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Uber driver Edward Caban attacked 👊 by passenger Newport Beach CA (uncensored) yt ben golden

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COSTA MESA — A 33-year-old man suspected of assaulting an Uber driver remains in custody, police said on Monday, November 2nd 2015. According to the Costa Mesa Police Department, Benjamin Golden, of Newport Beach, who's a marketing exec for taco bell (position now open), was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault on a cab driver or someone proving service, along with misdemeanor public intoxication. Around 8 p.m. on Friday, authorities received a call from an Uber driver, Edward Caban, reporting he had been assaulted by his passenger. Caban recorded video of the incident, which has since been posted to social media. Within the video, Golden is seen slapping Caban several times. In response, Caban uses pepper spray to make his way out of the vehicle. According to the driver, the ride began in Newport Beach. However, when Golden requested to go to Costa Mesa he had no idea where he was going. Police said Caban felt the passenger was too drunk to give him directions. At one point during the ride, Golden was told “the ride is over” due to his inebriated state of mind. Golden has been banned from using the ride sharing service for life, according to a spokesperson with Uber. Caban began driving for the company in July and stated that he will no longer be apart of any passenger delivery service.

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Text Comments (5442)
If that cracker did that to me I would off killed that inbred trailers trash bitch
Harpz (1 day ago)
im i the only one that says the drunk man was right?
Harpz cracker
SidewaysGts (15 hours ago)
"Im i the only one that says the drunk man was right?" Are you the only one? No. it also takes more than one person to form a lynch mob. It doesnt mean theyre right.
Michael Caudill (1 day ago)
do you actually think that or do you like having the unpopular opinion?
Sean Stewart (2 days ago)
Jesus that dude was fucked up...what kinda man can't handle their liquor?
Angelica Rodriguez (3 days ago)
old school (3 days ago)
Good for Cabon, right on man. That drunk guy thought he was going to get away with it.. what is wrong with people ? Attacking hard working Americans who are trying to make a living. Even in my most drunken state, I used to talk to the cab drivers and make friends. You find they are just people trying to make a living like everyone else. I hope this guy pays for his actions..
old school he’s not hardworking though he’s a callous bitch
ISHI GATSU (4 days ago)
Fabian Romo (4 days ago)
Esobes de todos los dias en uber aqui en mexico!¡ en guadalajara para ser mas exactos
jonnyhatter35 (4 days ago)
Lol, that dude was so sloshed
At first I was like, huh, that driver had good instincts turning the camera around before shit went down, and then I got to the end and was like "Oh, it's because the driver is a fuckin asshole and knew some shit might go down"
Nemanja Nedeljković (4 days ago)
How exacly is he an asshole?
AcesWildMMA II (4 days ago)
1:18 first Yeah
Haha, the first of many.
AcesWildMMA II (4 days ago)
Plot Twist: the passenger worked at Taco Bell and has since been fired. True story.
Christian Davis (6 days ago)
You can tell the drive is not only a dick but a giant pussy because of the way he keeps saying “ yeah, yeah.... yeah “ just shut up and knock him out “call the police “ you do it . He already sprayed him and then continued to say yeah while trying to stop him. News flash he’s drunk and maced. He ain’t goin very far
GabeLogan what?
GabeLogan (4 days ago)
the hell
Sam fuck that, that piece of shit driver deserved what he got and more. Kicking an intoxicated person out in the middle of nowhere when they are unlikely to have an easy time fending for themselves is a seriously dick move. And honestly, you sound like a real pussy and a douchebag yourself, talking about hitting drunk people while they're down. Pathetic.
Sam (5 days ago)
Exactly....if he did that to me, i would have knocked him out right when he got maced and kept punching his face as payback while he's down. The cops only need to know that he started it and they have evidence.
Salazard Serpentard (7 days ago)
Joe Mcflys (7 days ago)
man i just saw the video again and in high but to be honest if it qere id smack the hell out of the driver too because he was being a dick. All he had to do was put the address on the gps if mf didnt knew it. also driver switching lanes like a crazy,dont know how to drive makes him spin then says im kicking you out. Im so upset at the driver hes a piece of shit. Never had a issue with uber but if it were me again id whoop his ass more if my phone was dead and it could be my last trip on battery smh.😠😠😠😤
red rojo No, wrong. He may have pinned The Black Knight Lounge initially, but he probably either did by accident being drunk or simply changed his mind, perhaps knowing he was too drunk and needed to sleep it off. At any rate, what matters is that ultimately he wanted to get to Park Newport which is an apartment complex, 5 miles away from the Black Knight Lounge (which is in Costa Mesa where Golden was picked up by Caban) and on opposite sides of Newport Bay. Clearly he was not going to walk from Park Newport to the Black Knight lounge where he just came from and the driver was a straight up dick leaving the guy stranded in his (vulnerabie) condition.
red rojo (6 days ago)
+Joe Mcflys 1st of all the driver dropped him off _ACROSS THE STREET FROM HIS ORIGINAL DESTINATION._ As the driver said in the middle of the clip, *_"NO YOU DIDN'T GIVE AN ADDRESS YOU PINNED A LANDMARK FOR THE BLACK KNIGHT LOUNGE."_* the asshole passenger, Ben, wanted to go to _ANOTHER_ bar/restaurant the Black Knight.
godhedsmanden (7 days ago)
yeah you'd get charged with battery, like this guy.. but I also think it was pretty sweet he got beat for it. Main thing is kicking him out with no warning, and not taking him to park newport
Leonardo DiCuckrio (7 days ago)
those shots were soo goddamn satisfying
Leonardo DiCuckrio (7 days ago)
lol the stupid driver who was being impossible deserved it
Mehdelk (5 days ago)
Leonardo DiCuckrio  If you think that you have the right to fight with somebody just because you disagree with what he said, then you think like a 12 years old kid.
