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Crossout : New Money Hack

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Psychoticzomb13 (1 day ago)
Hit me up man. I got a easier way
Psychoticzomb13 (1 day ago)
Your back?
Alex 03 (6 days ago)
How do you know what's more popular?
Krijndees games (4 days ago)
He doesnt he copyd this from datweh
Adolf Hitler (10 days ago)
What a bunch of bullshit, there's 10% tax fee. The difference in sale and buy price is the tax fee.
Crazymonks 308 (19 days ago)
How u make profit
Krijndees games (4 days ago)
Go watch the original vid from datweh
Damian (17 days ago)
for example: I buy an item for 1 coin at "minimum price". And I sell it for 2 coins at "maximum price". Then I get back 1.8 coins. because 10% taxes. so 0.2 coins are taxes, and I made an additional 0.8 coins profit. U get it now?
Damian (17 days ago)
In short words: U buy cheap, you sell expensive. And you sell them only for amount of money so you get the 10% taxes + profit back

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