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Category: Транспорт

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Text Comments (1975)
Rangiatamea Biddle (2 days ago)
the old lady in the taxi 7:56 her face
Rotinda Demir (3 days ago)
6:46 did he slap the woman ? Try that in england lol
Samik Gurung (4 days ago)
There is nepali also wow😊
Ramón Mesta (4 days ago)
So you assholes have an international club, ( not talking about drivers) when you're posting a video like this make sure you're not the assholes and more likes for you
David Moore (6 days ago)
5:46 bikers not in their lane then try blame the car for being in the wrong? lol
JLG (6 days ago)
@5:00 bitch gets angry while riding wheelies on a main road, too bad she didn’t hit you, you could say in court that you were breaking the law while you ran into a car.
I love it when ppl get pepper sprayed
and keep it moving....
D Brit (8 days ago)
siddhant chahar (10 days ago)
9:10 break her mirror
Helton Hudson (13 days ago)
0:55 cachorro louco rsrs
Awang Farhan (13 days ago)
This is why people hate bikers just Don't be rude just be nice even someone is being rude to you yo do nice to people, everybody love you
the french 89 (14 days ago)
stupid drivers per haps, and stupid biker no???
Clau Son (14 days ago)
Lol, e si un roman aici. 😁😁
Amal Kurniawan (15 days ago)
i`m biker to..but i hate the arogant biker`s...i`ll punch their face if they provoke to me if i were the driver...every one once mistake..driver and biker..why we should insult each other...sorry for my english
dhiraj shah (16 days ago)
Bikers are the one who thinks by owning a bike they bought whole road ass holess...
dhiraj shah (16 days ago)
The first one was a gay... Ass hole mother fucker
Gary Scott (21 days ago)
Seems that you motorcycle riders go looking for trouble to make these videos!! Sad twats
ieat caribou (24 days ago)
This video shows why so many people dislike bikers, they’re whiny entitled snowflakes most of the time.
ieat caribou (24 days ago)
Seems like motorcyclists believe they own the roads, are never wrong and are entitled to justice for any perceived wrong. You’re a tiny bike choosing to drive with the big boys, you need to give more room to vehicles. Sure sometimes the vehicles wrong but that doesn’t give bikers the right to act so arrogant. Geesh
Stanco187er (24 days ago)
9:25 u pussy why didnt u break mirror
- RoyaltyDraconic - (25 days ago)
8:50 I was hoping the rider would smash that bitch's mirrors tbh. What a cunt.
gDan G. (25 days ago)
3:40 don't get it ?
Jugi (28 days ago)
How ironic, calling someone a pussy that doesn't fight when you're the one with the pepper spray in your hands. I think we all know who the real pussy is.
jitendra singh (28 days ago)
Starting 4 were absolutely wrong and were doing road rage
samantha lorens (29 days ago)
u come to philipines it is more worse
Inferno (30 days ago)
6:40 he be like i dont want to be in the same place as him sooo... ima just slip along
Suren Magar (1 month ago)
6:00 nepal .. bp highway
JIMIN - AH (1 month ago)
Smack that bitch 😂😂
Jackson (1 month ago)
I understand that wheelies must feel great but personally they seem super unsafe especially when shit like that can happen out of nowhere.
• ŊίmέЅђ • (1 month ago)
5:20 why all wamans can't be like dt😓♥️😍🔥
braindeadbikers (1 month ago)
im not sure but isnt 2:40 in the wrong
Anish Pujari (1 month ago)
5:43 finally of nepal!😁😁😂
MetalTriple Threat (1 month ago)
8:54 long ass finger
prashanth o (1 month ago)
She apologized but how about u wheeling on streets? Safe to others?
Pinky Player (1 month ago)
What is that spray
shiverpunt (1 month ago)
A lot of misconceptions about lane splitting on both sides. It's legal in California and some other states are considering it, but technically, outside of California, it's not expressly legal or illegal. Often authorities will need to make a determination and usually they will not side with the motorcyclist. As well, in California and in Canada, you can lane split but if you are doing it more than 10 mph faster than traffic you're the one being negligent. You're also not supposed to do it in situations where any traffic is over 30mph. So that means in slow traffic or at stopped traffic okay, but videos where people are doing it in regular moving highway traffic, the biker is breaking the law or at least will be less like to support claims against other drivers.
