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How I Raised My Vibration Without Judgement Today

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Thank you for watching this video :) my eyes were pretty puffy from all of the ~feels.~ Learning how to drop shame and self-judgement by acknowledging and allowing my emotions to flow has helped me learn how to counteract sad, lower vibrational moods. I wanted to share my experience today to encourage you that it’s okay to feel- in whatever way that may be for you right now. We don’t need to bring judgement into the mix. We are human and here to experience this. I love you! You’re enough. I’m enough. We are making a difference. Follow me elsewhere: Tweet Tweet: www.twitter.com/xBrittney89 INSTAGRAMS : @xBrittney89 & @EmpoweringImperfectCrafts www.instagram.com /xBrittney89 & www.instagram.com/empoweringimperfectcrafts MY ART STORE www.EmpoweringImperfect.etsy.com *15% COUPON available - favorite any item on my art shop and receive an e-mail! REDEEM SOON! Expires November 13th, 2018. Until next time, Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.
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Text Comments (26)
Richard medina (3 months ago)
Me gustas amiga eres bella hermosa y muy agradable sorry por escribir en español my no inglés lo siento pero estas hermosa
Elisa Mondragon (3 months ago)
Yay! You are back! 💗
Harmanjyot kaur (3 months ago)
Oh I love u soo much.. you inspire me completely.. ❤️ u make me soo positive n happy. Stay blessed ❣️
HaulinAsh W (3 months ago)
Raise The Vibe!!!!! Love your channel❤
Alexandra Kay (3 months ago)
szqsk8 (3 months ago)
Everything is much better when you feel like you got your shyte together.....
Kwnstantinos t. (3 months ago)
Raise The Vibe!!!
Athena Fenstermacher (3 months ago)
Love you, you are a superstar EDM high vibration ANGEL <3 :D *hugs*
Louis Love (3 months ago)
Abraham Villegas (3 months ago)
Wow. I am envious. Good for you! Have a great and safe time!
sarah zinck (3 months ago)
raise the vibe!
Alisha Morrison (3 months ago)
You live in Maine? I live in New Brunswick Canada! It's kinda close lol
Krystle Fickell (3 months ago)
My dream lastnight was about getting kinky with my friend 🤣🤣🤷‍♀️ #camefromsnapchat
Koopa_6 GHG (3 months ago)
It was actually about me having the money to install thousands of like-bots on your videos, aswell as my prom night of course ! ~ Sincerely your biggest fan ever ~
Stephanie Garcia (3 months ago)
Good Luck on your new adventures.
Sam Sam (3 months ago)
Nice so sexy baby ;-*
April 🥀Rose (3 months ago)
I lived in Northern Arizona for several years and there’s no humility so it’s bearable and so beautiful. I lived in Payson in the mountains. If I could live there again I would. I LOVE it there!
April 🥀Rose (3 months ago)
It’s so good to see you!!
Jorgue Faundez (3 months ago)
Rey Rey (3 months ago)
Hey Brittany I live in Sedona Arizona I would love to meet up with you :-) Sedona is a beautiful place I wonder what part of Arizona you're going to? When you said you were coming out west I was thinking I hope she's coming to Arizona I hope she's coming to Arizona LOL anyhow if you'd like to visit your welcome to its 508-718-9042
Messy Beautiful (3 months ago)
Def felt the high vibes coming from you <3 Thanks for sharing :) I'm excited for your trip. Are you coming back to San Diego?
Marcos Galeano (3 months ago)
Mario Lemus (3 months ago)
Love your vids 🙂 hope your well
حسن رشيد (3 months ago)
very nice
Alexandra Kay (3 months ago)
Nice... i wish you was mine...
buzzy181 (3 months ago)
Brittney can you please come to San Antonio Texas

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