Leonardo DiCuckrio (6 days ago)
Mehdelk thats my point if a driver is being a little bitch even after the guy told him the final destination he gotta be slapped. And I don't use Uber, I never have. I'm happy with public transport.
godhedsmanden (7 days ago)
Mehdelk He also have the right to bitch slap the fuck outta him and pull his hair for being a bitch to him. His right just have legal consequences.
Mehdelk (7 days ago)
He have the right to refuse to continue the ride. People like you should not be allowed to use Uber.
DeathEgg94 (7 days ago)
Uber cars should really get like a gate inbetween the front and back seats to avoid this kind of crap.
prophet Ray (7 days ago)
NY City style!!! True 😁
JRald2016 (8 days ago)
rider lucky he didn't get knocked out
Nah, that driver was a straight up pussy bitch. The driver couldn’t have done shit to him even with him being drunk and pepper sprayed.
Jael vv (8 days ago)
Dude he had a premonition and turned that camera around
Jael vv (8 days ago)
Hot chick walk by like “I’m not calling shit hair flip—bye”
Tio Tisdale (8 days ago)
This is fucked up. I would have beat the shit out that passenger🖕
Tio Tisdale haha, yeah OK TIO, tough guy with a goatee. 💪🏾😎👊🏾
godhedsmanden (8 days ago)
Probally you would also have treated him with more respect, than to kick him out with no warning..
Harry Princepal (8 days ago)
The comment section of this video is disgusting. People are actually defending a criminal. How sad.
Steven Bowman yes, true, but unless it always seems like the people who live around the most people in the most populous municipalities have the least concern for their fellow man. The apathy and cold heartedness is disconcerting and sad. Nothing has happened here justifies that assault but the whole situation that led up to it was callous and unnecessary.
Steven Bowman (3 days ago)
He's not responsible for him. The guy's an adult, he shouldn't be getting drunk to the point where he can't communicate directions
Steven Bowman (3 days ago)
No coincidence that he's white
Harry Princepal driver deserved it, he had no common decency doing what he did, leaving the guy stranded in his condition. He brought the situation on himself.
JC GR'x (9 days ago)
You see all this comments it's mostly ratchet bitches defending the drunk asshole.
JC GR'x (4 days ago)
+Kevin H No race issue more like ignorants issue I have white people on my family and they still get slander in US just for speaking spanish.
JC GR'x (4 days ago)
+Makin Bacon Greasy Again I can agree to that but not everyone has the same patience, he wasn't giving clear directions. Didn't have to assault him like that. Thank God I'm no Uber or would've pulled a fucking gun.
Kevin H (4 days ago)
+JC GR'x - Oh..... now it's a race issue?????? You're a true dumbfuck liberal race baiting idiot.
Christian Boustani (9 days ago)
What the actual hell? Hope he's locked up for this shit. Someone this unstable shouldn't be allowed to go free.
godhedsmanden (7 days ago)
Finally someone decent in the head in this comment section lulz, i agree 100% with what you said. But his assault wouldn't happen with normal decent mutual respect. And not warning him he is going to get kicked out for not giving directions, is inapropriate as well, but ofc. forgiveable.
Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg (8 days ago)
godhedsmanden Listen, if I was the Uber driver, I would’ve taken this mf to park Newport or wherever he wanted to go and dropped him off there. But the passengers reaction was absolutely unacceptable. It’s not even up for discussion. The guy was so drunk that I would be worried for his safety had he chosen to walk home instead of taking an Uber or something. He was completely out of his mind. I keep a bat in my car, and believe me I would’ve smashed this mf had he tried to do something like that to me. In that state he’s a danger to everyone. Smash him, restrain him, call the police and let the rest take care of itself. But I’m probably never going to find myself in this situation anyway, since I don’t let strangers into my car. Especially drunk ones.
godhedsmanden (8 days ago)
Dosen't matter that he is legally or technically in the right, I also have the right to call you a complete cunt and idiot and all kinds of shit, but that dosen't make it appropriate, or polite. Now the world is not all about being fucking polite, I get that- but come on.. Yeah, I get it that it was in his best interest to kick him out, even tho he should have warned him first, but at the point he basicly ask the driver for forgiveness and to just take him to park newport, for christ sake, it's really inapropriate and sucky the way the Uber driver treats him, if he had just walked away, the driver would have been the "bad guy" even if it's no big deal to be a cunt nowadays.
Christian Boustani (9 days ago)
+godhedsmanden No, the driver is in the right. The passenger was unable to give directions and so the driver was unable to do his job. He had every right to kick him out and it was in his best interest to do so.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
Imagine yourself getting kicked out like that, no warning or anything, would really suck.. i mean sometimes life sucks and stuff, but the uber driver is totally in the wrong, not that it's a huge wrong, like that slapping and hair pulling, but still..
last man (9 days ago)
Hilarious as fuck
Salazard Serpentard (7 days ago)
Egg Rice (8 days ago)
+Mason Damato It's sad that your mum had to keep you in her stomach for 9 months only for it to come out as a little bitch.
Mason Damato (9 days ago)
last man smacked-whack-and-didlywap
Mason Damato (9 days ago)
last man 😭😭😭😭 I thought I was the only 1 man 🤣 he got WHACKED
R G (11 days ago)
Don't drink if you can't control yourself and go out. I know my capacity so I never go over board at all plus I save money and the humiliation it brings along with punishment meted out. Heard that the passenger hot in trouble and was saying it wasn't me. Yeah, so true.
MR FW190 (12 days ago)
What did the driver do wrong fuck you all alcoholics! I dont care If hes drunk thats why he hit the driver because his drunk! Being drunk is for people with no life that they have to be drunk to feel good KYS pls! Or if you stand for the drunk let me take som coke and shoot your family and blame the drug not me like you guys do..
red rojo (8 days ago)
Boyan Dimitrov (12 days ago)
How does this video even have a two sided comment section? Fuck's sake! Taxi and Uber drivers don't have to take your drunk ass shit.