You tuber Marian (1 month ago)
That was in Romaninan
the Hamster (1 month ago)
Most of these are fucking idiots on motorcycles breaking traffic laws then getting mad when they almost get killed for being idiots.
TheFuentes5551 (1 month ago)
Most of these bikers are assholes.
One Punch Taco (1 month ago)
old people get the fuck outta the road
manju manju (1 month ago)
How to buy tvs bike sut
ty springfield (1 month ago)
Most of these bikers need their punk asses kicked.
Rajvir Ahmed (1 month ago)
1:52 I don't understand,they are all Ball less, Coward suckers Using Pepper Sprays like a Sissy Girl, Fuckers have Guts to Knock down.
Mike Barnett (1 month ago)
This one should be titled "When douchebags ride"...
Azon Poetra (1 month ago)
Semoga sukses slalu
Fiilis1 (2 months ago)
4:50 how about, doing that wheelie shit some where else than public roads?
MrZevv (2 months ago)
I cant watch this Bike vids anymore sry.. 90% i wanna jump in and kick the Biker from his bike :D
Shoutouts Arelife (2 months ago)
9:00 that's a long ass finger
Van 3D (2 months ago)
70% of this video - inadequate moto drivers with an inferiority complex
fatoilet (2 months ago)
Again the lady in white Pedal didn’t see you cause you’re going fast as fuck and doing wheelies breaking the law but yet you blame her I was hoping you were going to split
curly head (2 months ago)
So we’re not gonna talk about how long that ladies finger is at 8:56 ?
Marian cel milionar (2 months ago)
Românul noștri! 😁😂😂
Fady Aahraf (2 months ago)
Me need Motor :D
Amera Swain (2 months ago)
8:48 her finger long lmao
Prathamesh Shinde (2 months ago)
That Indian biker was driving wrong. Shame on that indian fucking guy
Tshusang Bhutia (2 months ago)
This Nepali boys did nice . You guys did what you have to.......
Dennis Schell (2 months ago)
Kangariusz (2 months ago)
Polish films <3 Who from Poland?
PM Keith (2 months ago)
Repeated too often.
Larry Meade (2 months ago)
I been using pepper spray to on damassesb
Tomasz Urban (2 months ago)
Most of this is just unnecesary bikers reactions, just puts us on a bad side.
español- -catalan (2 months ago)
despues que le llama maldita puta le pide perdon..??
bleach (2 months ago)
8:54 Thug life
Victor MC. (2 months ago)
Si eu care credeam ca sunt singurul roman care se uita la astea 😂😂😂 nu mândru , da e fain cand vezi romani pe canale străine 😂😂
kandy king (2 months ago)
nice to see pussy bikers destroy property and then run from people...cause your so big until one day someone pulls a gun on you and puts a full round in your chest
Dekyst (2 months ago)
romania and their idiots... 1:22
Honesty Forever (2 months ago)
5:02.... @ this biker: who are you to critisize another driver's driving, while you are behaving badly yourself.... idiot!
Jon Smith (2 months ago)
hahaha this videos is a good example of how some bikers can be little bitches, Bitch and moan about everything, and are huge hypocrites. Most of these, the biker is makng a big deal out of nothing
Mehatestaxes (2 months ago)
5:15 thats ONE. STUPID. BITCH ! Besides nt seeing him because she's listening to the latest diet which she'll never follow she also COULDNT FUCKING HEAR THE BIKE !!! THE BIKE IS W H I T E !!!!!
Mehatestaxes (2 months ago)
1st video I LOOOOOVE IT because he actually broke the mirror glass. I hate it when they just bend the mirror. I dont have a bike and never rode one BUT i know that what these drivers are doing is VERY SCARY to someone vulnerable on a bike.
