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EXCLUSIVE: Notley pledges $440M to oil firm that defaulted on $507M loan, has no construction plan

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https://bit.ly/2Gayn4R Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has announced a $440M loan guarantee to a Calgary company called Value Creation, that was building a massive new oilsands upgrader near Edmonton. Except it’s a lie. There’s no construction underway. The location is an empty, snow covered field. WATCH me get the facts no one else in Canada's media bothered to investigate. MORE: https://bit.ly/2Gayn4R ►SUPPORT our independent journalism - https://bit.ly/2DFxXB2 ►LISTEN to our FREE podcast - https://bit.ly/2CLd59G ►MEMBERSHIP - Become a Premium Content subscriber - https://bit.ly/2RlDikL Make sure to follow The Rebel on your favourite social platforms too! FACEBOOK - https://bit.ly/2RRxK6o TWITTER - https://bit.ly/2MAkvRV INSTAGRAM - https://bit.ly/2TfxDy5 Watch all the breaking Rebel news and latest Rebel videos over at https://bit.ly/2xkFNLH Share us online and spread the word! »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» The Rebel Media is a fearless source of news, opinion, and activism that you won't find anywhere else! The Rebel Media is different because of how you, our supporters, are involved in shaping everything we do. Through a mix of online engagement, commenting, advocacy, and events, we don’t just report the news - we participate in it. ►Sign up today for our daily news clippings email "The Rebel Buzz" at https://bit.ly/2S7pizq ►Sign up for our week in review email the "Rebel Roundup" at https://bit.ly/2TeNTzw Check out the new Rebel App on Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maz.combo454 An original video production by The Rebel News Network. #Alberta #RachelNotley #ValueCreation #oilsands #loan #Canada
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Text Comments (346)
kg dies (5 hours ago)
Only down votes on this feet to the fire video must be Notley's cabinet. LOL
Common Sense (1 day ago)
It means it’s BS. Our TAX MONEY hard at work. What a waste of Tax money again.
Zippy The Clown (1 day ago)
How do Canadian politicians get away with giving money to businesses?
Leon Laderoute (3 days ago)
Why is it people keep forgetting why the NDP won an election in Alberta?  I do, the conservatives ran the province into the toilet and then bailed on it!  The NDP is no better or worse than the last government in Alberta.  I don't see any proof of a lie here just some serious spinning.  You could say construction is underway, it started ten years ago.  What does "on track mean" ?  Just about anything.  The NDP have had many years to learn how to play that game from our Conservative governments.  If your in oil and gas find another line of work that gravy train is coming up to the last stop.  Deal with it!
Marie Patrick (4 days ago)
What If Trump;S Wall Is That Way Or Coming From Some Where
Vash TheStampede (4 days ago)
Let me guess she has stock in that company? and I bet it's China. it's a $440-million loan guarantee under Premier Notley, so if they fault, the Taxes payers foot the bill to pay who ever lent the money to Value Creations Incorp. Value Chain Solutions is Address: Sancianco Street, Cabanatuan City, 3100 Nueva Ecija, Philippines who's investing 2 million in Canada's Oil sands. Her Husband  CUPE sent out an e-mail, from Arab’s account, supporting a minimum-wage hike. That came after Arab gave an interview to an Airdrie website advocating for an increase in the minimum wage. When the CBC called CUPE to ask about those optics, they got a phone call back instead from the premier’s office. Notley then told the media that CUPE had sent out the news release from her husband’s account in error, and that Arab was moving to a less public role with the union. But politically, the damage was done. It created the impression the union was exerting undue influence on NDP policy and called into question the ability of Notley’s government to play hardball with her husband’s employer come contract time. https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/simons-notleys-husband-should-look-for-a-new-job
doyrtwq (6 days ago)
Notley is getting desperate,She knows if an election were called today the NDP would be wiped out.With the Rebel keeping an eye on her administration you'd think she wouldn't front such a obvious lie.Unfortunately not only anouther example of the NDP's dishonesty,but once more a spotlight is shown upon her and whoever advises her of their utter stupidity.It was a fluke the NDP formed the current government and I'm quite sure the NDP will not again enjoy such luck.As long as Notley leads them anyway.
Sylvain Boucher (6 days ago)
Rebel = fake news..
George Costanza (6 days ago)
I wonder where she will be working after her time in office
Sharon Isac (6 days ago)
A roomful of fake reporters. Shame on them.
Bill Fahey (6 days ago)
Did anyone stop the video and read the email from the VCI guy? Yeah, didn't think so. Why does Ezra not have the emails available with the written article? His followers are rubes.
Mr&Mrs Dascavich (7 days ago)
Thank you again for the truth! You guys are awesome!!!
Shelby 1 (7 days ago)
The elections can’t come fast enough.