Boyan Dimitrov fuck you bitch
red rojo (8 days ago)
*_THANK YOU!!! _*
Anna Moustaka (12 days ago)
The driver was aggressive.He threatened to call the police for what?For having an intoxicated passenger?Knowing the guy was intoxicated,he should have acted better.In any case,the passenger lost his right,when he attacked the driver.
Xhevdet Axhami (7 days ago)
yeah fuck you anna you guy's are lucky we give you safe ride at home and drunk ass bitech punch the UBER guy that was so rude of him shame on him
tabular leech (9 days ago)
godhedsmanden you sound like a drunk , if you ever think another adult should pamper your entitled ass than your an idiot don’t over do it. Also slapping somebody because they don’t want to deal with your intoxicated ass is insane you should seek help you’re probably a real cunt.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
well, I think 1 slap, or the first few quick ones was appropriate, in a way.. he should just have got out instead of pulling his hair.. The thing is that, your a huge cunt to just throw someone off on the street like that when they actually did sober up and give you a final destination, even if he ended the ride allready, so what, he just thought he was a badass kicking him out of his car.. Don't get me wrong, it's wrong, but he had it comming in a way, no warning or anything, he just all of a sudden tell him to get out of the car, he could atleast have told him he would have to kick him out if no directions were given - but he just snaps and kick him out like a fucking cunt.. really it's fucking rude the way he just kicks him out, with no warning.. Slapping wasnt justified, but it's not like he got his face slapped and hair pulled for no fucking reason.
Christian Boustani (9 days ago)
He was threatening to call the police because at that point, he was trepassing on his property. When you kick someone out of your car and they refuse to leave that is trepassing.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
Dosnt matter, it's fucking irresponsible leaving some drunk dude in the middle of nowhere, clearly the driver is a cunt who partly deserved the assault, well ofc. the assault is way out of line, but he is really being a cunt, not even wanting to negotiate or talk, or take a new drive, when the guy sobers abit up and ask him just go to "newport something" It's really cunty behaviour for the driver, and while he obv. didnt deserve an assault just for that, he probally had it comming being a cunt like that all days of the week.
Anti Afro Svengalis (13 days ago)
This uber driver caught the drunk buzzard off guard with the mace when he reached for the hat that flew off his knucklehead!
Root for the Villain (13 days ago)
Pale male couldn't contain his caveman rage.
Jael vv (8 days ago)
Pale male haha haven’t heard that one before
Dad (9 days ago)
We wuz. WUZN'T we?
Harold Cocksfield (13 days ago)
Fuck that passenger lol. Carry a gun in your car shoot him in his face. Nobody owes you a ride because you’re drunk
Nate Hester (14 days ago)
red rojo (8 days ago)
+Nate Hester LOL!!!
He deserved that one ain't gonna lie
Dave Crader (15 days ago)
This uber driver is a little bitch.
Vincent M (14 days ago)
Dave Crader Are you the douche in the video
ThatsMadness (15 days ago)
I feel bad for the passenger
ThatsMadness (5 days ago)
+john smith Same
john smith (8 days ago)
feel bad for your mother
ukdocescher2 (16 days ago)
deserve every puch. trying to put out a kid who is drunk. Thats why he is taking a uber you driver fuck
PyroC XD (8 days ago)
Are you fucking retarded? He looks like he's 26 Or 27 You call him a Kid? Get a life you Douchebag
Luis calel (11 days ago)
I get it, he did the responsible thing by ubering and not driving, but does not justifies hurting another person. He should of apologize and gone to a different uber. Simple. Instead he went with blows. When i get drunk i get drunk i dont punch people cuz i couldnt get it my way. Its my fault for getting shit face. I chose to drink
lílα wєllѕ (13 days ago)
DON’T YOU DARE MAKE OR TRY TO MAKE OTHERS PUT UP WITH DRUNK BEHAVIOR! Nobody should be that fucking drunk in the first place, what do you have demons in your closet or some shit? It’s very princess like of you to even suggest people should put up with other’s bullshit. Dumb bitch couldn’t even handle his own drink.
Jacob Arechiga (15 days ago)
Nicole Mantip he is looking for attention just let him be
Nicole Mantip (15 days ago)
You are dumb and a scumbag
FLIPPY (17 days ago)
I wish that pepper spray was a gun.
Nick Mayley (16 days ago)
Relax man, death is serious. Better to have the cunt pay.
Krystal Vixen (17 days ago)
im calling all the bitches in the comments who defend the passenger out. i bet most of you punk asses got kicked out of ubders for retarded through investigations the passenger was unable say where hes going and if the driver doesnt know where to go then he has all rights to kick the driver out of the car its all written down and uber drivers cant read your minds you retarded ass clowns he needs to know where hes going if he is not told where to go he cant get you where you wanna go and on top of that assault on somone is a serious charge i bet you mother fuckers wont say shit and i bet if you fuckers got assaulted and were uber drivers you wouldnt like being told you deserve it even though you did nothing wrong so how about you stupid mother fuckers stop trying to suck off the passenger so your fat asses can try to get discounts at taco bell and use common sense
Shaw Ghafari (8 days ago)
These fucking booze junkies are absolute fucking morons defending this kind of behavior. when an establishment or person refuses to provide you a service it is his or her right. When he said the rides over get out of my car ,that over entitled bitch boy should have got his sucker punching bitch ass out of that mans personal property. To the rest of you over entitled, irresponsible, shit stains on society... It is not sober peoples jobs to take care of you dipshits when you choose to go on your booze binge. Only difference between you retards and tweakers is that unfortunately your dangerous vice that kills 100s of thousands annually via drunk driving is deemed socially acceptable for whatever bullshit reason.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
still, he is just being drunk, not being disrespectfull or anything, and sobers up and give him directions to just take him to newport when he sobers up abit, still the uber driver insist on him just getting the fuck out, like wtf. he had it comming in a way.
