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Big Time Rush-Because You Live
Been awhile since I vidded my favorite band big time rush. Still a rusher after 4 years. Thought this song was perfect. They always cheer me up when I'm down even though I'm not next to them physically.
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Finchel-Kissin U
made this in honor of the glee season 3 premiere
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eclare and camaya-chemicals react
Was too lazy to upload this too. Both of my current Degrassi OTPs in one video.
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Clark's True Colors
Meant for this to be a video for exclusively clark but kinda turned into a clois video.
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Finchel, Klaine, & Brittana-Wait For You
Was going to make this only a finchel vidoe but this song works for the other broken-up couples too. I miss them. Which of these couples is your favorite? Mine's Finchel.
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Finchel-Teenage Dream
Made this video for my otp.
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tori/beck/jade-you belong with me
Made this for Bori fans but tried to include positive Bade images for bade fans. To be honest, kind of torn between these two pairings. Bade is cute but Jade kind of mean. Bori would be the better option but they would also be the easy relationship that beck doesn't want. Which pairing do you guys like better and why?
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The Good Life of iCarly, Victorious, and Big Time Rush
I made this last year. Ironically nickelodeon actually has better shows on these days.
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Cam's feelings about Maya
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Degrassi Cast-Fifteen
2nd video for the day
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naley-beautiful soul
decided to make a naley video.
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sam/freddie/carly-who's that girl
Haven't vidded seddie in awhile. Pissed about the iCarly finale so I made this.
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It's Tearing Up My Heart-Finchel
this is their theme song
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Finchel-Because You Live
I made this video after the prom episode aired but was too lazy to post it.
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Dylan Everett-One Thing
Wanted to make a Dylan Everett vido but it turned into a Camaya video. I love Dylan so much.
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Big Time Rush is More Than a Band
Combining my two favorite bands at the moment. This song sums up what I think about and why I like btr.
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logan lerman
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my first eclare video
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Josh Hutcherson 0001
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I started watching Degrassi last month from season 9 and I love this couple.
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Seddie-7 Things
Started this a month ago but never got around to finishing it until now. perfect timing because iDateSam&Freddie comes out soon.
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I just love this couple. I'm a huge finchel/monchele shipper. Made this to celebrate them finally happening in real life.
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Smallville-Keep Holding On
Started this a month ago but was never motivated to finish it until now. Why is it whenever I try to make an sv vid, it winds up being a clois vid?
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Camaya-All I Can Do
Wanted to make a Dylan Everett video but this song fits more Camaya so I went with that.
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Cailey's Worldwide Love
I've always wanted to do this. Big Time Rush (BTR for short) is my favorite band and thought this song would be perfect because they were traveling around the world. Cody & Bailey forever.
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Two videos in one day. awesome.
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Goodbye Kyle XY
Title speaks for itself. I was really bad at making videos when I first made this.
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not my best video but wanted to make a video on the love quadrangle with this song. Personally, I'm a camaya shipper, so this is something I did for zaya fans.
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Clark Belongs With Lois
My first Clois video. Clois rules all.
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Made this when I started watching glee and have been a fan of this couple ever since.
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Kyle XY-Til I Forget About You
Haven't vidded this show in 2 years. Saw a video on this show and I got inspired to do my own.
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Suite Life on Deck is Amazing
I love this show. Now I miss it. RIP Suite Life 2005-2011
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Eclare-Stuck Like Glue
My 2nd Eclare vid. This song is so them.
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Brucas-Forever & Always
just had to make this
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When You're Gone-Cory and Lea (Rip Cory Monteith)
Hey. Sorry I haven't made any videos in awhile. My computer broke down and I had to get a new one. I can't believe cory monteith is gone. I miss him, finchel, and monchele so much. This is my goodbye tribute video.
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Goodbye KyleXYLover92, Hello scifigirl92
scifigrl92's webcam video July 16, 2011 07:50 PM
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Brucas-The One That Got Away
I don't know why I love to start watching cw shows. I dedicate this to those who the brucas fans who watch oth (more specifically my twitter friend @dazzledkidrauhl). I love this couple.
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Max & Liz (Roswell)-Picture This
Back with a new fandom. Sorry, I haven't vidded in awhile. I haven't had any inspiration. I started working on this last month and became lazy. I binge watched all 3 seasons of the 90s show Roswell on Netflix and became obsessed with this couple.
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Seddie Vlog 2
My view on iLove You.
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Debby Ryan 0004
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Dylan Everett-Hanging By a Moment
Another Dylan Everett video (with some camaya).
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Seddie Vlog 3
thought over my last vlog
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Don't Forget Kyle XY
Made this when kyle xy went off the air.
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niley 0001
made this before "miam" came into play.
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Nelena 0001
Made this last year when nick & selena got back together before they broke up again.
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Finchel-Anywhere But Here
Been awhile since I made a finchel video. Appaulled by how they are this season. I hate brody. Needed to make this
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Until You're Mine 0001
Forgot to upload this.
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Alex Russo
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