Captain_Dirt (2 months ago)
These assholes that think public streets are for there own amusement , then yell at car drivers that have nothing to do with the bickers ass hole tendency's , get slammed by the asshole bikers.,...what is wrong with that picture ? If you can't answer the question , you....are that asshole biker ! Like at 4;56 , pulling front wheel off the ground , on a public road , near an intersection , then yelling at the car , who had no idea the bike was there because the headlight was pointed at FUCKEN MARS !!!! Get a clue you idiots , the world IS NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND !!
The USSR Company (2 months ago)
6:52 He deserved to be upset if I was there I woulda smash the car and kill the driver
Corey Paine (2 months ago)
Most of these bikers think they own the road and went after a few people that did nothing wrong. Try that with me and I would simply run you over
alexandra Azula (2 months ago)
2 romainien people in same video :D nice asa da si romania are draci:))
Those bikers behave like pussycats, they complain of everything.
HolySmokes (2 months ago)
what bike is that at 1:04 its fucking dope
Jimmy Kyles (2 months ago)
LMAO did that dude fuckin pepper spray him in the second clip?
Funny Lipz (2 months ago)
Why Bickers have All the problems 😀😀😀
Invocator (2 months ago)
5:30 when a hot girl almost crashes into you XD
Mohamed Ilyas (2 months ago)
5.20 Great and Emotional
GURU OF TECHNICS (2 months ago)
Bhai aap ko usko lathi lathi se marthe to Sala thek ho jata
Faizan Khan (3 months ago)
Spray fight 😂
Dan Druft (3 months ago)
Most of these bikers were riding like cunts then get angry with little things the car drivers do ? And most of them are such cowards hitting mirrors off cars and then riding away as fast as they can like big girlie pussy's
Bull Dogs (3 months ago)
Chó chạy motor
Jean-Michel B (3 months ago)
more i see biker acting bad, more i'm laughing. like this idiot parking his bike behind parked cars and complain about his bike geting hit..... stupid
Ruhr_Biker (3 months ago)
lopez gaming (3 months ago)
i subscribed
Aaditya Bhandari (3 months ago)
If you are an rider in the video.. Asshole.. The car is right seated.. the driver can't measure the opposite space while inside the car if he/she is new to driving. And the traffic rule clearly states that every vehicle should overtake from right side(where the fucking car driver is located) so s/he can measure the distance between car and your bike.. Get some common sense asshole... And follow the Traffic Rules. I would have sued you if i was in the car.. Cause you know.. every fucking car has Dashcam nowadays.. . Edit: For the first one
Dr. Zef (3 months ago)
Se uita Români???
David p (3 months ago)
i think this only show up bikers arogant
Joseph Marsella (3 months ago)
landing wheelie almost gets hit says FUCKING BITCH!!! HAHA then apologizes omg omg
FU_Q_ ISIS (3 months ago)
10:59 that car gave you plenty of room you dumb fuck. You assholes on the bikes cut people off all the time so fuck right off. When a car pulls in front of a car that's a normal distance so go eat your daddys dick fag. You don't own the fuckin road.
Cecilia Diego-Juan (3 months ago)
7:17 Is he arguing with the other rider Oh hell naw
Cecilia Diego-Juan (3 months ago)
When the guy spitted did you spray something on him?! If you did lol
Greg Horn (3 months ago)
These guys on the motorcycles are speeding and or riding wheelies, some of the cars make legal lane changes in front of them with plenty of room and they still get pissed about it, or they'll be speeding around a curve and meet a car and get mad at the car because it was there and make up a excuse for their bad behavior. I've been riding for about 45 years now I see a lot of the stuff non riders won't. These guys are just young punks. It's easy to tell. The way they try to act like they care about traffic laws by telling other people to get off the phone or that their in the turn lane and went straight, but then start speeding and doing wheelies, or break someones mirror. When watching motorcycle videos watch the mirrors of the motorcycle you can see more of what really goes on like the biker cutting off the cars.
Dan Mann (3 months ago)
at 09:35 the car cleary isnt in the wrong
Scott Wills 135 (3 months ago)
They all act like idiots and then they moan and get angry.
Seb K (3 months ago)
Fucking drivers
dim (3 months ago)
Well , its nothing ,, indonesian people have more higher patient level than all of that... wkwkwk

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