Wesley Richardson (13 days ago)
This video makes no sense. I take you to the pin, that's it.
Krystal Vixen (13 days ago)
That's why you got nothing to say gg scrub
Krystal Vixen (14 days ago)
Silk Boxing it also seems like your parents slapped you because you obviously lack common sense
Lone Wolf (17 days ago)
Smart ass driver underestimated his opponent
nunya business (19 days ago)
i love videos like this.. just a reminder to these asshole uber drivers who think they're so cool kicking people out of the car.. LMFAOOOOOO i laughed so hard when he started punching him
Shaw Ghafari (8 days ago)
Become smarter or kill yourself ,those are your two options.
john smith (8 days ago)
nunya business Nobody want to hear your stupid opinion you ratchet raggedy ol cunt, wish you ceased to exist. If you are a woman indeed and not some troll, you are the reason men abuse and underestimate women you dum whore
Christian Boustani (9 days ago)
The driver had every right to kick him out. He was too drunk to give directions which prevents the driver from doing their job. Then he assaulted him. There is no version of this where the passenger is in the right.
Ich 123 (14 days ago)
Are you serious ?
MrLordofrock (17 days ago)
Yeah you are a fucking retard you cunt. Worthless trash.
Commander1991NOR (20 days ago)
it is 8:00 PM and this guy is drunk out of his mind...tells you alot about the person
red rojo (8 days ago)
+Commander1991NOR I keep telling these people that are siding with the _passenger_ to look at the time stamp at the bottom of the screen and then where he stopped the ride for the drunk. It was *_across the street from the drop-off landmark the asshole pinned_* when he refused to put in an alpha numeric address.
lílα wєllѕ (13 days ago)
There’s a thin line between being a social drinker and being an alcoholic.
Jacob Arechiga (15 days ago)
Commander1991NOR what does a time of day have to do with being drunk? Havent you ever been drunk by 2pm? If not I'm sorry to say your life is boring
nakeila dafney (20 days ago)
Ice_Cweem21 21 (21 days ago)
I mean both guys are wrong😂still he shouldn't had hit him but it was kind of funny
tommy blade (18 days ago)
+Huub ya that was very uncalled-for. edit: i just noticed that this was posted 2 years ago... and we're still talking aboht this. xD
Ice_Cweem21 21 (18 days ago)
+has lop ik right😂
has lop (18 days ago)
Its satisfying to watch really
Huub (18 days ago)
tommy blade Yeah he could've but I think it was late and he was tired and he didn't want to deal with that shit. It still didn't give any reasons for the other guy to hit him tho.
21 Brothers b (21 days ago)
get raped
music love (21 days ago)
The uber driver's hair went viral 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gear Heads Unlimited (21 days ago)
You got maced mother fucker lmao. Good shit. That will sober ya up lol
naiema boo naiema boo (22 days ago)
Sam Swinton (22 days ago)
The passenger seems to be an OK person
Jordan Davila (23 days ago)
The passenger got what he deserved
Corn Chowder (23 days ago)
In all honesty, the moment of this clip shows that the Uber driver was very disturbed by people who are intoxicated. While the passenger is barely conscious he has the polite side of him by referring to the driver "sir" and offering to give a new trip nicely under his circumstances. Intoxication is not his excuse however, you cross someone like that without a valid reason and especially when someone is under the influence of alcohol they will cross you too.
SLAY 503 (24 days ago)
Bitch fight!!! Palm punching, hair pulling,pepper spraying and cop calling....😂 no offence ladies!!!
Jacob Arechiga (15 days ago)
song lay would you rather be slapped like a bitch or punched out, I think he got off lucky he didn't actually punch the shit out of him
Daniel Kim (24 days ago)
I can't believe the number of people defending the passenger. How ignorant, stupid and morally wrong could you be? The passenger, Benjamin Golden, was sentenced to 60 days of jail on battery charges, lost his Taco Bell business due to public outcry and apologized to the driver for his actions. Here's a video of an interview he had after he sobered up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDjKMSmv9qM
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
he is just doing as lawyer told him to, dammage control. not that he gives a fuck about that uber punk.
R G (11 days ago)
Daniel Kim good to know that he got in trouble as he deserved all the troubles that came to him.
Johnny .Gomez (14 days ago)
Ted Brandt (16 days ago)
Resentful mongrel thought the guy being drunk gave him a pretext to for his racial vengeance. Lol
tommy blade (18 days ago)
More importantly, why did the passenger sue the uber driver for 5 million dollars?
Avinav Bhandari (24 days ago)
the driver deserved it ???? You guys our of ur mind ?? if it were me, i would shot at that passenger. you cannot hit some one like that
ERICO (16 days ago)
Avinav Bhandari i bet you talk a bunch of shit and then when someone confronts you you yell HIT ME and then the second you get hit you call the cops for assault
Avinav Bhandari (16 days ago)
ERICO Sure! put urself in his shoes. Don't an imbecile !
ERICO (17 days ago)
Avinav Bhandari hahahahha you wudnt have done shit but pull your mace out lol hes lucky that boy was drunk or else 1 hook from behind and hes asleep
Anthony Stevens (24 days ago)
I cannot believe some of you people are defending the passanger. The passenger could not give an address or directions. And was being beligerant at the driver
SidewaysGts (15 hours ago)
+Abeuanaoi azz "passenger doesnt fucking have to tell where to go, they pay for the service, not a customers job to do the drivers navigation" Did you watch the video Champ? Or just skip through it? Rider had put the wrong address in from the beginning.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
atleast the uber driver is being paid for the hassle, and not like he is throwing up or anything, Uber could just have taken him to park newport in the end, like it would have been a big problem.
lílα wєllѕ (13 days ago)
Being too intoxicated should be a fair reason to kick someone out. Being overdosed on alcohol is not fun for you or any other. I’ve dealt with every type of drunk and why should you make others put up with you like that? Get your own driver or abstain.
