 month ago)
Why wouldn't lesbians date bisexuals? That's stupid, they're still women...
Cain Sumner (1 month ago)
Little did they know...
My Opinion (1 month ago)
Bisexual women don't commit in a relationship, because there is lack of emotional commitment. They always have (one eye) on a woman, and the (other eye) on a man. Bisexuals are all about sex, and not relationships. Flip flop, pancaking is what bisexuals do, it is their nature. Lesbians do not want to put their face in the crotch of a bisexual woman, for obvious reasons, bisexuals run a higher risk of spreading sexual diseases, and disease in general because they sleep with men, and/or they sleep with other bisexual men increasing disease risks. For example, bisexual men have anal sex with other men, then have sexual intercourse with a bisexual woman, then the lesbian has oral sex with the bisexual woman, and so we need look at the common sense of how disease is spread so easily through the bisexual population, spilling over to the lesbian population. The likelihood of increase of diseases, the lack of emotional commitment, and lack of commitment in general defines the main reasons lesbians don't date bisexuals, nor try to get involved with them.
Kenzie May (1 month ago)
plz don’t tell me this is serious
Soju Doll (1 month ago)
Omgg, im in love with the girl in the middle! her personality is just too adorbs💜 Sorry, I know.. that sounded so rude. I suck at remembering names and I can't rewind the video while im trying to write a comment 🙄😐
sima maria 666 (1 month ago)
are you really talking about lesbians when you're not a lesbian , and neither they?
Zaubermaus21 (1 month ago)
Like we get it you are gay -.- nobody cares who the hell you fuck like for real
Sophie Pedersen (1 month ago)
Dude, ever heard of Rose and Rosie?
Johnny Frierson (1 month ago)
I don't date Bisexual females hey I don't like Bisexuals or Dykes I got my heart broken cuz my ex cheated on me with a female she a lesbian relationship behind my back
Nancy BunnyBou (1 month ago)
I'm bisexual
Peculiar Avacado (1 month ago)
Bisexual and pan aren't the same
Licsijjoo W (28 days ago)
They're not
Robert Phillips (1 month ago)
I loved this video. I'm so glad that this was in my suggested videos. Now I need to find a video on why gay men and straight women won't date a bi man. :(
MamelukkiKala (1 month ago)
Sooooo... if I meet a girl, I have to lie I'm lesbian because people are still close minded
Katherine Perry (1 month ago)
Ash: *wears pan shirt* Alayna: LESBIAN
Noo dle (1 month ago)
Omg ashes new hair!! Love it
Bethany Bell (1 month ago)
'so a virgin' hahahahahaha
Carmen % (2 months ago)
i swear ash is so adoreable.
Maeve O Connor (2 months ago)
_Astro Cat_ (2 months ago)
No wonder my girlfriend broke up with me
Nox (2 months ago)
I was all ready to get serious and here I am dying of laughter
WOMBRAIDER_ 0151 (2 months ago)
Pair of gimps U both need a good dick and a wash by the looks of it
Éliottulio Camaradonge (2 months ago)
This series is hilarious. CONFIRMED
Spirit Angel (2 months ago)
I'm bisexual (I haven't never dated guys, but girls I have.) and my girlfriend is lesbian (She HAS also dated few girls)...... And WHO knows I could marry her anyday, but not yet too young for that haha
Savannah Byrne (2 months ago)
idk if this was supposed to be funny cringe but like.... CRINGE cringe...
Jessica Hubbard (2 months ago)
First episode I've seen of theirs and I'm DYINGGGGGGGGGGGG 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I've heard oh so many of those before and still hilarious 😭
My Self (2 months ago)
Where can I find these kinds of women??? I live in Chicago and there are literally NO decent girls in my city. All the girls I've met are either stuck up whores or closeted as fuck.
My Self (2 months ago)
Or they're married to their wife of two million years.
Sammy Cameron (2 months ago)
This video was hilarious and confusing in one… I am currently in a relartionship with my beautiful girlfriend, she is a lesbian who has only been with females from a young age she knew she was only attracted to women therefor she has only been intimate or dated women.. Myself on the other hand id say im bisexual as from a young age I've only ever been intimiate or dated men sexually, physically etc but with bad experiences with some men the passed 5 years my now girlfriend is the first girlfriend I’ve been with and I must say it is totally different to being with a man!!!!!! Some days I do miss being with a man for the sexually side of things but I wouldn’t change the happiness i get from being with her. And he being a lesbian didn’t turn me, we worked together for about 6 months before we got together and just from hanging out and drinking together after work I started to realise I am attracted to her but in saying that if for any reason our relationship didn’t work out I think I would go back to dating men. So i guess the point of my comment was that y ‘YES’ lesbians date bisexuals and because of this it doesn’t neccasarily mean that the lesbian turned the straight bisexual. I believe everyone is born bisexual until they are mindful and old enough to realise who they are physically and sexually attracted to!!!!
Grace Parsons (2 months ago)
Ok so is MissFender trying to offend people. Is she joking or is she for real and really thinks that bisexual and pansexuals' don't exist. Someone please tell me.
Sir Panda (2 months ago)
Love you all !
Sir Panda (2 months ago)
Que pasa?! (2 months ago)
This is biopfobic
lelus jeje (3 months ago)
This is gold! xd
TheBoredGamer (3 months ago)
Is this a joke? Or are you rrly homophobic?