Vern Mitchinson (7 days ago)
Of course there is no construction. It's -30 to -40 C. No body or construction company is going to start construction on a new project in this weather. If lavent had a clue he would know that. If you read the next sentence after levent hilite It says design is under way. You do not start construction until all the designs are complete, than you have to go to tender and select the contractors to start and build the project.
john johnnyconcrte (7 days ago)
She is nothing but a drunk
rocknroller1999 (7 days ago)
All that stress of this constant lying has really taken a toll on this witch, her face looks like a well used catchers mit. At least her henchmen Sarah Hoffman appears to be sleeping well at night gaining about 500lbs while being Albertas "health minister"
Alltilt (7 days ago)
I would like to see more on Alberta politics starting from when Redford was in charge. Redford flying her kid around and fancy apartments was wrong but my god Notley is horrible. I’m sure she is now worth millions more than her salary by now. The crimes committed by NDP must be huge.
Andrew Strilaeff (7 days ago)
Thanks Ezra, great investigative journalism; the dummies in the chairs at that press conference should go back to school, or work in a simpler field, like food service. No need to burn this witch, she's spontaneously combusting!
Luther Dean (7 days ago)
someone throw these dirty politicians in jail!
John Tiseo (7 days ago)
Nptley must be on the take - corruption in plain view - wake up Canada!
Cixelysd (7 days ago)
None of the reporters fact checked because it is easier to regurgitate spoon fed "facts" than it is to do their jobs. Journalism as we knew it is dead. Universities might as well close down their Journalism programs and expand their Public Relations class sizes. This is an example of the reporting you can buy for $600 million for our Communist and Commi-lite governments. Money well spent, I just wish it weren't my money!
12 masters (7 days ago)
The cabinet should have caught this and not have to leave it to investigative journalism.
Don Corleone (7 days ago)
Value Creation even sounds like a two bit made up shell company at the last minute for the sole purpose or scamming or money laundering.
I wonder what her kick back from this deal is ?
Grant Keller (8 days ago)
Wow...Great job, thank you.
Marty Truelove (8 days ago)
Holy Shit Alberta,you better vote that Tax Ripoff Politician outta there.She should be in prison.
Marty Truelove (8 days ago)
It.s a Money Tree...and I thought that was a fairy tale.
Crow Killer (8 days ago)
The whole governmental system is so corrupt.
Oldclimber Amb (8 days ago)
Why ? Why ? Why don't the reporters look into her contentions ? Because she is a woman of power, and vindictive like a woman scorned.
Mike Schnobrich (8 days ago)
Now this is journalism! Good work Rebel Media.
Jeff Hallatt (8 days ago)
Notly is a Traitorous Trudeau puppet a Liar and a Criminal selling out Canada for profit...
dani (8 days ago)
Why is this in U.S. dollars all the time? Aren't these supposed projects in Canada, thereby Canadian dollars? Of course U.S. dollars = to a hefty amount when converted to Canadian funds.
Michael Zimmermann (8 days ago)
Social welfare for the wealthy. You sheeple and your love of government.
Dave Gamble (8 days ago)
Nutly u b GONE soon
jeeper (8 days ago)
How many pipelines have the right wingers built? You can not blame the court"s behaviour on her. And it will be built .Please with the sleazy drama you know it depends on oil prices.
david jeffery (8 days ago)
Yep that’ll get ya voted back in! Lmfao get a bunch of money for your party to hide so you’ll be set when you get voted out !!
Truck Shackley (8 days ago)
Sounds like Value Creation is selling snake oil and Notley fell for it like a rube?
D Victor (8 days ago)
all Notley is doing is bagging for a piece of meat trying to get votes best thing is Notley needs to go soon
Agnes Connell (8 days ago)
Did this woman deaf or did she not get the memo from AOC about her green deal
Brady Hooper (8 days ago)
High river is only 3 hours away from Edmonton. Not hundreds of miles also this is Canada we use kilometres. You wonder why people don’t take you serious
Lucifer Light (8 days ago)
I'm so used to seeing headlines saying something like the federal government pledges $500'000'000 to refugees or unemployment rises or housing markets are down or homelessness on the rise .
boo boo (8 days ago)
Sadly most Canadians are brainwashed by the MSM. This is outrageous yet will be swept under the rug... the Left's hypocrisy and double standards at work again.
Jord A. (8 days ago)
That empty industrial location must be worth a few hundred thousand.... especially in the hot alta industry boom...wait a second....
R B (8 days ago)
Excellent Rapport keep up the good work you're doing a lot for the people of Alberta
Janet Skene (8 days ago)
Wow! Actual Investigative Reporting. Is NOTLEY LYING!? ABOUT 40 - orvis it 400MILLION DOLLARS - CANADIAN DOLLARS...