SLAY 503 (24 days ago)
If the driver didn't have long hair he wouldn't be in this predicament. He could of slipped away after the first bitch slap. Who cares if the passenger is racking up his bill driving in circles!!!
Abeuanaoi azz (24 days ago)
passenger doesnt fucking have to tell where to go, they pay for the service, not a customers job to do the drivers navigation
Goora the groat (24 days ago)
I woulda shot him
ERICO (17 days ago)
Goora the groat hahahahahahaha you probably the type to yell HIT ME at someone then someone hits you call the cops for assault
Destinee La Rose (25 days ago)
Honestly the driver couldve just taken his ass..he did say park newport and sir lol...but homeboy didnt have to woop his ass like that.
Vincent M (14 days ago)
Destinee La Rose Lol he pulled hair like a girl
Lina Alshaibani (25 days ago)
Good job man who hit the driver
Hayk Oganesyan (12 days ago)
did you watch the video?
Anthony Ricci (20 days ago)
@Dcalliou7 You love that word "liberal", huh?
Dcalliou7 (22 days ago)
Yeah liberal pussies like Daniel Kim go through every thread to put little keyboard warrior comments.
XY13 DAMIAN Legit (23 days ago)
Are u fucking stupid? He’s a criminal dumbass
Alexander Gray (24 days ago)
What the fuck is wrong with you Lina?
Dcalliou7 (25 days ago)
All I see is a pussy cab driver who got irked by the drunkenness of the idiot and proceeded to be a dick until he got assaulted. Both are retards
lílα wєllѕ (13 days ago)
The only retard was the passenger who clearly 1) Cannot handle his own drink and is clearly overdosed on alcohol 2) cannot even give directions to allow the driver to do his job for him 3) others are not responsible nor want to take care of others when they overdosed. I’ve dealt with every kind of drunk and none are preferable.
Sam Swinton (22 days ago)
Daniel Kim bruh shut the fuck up you keep on commenting on everybody just fucking stop
Dcalliou7 (24 days ago)
+Abeuanaoi azz I dont need cabs because I ain't poor and have my own transportation also I dont drink like the goof in this video.
Dcalliou7 (24 days ago)
+Daniel Kim haha liberal pussy cry more he told him the apartment complex in Newport cab driver is like you sensitive and a bitch who tried to be smug till an idiot attacked him.
Abeuanaoi azz (24 days ago)
yeah it fucking is. when was the last time u stepped into a cab and cabbie needed directions? u dont fucking make passengers do ur job for u they pay for that shit. fuck you retard
I think that drunk douche from the video layed eggs, they hatched and came to comment on this video lol white merica fuck yeah
Abc Def (25 days ago)
I don't know why he didn't kicked him outside
Joekster (25 days ago)
The dude that beat up the driver is trying to sue the driver 5 million for invasion of privacy cuz he recorded him
john smith (8 days ago)
Grace123 Darden (17 days ago)
It's okay I understand
Joekster (25 days ago)
I had to edit it my bad he's TRYING, and don''t comment on my shit if you don't got anything good to say.
Dcalliou7 (25 days ago)
Wouldn't happen kid use your fucking head. Judge will throw it out
Ohio Girl (26 days ago)
The driver looks like a drug dealer but sounds like a homosexual
VegetaLover OhioGirl (8 days ago)
red rojo this is my real hair you racist inbred faggot and how can you sound like anything over text you dumbass I bet you've got your ass kicked like this guy in the video for talking shit heres some advice not all black women wear weave so don't generalize shit because it makes you look like a racist dumbass oh but you already are my bad
red rojo (8 days ago)
+ohio hoe you look like a busted weave wearing _chicken head_ but sound like a bust down *crack whore*
Vincent M (14 days ago)
Ohio Girl What a retarded observation
Ruben Martinez (24 days ago)
+Rina Moore I'm fucking sick you comment on this too and agree with her!?!? dumb ass queer boy Bahahaha you are a fucking idiot. I hope the Lord puts us on a collision path with my fist one day or that passengers fist. Go kill yourself.
ABRAXAS (26 days ago)
Fuck this simpering pussy
Ashton Williams (26 days ago)
XY13 DAMIAN Legit (25 days ago)
Thx mate
Ashton Williams (26 days ago)
+Savino Gonzalez lol
Savino Gonzalez (26 days ago)
Ashton Williams wasted
240sx95 (27 days ago)
This Uber driver deserved the punch. He was being a little twot.
Pengyeggs _27 (24 days ago)
your such a fucking moron
240sx95 (25 days ago)
+Duu Fun the amount of punches was unnecessary but there's honestly no arguing with a drunk... They where both wrong. One with attitude and one with fists
240sx95 (25 days ago)
+Duu Fun so you have never been drunk? And been a asshole? Everyone who has been hammered has been a dingleberry atleast once
240sx95 (25 days ago)
+Amber Love rofl no... Mommy and Daddy just kept you under there wing to long. Sheltered like a rich kid
You'd know lol
Ascaithe (27 days ago)
Honestly, this Uber driver seems like a total prick.
You seem 12.
D3athstroke (28 days ago)
I'm kicking you out because you are drunk. If he was sober he would not need to call uber in the first place fucking retard.
Vincent M (14 days ago)
D3athstroke You’re an old weeb tho
mlee (28 days ago)
Man fuck that Uber driver. With a face like that, I’d fuckin punch him too. Rude and disrespectful Uber driver
Vincent M (14 days ago)
mlee Looking at your subs it’s no wonder you side with the douche
Man fuck you :D
Ruben Martinez (28 days ago)
Something about that uber drivers face just made me wanna punch em too.
Ruben Martinez (24 days ago)
+Rina Moore You leave a comment that says "that's a gay ass comment" how stupid are you people 😂😂 Rina Moore another dumb cunt with a stupid name😂😂 eat a dick Rina freedom of speech welcome to America. People like you and this idiot that get bitch slapped in life.