Nokwanda Monet (3 months ago)
I really need a partner Same one who will love me I'm tired of pretending I really wanna come out and just be who I am I'm really in love with other woman Anyone interested call me or Whats up me
Hunter Markey (3 months ago)
Ash is wearing pan colors!!!!!!
Master of None (3 months ago)
I've lost count how many times I keep coming back to this. I find it very reassuring
Elliot Is Peculiar (3 months ago)
I watched this and for a second I thought alana was just straight up dead naming them. But like this was made before ash came put XD
Morgan Rogue (3 months ago)
"How to turn a straight woman, asked for a friend."
Н. Д. (3 months ago)
Why Ash is so damn stupid.
ZACH URIE (3 months ago)
Will Neverforgets (3 months ago)
poofballoon TM (3 months ago)
I love Ash
Charlene Camilleri (3 months ago)
GUYS I'm a raging lesbian and bisexuals are myselteriosly my type. Don't worry. I would date you😂😂I'm still lonely Though so I guess y'all don't want me😂
Deku’s Shoes (4 months ago)
Hhhh Some lesbians say they are afraid of bisexuals running off with a man or some shit. If you think they might cheat on you, then maybe you shouldn’t date them...? Anyone could cheat on you. But this video has hilarious
danile fox (4 months ago)
Dude I'm bisexual and my lesbian girlfriend is dateing me
awsome oceon (4 months ago)
I'm bisexual
awsome oceon (4 months ago)
I'm bisexual
Jimena Sánchez Camarena (5 months ago)
Wow. Everybody thinks that being bisexual gives you more possibilities of finding someone but actually is contrary
Tiara actress (5 months ago)
Marrionna (5 months ago)
What is this video??
Ella Does Stuff (5 months ago)
I didnt know yu knew EVERY SINGLE LESBIAN
Nicole Smrekar (6 months ago)
If If you're not gay you're not fluent in gay. You're fluent in heteronormative BS. You live your daily life as any other straight woman does.
Eli Turner (6 months ago)
Guys Ash is wearing a pan flag shirt
human (5 months ago)
Lol I think we realized
Giselle Cole (6 months ago)
I didn't know Ash was in a "I don't bi it" video! I love them!
Marie owo (6 months ago)
“I am Alayna Fondle *him.* and him only.”
Anthony Chapa (6 months ago)
but... my girlfriend's lesbian...I'm bi...
Milankumar Mallick (7 months ago)
Thank you for up loading this video. recreational information. Here to know 9 awesome dating sites for bisexual to find bisexual friends, visit the website www.bisexualdatingsupport.com for bisexual dating sites and find your lover out there.
lena oxton (7 months ago)
I'm dating a lesbian and I'm bisexual
Adeline D (8 months ago)
Jackson (8 months ago)
First thing I've ever seen Ash in.
Fiery Lesbian (8 months ago)
I’m laughing so fucking hard on my god
redankerable (8 months ago)
That's was hilarious! Few videos make me actually lol!
mouldy.bread.bin (8 months ago)
"Fluent in gay" i lost it
Djuna Santoyo (8 months ago)
The host is a total dick it’s fucking hilarious hahahahaha
Alex Is AWESOME Mig (9 months ago)
Ashley hardell is so cringy
Olivia Unknown (9 months ago)
What's this interview XDDD Alayna Fondle Her got me
Gabriel Bakker (9 months ago)
I thought this was serious at first dndbdbdbbdbdnd
Emily Hagen (10 months ago)
I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! The humor throughout this entire video had me cracking up!!
{That_ B*tch_Ari} (10 months ago)
Don't worry everyone it's a joke!😁
Falcon (10 months ago)
How *STRAIGHT* Definitely not *BISEXUAL* (You not Ashley)
Amsterz B (10 months ago)
Hahaha! "Not you!" "Oh.." Sad Grace :(
Staticks (11 months ago)
I was searching for Milo's musings on how "Lesbians don't exist," and found this.
Dicerolledan8 (1 year ago)
A woman that wants to be a man should marry a man that wants to be a woman
12yearsliving ! (1 year ago)
I’m kind of confused about my sexuality. I’ve only had crushes on boys, I’ve never dated. But In dreams and when I let my mind wander, I’m usually kissing girls. Without trying to daydream about boys, ive never really daydreamed about them in anything more than a friendship. There is this girl that I’m not sure if I have a crush on, or just want to be friends with. Please help me.
Hashi-san (1 year ago)
4:02 WHAT WAIT- what is this? Why haven't I learned this where can i learn this can somebody send me a link on how to speak gay!!??????
www.pegginglovers.com (1 year ago)
I've met plenty of girls on www.firstlesbiandate.com
Taylor Kimball (1 year ago)
People are mean to bisexual people and trans people. If it was just lesbians and gays it would just be LG instead of LGBT. Girls who are bi aren't gonna leave a girl and go get back with a guy like its some college fling. Come on people.
Cornelia Schattman (1 year ago)
-why is every girl you bring onto your show ridiculously cute-
spook tastic (1 year ago)
“A woman who has only had sex with a woman.” “So a virgin.” FUCKINg killED ME
Carianne R. Hixson (1 year ago)
I wish they could take something seriously for even one second in this? It's hard to even understand the conversation with all the sarcasm. This is coming from a very sarcastic chick.
Rayana Ackerman (1 year ago)
I am lesbian and I would not Date a bisexual women not my type.

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