Marty K (8 days ago)
I’m not sure what sickens me more the lies of a government leader or the lack of effort by the supposed core press companies to investigate and hold government accountable somewhat. Alberta hopefully your experiment with trying the NDP is over and you can all return to sanity and better governance
Ron Russell (8 days ago)
typical politician nothing but liars
Over The Hill Gang (8 days ago)
Rebel reports the truth. Notley should be raked on the coals to investigate criminal intent in regards to carelessly giving away hard earned Alberta taxpayers money. Open your eyes Alberta. Your Premier is a crook.
Jennifer Christensen (8 days ago)
I wonder how much of that 'loan' makes it's way back to her account? Liberals are thesame the world over. They get rich on seemingly modest salaries.
Bill Planinshek (8 days ago)
Who has our taxes and for what, when. Construction is where, when, expected return is what. Over 400 million dollars, please explain how this is laid out with this company, how risky is this. Has the money been passed forward or is it doled out as the plant is built, what’s the whole story.
Bill Cargil (8 days ago)
Why is Notley not being fined $11,000 a day for Lying ? I thought Trump only did this stuff
M. W. (8 days ago)
keep shoving it up their a$$es Ezra, cheers
M. W. (8 days ago)
roflmfao, a politician that lies???? surprise!
Gigi Devoe (8 days ago)
looks like alot of pockey lining hoing on HERE!!
Sledcat (8 days ago)
Typical Socialist Lies to steal votes to hold on to power!
Jeanne Hathaway (8 days ago)
Why doesn't the bell work?
Ken Switzer (9 days ago)
We are fighting many of the same things here in the US my Canadian friends. Thank God for real Journalist like we see on the rebel and a few others. People are either on the left or are scared to death of the left so lies run rampant. Stay strong my friends WE SHALL OVERCOME. And I mean WE!
MGTOW (9 days ago)
Victoria, Australia had years of drought. Restrictions put on filling pools but allowed to top up those that the sun dehydrated. Lawns, gardens, cars, etc could not be done with a hose, but by hand. We did not have a drought in the real sense. Water was available. Our state gov't decided to build a desalination plant at huge money. This about 15 years ago. Climate got back to normal, DeSal plant has never been used/needed but costs millions to upkeep. Of the 3 separate plants on the same site, only one was completed and they need all maintenance. It would have been cheaper to build a pipeline from up Nth, where water is plentiful.
7charlierox (9 days ago)
Doth she LIE ?
John Renaud (9 days ago)
NOT Notley.
Mike Toler (9 days ago)
Sounds like Rachel Notley is a liar.
Thanks- ALL these MSM's bought this? - https://globalnews.ca/news/4874444/alberta-rachel-notley-energy-announcement/ - seems several comments crediting REBEL MEDIA with reporting the FACTS. (just more fake news.....)Between Notley and Justin who just paid $4.5BIL for a 1959 rusty pipeline-these OIL Execs must be laughing there heads off. "only in Canada-eh?-pity"
Nightstalker 1 (9 days ago)
She had zero confidence in what she was saying. That tells me all I need to know about this.
David Primeau (9 days ago)
Socialism for the rich.
Big Crow (9 days ago)
And we spend taxpayer money like crazy, to buy votes for the next election and make it look like we're creating jobs, while actually giving your money to our corporate crony friends oh my !!! Come on Toto, lets go to Ottawa and see what the Scarecrow is up to.
I'm getting fed up w your arrogant statements like ..." no one else bothered to look up"... we don't all have the resources you do ! I like your vids Ezra, great job, but stop talking down to the rest of us.
Ronald Humen (9 days ago)
The Communists celebrate MAY DAY. ALBERTIAN'S will be celebrating after a certain day in MAY.!!!!!
redrider general (9 days ago)
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. In Notley's case it reaches the soul...
Dr No No No (9 days ago)
I would check to see how much her bank account changes after such transactions take place.
JMAC LIVES (10 days ago)
I've never heard of that company. I've consulted for hundreds of O&G companies in AB in the last 20 years; from the smallest podunk companies to the largest - I've never heard of that company even in passing.
Big Game J (10 days ago)
I believe what the CBC, CTV, Corus and global tell us. Rebel Media why are you wasting your time doing real journalism?
Tommy mcvee (10 days ago)
She is out to bankrupt the province so that Rothchild bankers can sweep in later and rape the province.
