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Resident Evil 4-Pro-Verdugo vs Mine Thrower
Took a hit opening a door. Your best option is to use the free Rocket Launcher, otherwise you'll need a lot of magnum/mine thrower ammo if you opt to use guns in NG. Verdugo seems to take the most damage when frozen and standing.
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Resident Evil 4-NG+ Pro-Dual El Gigantes vs Mine Thrower *Improved*
Didn‘t expect mine damage to carry through the QTE animation. If you have the ammo, this is or an adapted version is probably the best way to handle them in NG short of a rocket launcher. For whatever reason it seems they take (somewhat inconsistently) less damage to expose the plaga when both are alive (wasted a mine opening them up).
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Evil Within 2-Nightmare-Chapter 5 Obscura Kill
Done in NG+, but the same strategy works in New Game.
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Resident Evil 4-Pro-Verdugo vs Mine Thrower 3 Cylinder Kill
Placing a mine on the ground or wall works around the normal two mine limit, which is probably a glitch or processing error.
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Resident Evil 4-Pro-Verdugo vs Mine Thrower *Improved*
Done in NG+ for convenience. Big thanks to wolfgangvs for discovering the game only registers two simultaneously detonating mines at once (third is wasted).
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FFXII: Zodiac Age-Pylraster
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Resident Evil 4-Pro-Verdugo 2 Cylinder Kill
Credit goes to wolfgangvs for the strat. Broken Butterfly and Mine Thrower have the same stats as they would in NG (BB FP is 20). Landing a BB shot after the mines is tricky, if it doesn't work out just lay into him at the third cylinder.
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FFXII: Zodiac Age-New Game Minus-Zodiark
His last paling blocks Gil Toss, so a Dark Matter/Energy is needed to kill him quickly in these conditions.
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Resident Evil 4-Pro-U3 vs Killer7
Done in NG+, but the same strategy works in NG. Not sure if the Killer7 can be maxed by this point, though it shouldn´t make a difference beyond needing more bullets. U3 resists magnum damage so this is a resource intensive option. Can do the same thing with the Broken Butterfly, but the Exclusive isn‘t available until after the fight, it has a smaller clip and reloads slower.
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God of War 2018 -Very Hard-Kara
Ray Dhimitri definitely had the right idea to use high hitstun Runics like Nemean Crush to land multiple Runics per opening for valkyries.
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KH2FM-Lv 1 Critical-Data Lexaeus vs Stitch
Lex can't do much against Stitch+Reflect spam. His Revenge is higher after his DM, so you can land a full Thunder string on him then. Got unlucky with the last hit.
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Resident Evil 4-Pro-(most of the) Statue Room with the Rifle
Bolt action rifle is often overlooked in favor of the semi auto, but its ability to kill mooks with one body shot (including those on the island) once maxed is quite convenient, and unlike a magnum ammo is plentiful. Didn't show the last spawn of enemies since it'd require some boring navigating and can be gimped with a mine.
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Evil Within 2-Nightmare-Chapter 5 Obscura Kill (Poison stunlock)
For if you don't mind using extra ammo.
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Evil Within 2-Nightmare No Weapon Part/Green Gel Upgrades-Stefano
Taking a hit is the easiest way to connect the Explosive bolt cluster in Stage 2. Didn't expect the last bolt to kill him, usually takes one more.
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Ōkami-Ark of Yamato Ninetails
Jump before zapping Stage 1/3 is to ensure Thunder Edge remains onscreen.
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Resident Evil 4-NG+ Pro-Dual El Gigantes vs Mine Thrower
Shooting the section of the floor that drops out causes mines to explode instantly, allowing you to stunlock the boss. The same tactic works in NG and can even stunlock both of them at once. Shooting the plaga with mines was done for purity and to demonstrate their effectiveness, in NG deal roughly 14 damage before climbing up for the QTE each time and you‘ll easily 2 cycle it.
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Evil Within-Akumu No Upgrades-Chapter 3 Sadist
It's important to open the chest, as it causes him to break his chains on his own, and while chained he takes greatly reduced damage.
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Ōkami-Ark of Yamato Orochi (Rosary cheese)
Check out my shitty button mashing skills.
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Evil Within-Akumu-Chapter 6 Sadist (Flash bolt, Axe, and Shotgun)
Oddly enough you can substitute the Shotgun blast with an Explosive bolt, but not a Sniper shot, despite the Sniper dealing more damage than either of them.
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KH2FM-Lv1 Critical-Data Marluxia vs Stitch
Ideal end to a Fire juggle is as many Blizzard finishers as you have in a string, followed by a Thunder hit. Unfortunately the PS4 version's 60 FPS broke the Blizzard finisher, so Thunder is second best. Works against Larxene and Lingering Sentiment too, though you'll have to use something other than Thunder to finish the juggle.
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FFXII: Zodiac Age-Zodiark
The opening Darkja, distance he starts away from you, and returned damage makes Reflected magic at the start impractical. Opening spell volley is just for extra damage (should have had Basch use a Holy mote *Scathe seems to gum up the effect capacity as can be seen with Penelo pausing her second Scathe*) and removing Shell, only part that matters is Reddas surviving to bounce more magic off of and heal.
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FFXII: Zodiac Age-Ultima
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA05532_00
Views: 26 SBK
FFXII: Zodiac Age-Slyt
Having the Hunter use Fomalhaut with Wyrmfire shot would have probably been quicker.
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Evil Within 2-Nightmare-Keepers (Explosive bolts)
You don't have to use a Shock bolt, but it makes things easier and more consistent. Axe isn't needed, just had one on hand.
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FFXII: Zodiac Age-Tyrant
Brief showing of Reflected magic power against a story boss.
Views: 25 SBK
FFXII: Zodiac Age-Elder Wyrm
Views: 146 SBK
NieR:Automata-NG+ Very Hard-Ko Shi and Ro Shi
Pod Programs persist through character swaps, so Volt/Decoy are pretty handy.
Views: 27 SBK
Resident Evil 4-NG+ Pro-Salazar vs Killer7
Why magnums can‘t be maxed until Chapter 5.
Views: 53 SBK
Evil Within 2-Nightmare-Guardian (Explosive bolts and poison)
Done in NG+. Having maxed Explosive bolts and poison isn't doable in NG, but the same strategy applies. Note you want to shoot the ground with Explosive bolts, not her, it helps the shrapnel stick.
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Evil Within-Akumu No Upgrades-Chapter 15 Sadist
Explosive bolt can save you a Magnum shot.
Views: 5 SBK
God of War 2018-Lv 1 Very Hard-Sigrun
Stupid burn. God of War https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA07408_00
Views: 17 SBK

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