Ruben Martinez (25 days ago)
+Noble Magnum Hahaha I'll bitch slap you like that guy did dead ass. Noble Magnum 😂 what kind of stupid name is that anyway?? I'll make you moan like this bitch too.
Noble Magnum (25 days ago)
Ruben Martinez Wtf is wrong with you?!! I'll punch your face for no reason you dickface!!
MetallicDX (28 days ago)
Kevin Miller (29 days ago)
Okay well the dude was definitely wrong for swinging on the driver... but uhm the driver is a complete douche bag, like isn’t that the fucking point of Uber ??? Like when you are too drunk to drive ? And you’re gonna kick this dude out so he can get a public intox ??? He wasn’t being disruptive or anything until he decided to be a douche and end the ride
Kevin Miller (24 days ago)
Pop Bro yes that’s exactly how it works... I use uber every day, you cannot order an Uber without putting a destination... lmfao, go ahead and try it 😂😂 nobody said he doesn’t have a right to refuse service.. but he’s a complete douche bag for refusing service in this situation
Daniel Kim (24 days ago)
Kevin Miller you fuckin moron. You know the passenger pleaded guilty for all of his actions and was banned from using Uber for life? For fucks sake, you are SO fuckin stupid. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, lost his job as a Taco Bell manager from public outcry. it's stupid idiots like you that can't see who's in the wrong here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDjKMSmv9qM
Daniel Kim (24 days ago)
Kevin Miller are you fuckin stupid? The passenger didn't input his address so the driver couldn't take him. The driver politely asked him several times and the passenger being so drunk said that he inputted when he didn't. You're a fuckin moron. How fuckin stupid can you be?
Pop (24 days ago)
Kevin Miller Nope not how it works Anyways he still had a right to refuse service
Kevin Miller (24 days ago)
Pop yeah he was lying for a reason to kick him out, the guy says in the back why do I need to give you directions you have the addresss, idk if you’ve ever used uber I. Your life but you ha e to put an address
xJafah (29 days ago)
Isnt one of the main points to uber is to drive drunk people home but this guy is “too drunk” to ride lol
Derrick Garrett (28 days ago)
Ohio Girl He was giving special directions because the address he chose was incorrect, which you hear early on in the video.
Ohio Girl (28 days ago)
Alexander Gray well you shouldn’t have to put in directions you put in the address it’s his fault for driving without it and regardless of how drunk you are you shouldn’t drive
Alexander Gray (29 days ago)
Being drunk is one thing. Being *incoherently* drunk is quite another. Especially if you're supposed to be giving directions.
Trisha Hello (30 days ago)
Who was he telling call the police to😂😂😂ant nobody finna call the police
Vincent M (14 days ago)
Trisha Hello Why do you type like you’re retarded
Church Girl Rosé (24 days ago)
Trisha Hello That was funny. 😂 The road looks empty too.
Trisha Hello (25 days ago)
+Chris Naylor 3:36 listen hoe
TheAfrothunderr (25 days ago)
xD bro that's fcuki9ng funny right when he hops out
TheAfrothunderr (25 days ago)
hahahah honest. THe lady dipped she didn't want non
Trisha Hello (30 days ago)
He head get tear up he got the good as beaten😭 he must of had a head ache😰
Vincent M (14 days ago)
Trisha Hello “He head get tear up” lay off the autism bruh
zabuza the txn (30 days ago)
Driver acted like a woman
zabuza the txn (14 days ago)
+Natalie Ryan thats what ubers are for now get on this dick with yo ole I wish I was hayley williams lookin ass
zabuza the txn (14 days ago)
+Vincent M Boy shut yo bitch ass up nick@nite lookin mother fucker he did what you probably wouldve done get his ass beat turn around with pepper spray like a bitch and scream for help
Vincent M (14 days ago)
zabuza the txn Even tho the other douche pulled hair like one? aight bruh
Jovs_ 0227 (24 days ago)
+Rina Moore right and if u have a problem then run up u dumb bitch
Natalie Ryan (25 days ago)
Shut up cocksucker. The asshole was drunk
Raging Machine (30 days ago)
Dude you grt more money the longer you drive. I wish i had clients who didn’t care about pouring money by driving around and getting paid. Your a idiot for rejecting money and putting that guy on to the street
SidewaysGts (15 hours ago)
"If you get paid so little why the fuck are there people doing it ? For free or out of the goodness of their heart? Ya definitely thats what uber is about . A non profit. Hahaha ." Most drivers who do it, do it because its a fairly guaranteed job with unlimited schedule flexibility. No ones driving uber to get rich.
MysticFlow (24 days ago)
Raging do some research, you get paid pennies for miles, you get paid for reaching the destination, which is why uber drivers don't like stopping at drive throughs stupid.
Raging Machine (28 days ago)
If you get paid so little why the fuck are there people doing it ? For free or out of the goodness of their heart? Ya definitely thats what uber is about . A non profit. Hahaha .
Aar LMH (28 days ago)
How do you know he have money? What if you drive a long night and then he didnt paid you because he dont have have money in his pocket?
Goldenmaker (30 days ago)
Dude, he probably would have found out and reported it to the police or Uber as fraud. Dumb idea, you would probably lose money.
Yo Daguy (1 month ago)
Pretty patient driver, I'd have booted home out the second I heard him doing that hiccupping, he sounded like he was thirty seconds from spraying his bar tab in the cab
Dert Cobain (1 month ago)
Sees the guy is shitfaced and decided to kick him out middle of no where I would of done the same fucking cock ubers
Davian Bailey (1 month ago)
Andi Mitchell (1 month ago)
Davian Bailey only the guy refused to give his address when the trip was set up and elected instead to give the driver directions. Then he was too drunk to actually follow through on that, waisting the driver's time. That's when the driver cancelled the trip, refusing to take the money and kicking the guy out. Businesses are responsible for giving you what you paid for or giving you a refund. The guy got a refund and then a law suit for beligerantly attacking someone like a petulant manchild.