Glen Kleisley (10 days ago)
NOTHING EVER CHANGES - one word - *** CORRUPTION *** (@ every level)
Robert Tucker (10 days ago)
More like Wynne every day .They are drowning in their own bullshit !
plantboy100 (10 days ago)
why do you think she is telling such a big one, could it be she is on her way out
Marlene Walden (10 days ago)
Right before Trump was inagurated Obama signed Bill -NDAA that funded $620 billion yes billion to expand globaly bill H.R.5181signed in 2016 that cost taxpayers 200 million$. In short he's going through our Dept. of State to locate, etc..forigen and domestic fact based propaganda, so he can counter it with what ever is wanted to the people, through our journalist and MSM funding them as well, to last 10 yrs. But of coarse we're just now starting to find out about it here on the US, Most of us figured out that most of MSM were fake news, but we didn't know Obama was the cause of it. Still no word on it from MSM. At least you guys in Canada were told you were going to be decieved and you were paying for it, we even heard about it here.. Thanks to fact based reporting objectively like Rebel Media or none of us would know anything these politicans are doing with our own money. BEWARE WONDERFUL NIEGHBORS IN CANADA! YOU GUYS HAVE A MINI OBAMA RUNNING YOUR COUNTRY!
Kohoko (10 days ago)
So...Ezra...You have just done the due diligence for Notley and the final report on Value Creation was a great big "F"!!! Can Notley be held responsible for failure to do proper due diligence and ramming this bad deal down Canadians' throats? I can see why she's got a hard on for you now...You're smarter than she is!
CoughingPig (11 days ago)
Sounds pretty much like a Canadian Clinton Foundation to me.
Keith James (11 days ago)
The liberal and demoncrap party are the party of corruption, incompetence, lies, deception, racist (mostly towards whites), etc.
enfred01 (11 days ago)
some one is stealing money.
Bill Fahey (11 days ago)
Just post a transcript. Your videos are awful.
John Franklin (11 days ago)
This story shows how important Rebel is to Canada. All the media in that room and none did any follow up, except for Rebel! Keep it up Rebel👍
Frank G (11 days ago)
Notley creating oil jobs that was comical from the get go. More like unemployment benefits is what she's done for 4 years.
John Wayne (11 days ago)
the saudis slowed oil production to get a premium for thier oil reserves . they did not realize the high price would bring competition from new oil extraction technologies like oil sands. they have since upped production to put these companies out of business . this company will default on this loan.
John Wayne (11 days ago)
kick backs...
Jody McLean (11 days ago)
Is that news release still on the Government of Alberta website?
Diana Goldstein (11 days ago)
Woow... So many LIES and ugly GAMES ... Amazing job Ezra 👍
james brokeassgarage (12 days ago)
This is why The Rebel is hated so much! Good Job!
Lester Magnuson (12 days ago)
Beautiful Ezra I will enjoy spreading this around
Ray Mogg (12 days ago)
It is clear that snotley is a globalist just like jihadists Justin she is trying to break Canada for the new would order
vince pie (12 days ago)
Laundering, or fraud scheme.
Alex Treasure Hunter (12 days ago)
You keep this up and you will wake up dead lol. It is not a threat from me but just a be careful because you have opened up a can of worms. Check your brake lines before you leave work lol For the record I am 3000 miles away and it wasn't me. This is the type of stuff that can bring down a countrie's reputation and credit rating when your government is involved in open money laundering. I guess you never got the memo that said "don't look there". What happened to our government and how long has this been going on. We only learn from what media tells us and the internet is coming to bite them in the ass. Great reporting and thanks for looking out for Canadians because it sure seems like we are on our own.
kshawn (12 days ago)
This hag and her muslim loving pm need to go, and go far away. This woman did nothing for alberta. And trudy well we all know how thats been going..
Jeff Bryan (12 days ago)
Think Stunned Blonde will be bragging about this at campaign time?
primpal08 (12 days ago)
This sums up the NDP perfectly. Give loan guarantees to a company with a history of defaulting on loans & has no intention of doing anything in Alberta so they can pretend that they're bringing in foreign investment after their policies drove away foreign investment. This is a $440 million campaign contribution the NDP just gave themselves using taxpayer money.
Lead Pill (12 days ago)
Time to file charges against the NDP.
Hanna5859 (12 days ago)
No respect for lying politicians.
Jeff Bryan (12 days ago)
Nutley flips her hair from her face when surmising then just before the bullshit really starts to fly she flashes that cutsie shit eating grin.  I'd love to play poker with her.
Jeff Bryan (10 days ago)
I could NEVER play poker with Retardeau.  He'd just BUY the game with his unlimited Trust Fund Purse cuz I never bluff.
Robert Tucker (10 days ago)
Kinda like her buddy Justin .
Nick (12 days ago)
This is how Notely and the socialists will end up "owning" Alberta oil pipelines, rail cars, and now an up grader. Soon the socialists will be able to control Alberta, strangle the oil industry, and put everyone on welfare. Everyone's asleep at the wheel while the socialists take control of one of Canada's greatest assets.
s kearsley (12 days ago)
Kinda funny how in the end its 2billion that she trying to raise.... the same amount she said she would pay to Trudeau for the pipeline
MrStarman1978 (12 days ago)
Say goodbye Nutley! You are utterly disgusting!

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