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Follow your local queer with her mishaps with online dating ;D At least I tried. What topics do YOU want to see discussed on Car Chats? Leave a comment or message me on Tumblr if you want all your questions answered. ✧ VIDEO DETAILS ✧ Music: None Hair Dye: Pulp Riot "Powder" and "Blush" FTC - This is not a sponsored video ✧ SOCIAL MEDIA ✧ Instagram: instagram.com/kelefreak Blog: kelefreak.blogspot.com Twitter: @kelefreak Tumblr: kelefreak.tumblr.com Donate to my PayPal: paypal.me/letmeachievemydreams Donate to Luila Village Ministries: http://luilavillage.org/donate/ Donate to help homeless LGBT+ youth: https://truecolorsfund.org/support-us/ Love you all!
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DENISE MARTIN (2 months ago)
Ur cute ... Good luck on your journey of love 💕 🌈✨
LILITHS LAIR (6 months ago)
What HAPPENS if you don't have a Instagram ?
LILITHS LAIR (6 months ago)
Cool, bby !
If you can't write a bio on HER you can just post a screenshot with that info
Emily Campbell (10 months ago)
wow~ you dont have as much comments/likes as you deserve. this was pretty accurate lmao

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