Davian Bailey (1 month ago)
kinda is if its a paid for service.. he paid and he gave him the location which he should have a gps system and he could have easily charged. also it is a dick move to drop off a completely shit faced person with no idea where he is like he could of at least asked him to call someone for him... but this guy shouldnt have beat him up he should have asked nicely
Isky (1 month ago)
Not his responsibility
Marky Mark (1 month ago)
Apparently the Uber driver is being sued for millions because he was filming, and it’s illegal to film in that state without consent. Like shouldn’t all passenger vehicles have video cameras.
Marky Mark (27 days ago)
Yeah, the whole business with being sued now is crazy cause lawyers are all over that. I was always under the impression that if you order an Uber you type in both the address where your getting picked up at and where your getting dropped off at. The guy was practically incoherent when he got in, which the bar or place serving him liquor is liable...
N A N I (27 days ago)
+follom follom I agree, he should've just taken him after he showed he could give directions instead of insisting he leaves.
follom follom (27 days ago)
N A N I driver is a straight hoe in every aspect of the word, in my eyes he had it Comin, telling a extremely drunk guy to get out of the car in the middle of nowhere being a complete dick about it and not helpful at all. I can’t say I would reacted any different if I were him..
N A N I (27 days ago)
The uber driver sued first and the guy sued back as a response. Tell the full story.
xJafah (29 days ago)
Marky Mark i dont know where you are getting your info from, but this is definitely not true. If its a public place, you can film anywhere or anyone. Its not illegal in any state. This guy did nothing wrong in this video
Klutch Krazy (1 month ago)
What a piece of shit. Cheap shorting someone like that from behind and pulling their hair. What are you a girl? Man the fuck up and get out of the car. He doesn't OWE you shit. You don't have a RIGHT to his services. If someone feels threatened or insulted they have all the right to refuse service to you.
A Plus (1 month ago)
Plot twist as fuck! That driver was waaaaaay more thuglife than I expected!
ABRAXAS (26 days ago)
Nothing says "thug life" like pepper spray and telling people to call the authorities
AirFouly (1 month ago)
That woman walking by at the end just like a bot. At least call the police or sth.
Daniel (1 month ago)
Haha I know right she was like not my Uber not my problem
Craig Shaw (1 month ago)
I got in a cab on lsd once and totally lost my shit, the driver was Indian and I thought he was the guy you meet before you meet god, and I told him okay okay il admit it I dont know where I'm going, as in where I'm going in life, this was very confusing to him as he thought I was talking about the adress, then we started going the speed of light and I lost my shit and started screaming crying and took off my seatbelt and dived into the backseat thinking it was a portal out of there and I would wake up back in revolver. I did not and found myself being them screamed at by a very distressed driver and to his credit he somehow managed to get me home and I didnt get arrested for the 24 tabs of acid I had in my pocket. Now that's a real driver. I just thank my lucky stars that I didnt jump in with this faggot that night.
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
Nice story, I guess Cab drivers are more committed to their job in general, than those Ubers
Timmy Dirtyrat (25 days ago)
+ABRAXAS You are saying if the guy on acid jumped onto the taxi driver, he wouldn't be phased at all and would just keep on driving? You sound like you were on acid when you wrote this. Also, I forgot, you have had to have done acid to know that jumping onto the driver of a moving car might cause them to crash.
ABRAXAS (26 days ago)
+Timmy Dirtyrat A crash? Maybe if the driver was on acid. You've probably never even done acid
Timmy Dirtyrat (30 days ago)
+Craig Shaw If I were a Taxi driver, I wouldn't have some random guy in my backseat hopped up on LSD and diving around my car. That shit could have caused a crash. I'm not sure were I would have gone but I sure as hell wouldn't have drove you.
Craig Shaw (30 days ago)
+Timmy Dirtyrat yes
Lemon Lime (1 month ago)
I would have beaten the shit out of the dude in the back seat. I'd break his fucking hand.
Donald Stutson (1 month ago)
I , just like the uber driver, hate drunk fucking idiots playing with my.money.
Pistos Dogg (1 month ago)
Slap that mother fucker!! Again and again!!!
zabuza the txn (30 days ago)
Pistos Dogg 😂
Mr.Annex (1 month ago)
What a poor dick head used his money to buy drinks now he's poor as fuck so he wants 5 million dollers
Santiago Canez (1 month ago)
He’s lucky the driver just spayed him , I would of beat the shit out of that stupid fuck
Timmy Dirtyrat (30 days ago)
+follom follom If you pepper spray someone, they aren't just defenseless. He was attacked by the guy, he could have beaten the shit out of the guy in the back. He wouldn't be charged for assault.
follom follom (30 days ago)
Santiago Canez and caught felony assault charges lol it’s not self defense when someone is defenseless, like pepper spray would do to someone.
LUPEDI Roblox (1 month ago)
He sued the driver for 5 million for privacy invasion well the passanger needs to be sued for 7 million
Nigel Li (1 month ago)
LUPEDI Roblox lol😂
YNWA (1 month ago)
I cannot believe people on here are defending the passenger ! Why should the driver have to deal with a drunk who is taking him on wild goose chase because he is too drunk to give directions.The driver asked him get out in a busy area where he can easily get another Uber.If you think that the passenger was justified in punching the driver then you have no sense of what is right or wrong and you need to sort your head out .
Daniel Kim (24 days ago)
Kevin Miller you stupid fuck. Uber didn't always require you to input the destination address when calling for an Uber. The incident happened in October 2015, and Uber required the destination address in the app. starting mid-2016. I didn't even know about these details but I had a hunch based on the driver repeatedly asking the passenger for directions. Next time, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions and do your research first. Took me 1 minute to prove you a fuckin ignorant idiot defending a guy that went to jail for 60 days for battery charges and lost his taco bell business from public outcry. dumbass
Kevin Miller (25 days ago)
EnVadeh YT who has a right to say no to what? Yeah the driver can say no, but why ? The dude wasn’t even doing anything, if you don’t like your job don’t fucking do it, but instead pick this dude up drop him off some random place when he’s been drinking and take his money still
Hey Its Liquid (25 days ago)
I have the right to deny people IT serivce at my job doesnt mean I should.. they arent saying he doesnt have the right they are saying.. its a stupid move for business.. because ... Uber has a rating system and if people find out their driver doesn't drive drunk people.. who the fuck is gonna want him as a driver?
EnVadeh YT (28 days ago)
+Kevin Miller they have the right to say no
Kevin Miller (29 days ago)
Ohio Girl he doesn’t even have to ask for an address !!! Lol the dude ya to put it in before he even orders the Uber ! There was no reason for this guy to end that ride
LoCoMaN DF (1 month ago)
brah u are responsible next time he will be drunk he will be fuck it i aint gonna deal with uber again i wiil take my car and fuck everything inn my way
Yami Fuyu (28 days ago)
+Ohio Girl Lmao 😂
Ohio Girl (28 days ago)
“Fuck everything in my way” 😂
LoCoMaN DF (29 days ago)
that why in app u must place where u live even so uber could call one of his friends to sort it out people get drunk all the time he could let him out infront of a policce station what if somoone killed him uber will jave responsibility
Timmy Dirtyrat (30 days ago)
Maybe he shouldn't get shitfaced drunk and expect people to take him home without giving them clear directions, then beating the shit out of them when they don't want to deal with his shit.
westcoastOGee (1 month ago)
To all the people siding with the passenger......fuuuuuuck you. Trump 2020 learn some responsibility for your actions you snowflake bitches. I'm not going to drive around for 20 minutes waiting for some belligerent drunk to buckle up and give me directions. Should've been no problem to gtfo and call a new uber or lyft. And to anyone bitching about the better spray....that's the smartest move in a car. And it hurts and disables a lot more than a punch. If we're being honest, dude got off easy. What he deserved was to have the dude back the car up "in fear for his life" and break the pussies' legs. Finito.
Kevin Miller (27 days ago)
Tevron lol it’s funny cause you can’t even order an Uber without putting where you are and where you are going lmfao
Kevin Miller (27 days ago)
Wtf are you even saying ? Lol the dude wasn’t doing anything wrong, this prick of an Uber driver who hates his life obviously and is miserable is asking for directions instead of just following his fucking gps, you have to put in an address to even call an Uber so, there’s no reason to ask for directions, the guy was drinking and did the responsible thing and called an Uber, but obviously you’re one of those people who probably think they’re a “good drunk driver” lol . No he shouldn’t of punched the dude , I get that, but the Uber driver was being a complete douche bag, I hate when uber drivers ask me for directions like, dude that’s your job .. especially when you’ve been drinking and are just trying to get home you aren’t paying attention to even where you are . This Uber driver was a complete prick.
Timmy Dirtyrat (30 days ago)
+Ohio Girl He wouldn't be wrong to assume that the guy wasn't so fucking shitfaced drunk to even tell him directions, he probably thought the guy would give him the directions in the car. Also, are you sure he even checked the address of the pick up before he did it?
westcoastOGee (30 days ago)
Tevron because the passenger called an uber and bypassed the destination screen. That's why.
Tevron (30 days ago)
WestcoastOGee Just seen the other video about this guy suing for 5 mill. He is on some bitch shit
popcorn kidd the first (1 month ago)
He deserved that ass beating
popcorn kidd the first sorry you know the rules Anime profile picture = no opinions
Daniel (1 month ago)
lol I'm sure you need one too popcorn
Teeks (1 month ago)
Fuck your a dumb cunt aye
Craig Shaw (1 month ago)
I would have beat that driver too
popcorn kidd the first (1 month ago)
Jenny Ponce nah he should of took him to park and uport, he got the ass beating he deserves
Ohio Girl (1 month ago)
Why would you drive if there was never an address put in the first place that’s on you
SidewaysGts (15 hours ago)
"Why would you drive if there was never an address put in the first place that’s on you" This video happened years ago- When the uber app was far more basic than it is now. You could order a uber at this time- and not have a destination. Thats exactly what happened here. This is made clear by WATCHING the video- The conversation the driver has with the passenger makes it very clear that the passenger didnt have an address in, and that the rider was trying to give him directions because he didnt want to give him an address.
Timmy Dirtyrat (30 days ago)
He probably assumed the guy would tell him when he got to the pickup.
kalorinenora (1 month ago)
▪he was too drunk ▪didn't leave him in the middle of anywhere store right behind him ▪just use your phone to call someone simple ▪Oh well he told you to get out deal with it it's life ▪doesn't give you the right to hit someone because they kick you out of THEIR car
godhedsmanden (9 days ago)
still a douchy thing to do, like just because you have the right to do something dosent make it all right you dumb fuck, like i have the right to call you that, but it's unnecessary and stupid.. U probally don't get it.
KrypticXGaming (1 month ago)
I just heard the guy who assaulted the driver is suing the driver for 5 million dollars because of invasion of privacy, haha, what is he thinking, their is no expectation of privacy in public places. let alone in the guys personal vehicle, if this was the case all dash cams would be obsolete, dudes just wasting his money to try and get some money. shame, should of spent it on water.
Timmy Dirtyrat (1 month ago)
Now he's doing the crying thing where he's like "Boo hoo, my life is ruined because I'm a fucking asshole, feel bad for me!"
Pistos Dogg (1 month ago)
DTF2020!!!! MAGA!!
c'est moi (1 month ago)
He need some milk!
JR Black (1 month ago)
I would have told him to Dig it out Bitch!... Dig it out!!
popcorn kidd the first (1 month ago)
JR Black lol at first I didn't kno what you was talking about, but now I saw the video and that's funny
Joel Booker (1 month ago)
I think he was kind of a "little shit"

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