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ASMR Minecraft - Finding the best spot - Ep.2
Thank u for clicking on my asmr video :) I hope it puts you to sleep c: or gives u tingles ❤️goodmorning, goodevening ,and goodnight c: this is episode 2 (;
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ASMR  Gum chewing , tapping video
Hey guys here's a short gum chewing video I hope u guys love it D; I promise I'll make a longer one in the future ...and my little sisters so loud tho ;o this is for x3non360 :D and don't be afraid to request videos guys !! :3 goodmorning , good afternoon,and goodnight :3
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Asmr gum chewing , whispering
Hello everyone i recorded this video last year but never posted !!! Enjoy
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~ASMR~ Haircut Roleplay C:
Thank you all for watching my videos and subscribing to this channel C: in this video i wanted to try something new C: i hope you guys enjoy and thank you again for 100 and plus subs!!! c:
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~ASMR~Minecraft *gum chewing* ep.5 :)
Thank you guys for watching my video :) this is my first gum chewing video so I hope you enjoy :)
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ASMR *Gum chewing*story reading
Hello everybody :) i know i haven't been posting...ive just been enjoying summer before school starts ... i hope you guys enjoy this loud gum chewing video and i will be posting every Monday c; thank you guys for watching goodnight,good morning ,and good evening :)
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ASMR Minecraft :)
Good morning and good night, Thank you for watching my video, i hope you guys enjoyed.
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ASMR Minecraft Crazy Craft
Hello, people of the world this is my first ASMR video and i hope you enjoy it good morning/night/afternoon ._.
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ASMR MineCraft Survival ep.3 building  house (candy eating whispering)
Hello everyone hope you guys enjoy ep.3 !!! follow me on Instagram if u want : kitty._.moon_
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Asmr (whispering)  showing you my fireworks (King Pyro)(Excalibur)
Wanted to whisper to you guys a couple fireworks. Hope you guys enjoy also i might vlog my 4th of July and post it but idk yet Thanks for watching!!!!!
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~Asmr~ Smite GAME PLAY!!!!
I hope this game play relaxes you. Thank you for watching goodnight, good morning and good evening.
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ASMR smite Arena Arachne
today i play arena !!! hope u guys like :D
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Asmr Smite Medusa Gameplay
didn't do medusa justice !!! haven't been playing smite lately .. but hope u can enjoy C;
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ASMR crunchy eating
love u guys C; have a good day
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ASMR MineCraft ep.4 (Gum chewing)
enjoy everyone!!!! goodnight, goodmorning , goodevening
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Asmr My Minecraft House Tour
thank you for watching my video :)
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Thank you for clicking on my video i hope you enjoyed. Good morning, good evening and good night c: I want to start a ASMR Minecraft series and this is episode #1 hehehe c:
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ASMR Gumchewing Video :3
i hope u all enjoy :) loud gum chewing ig:princess_sourpuss sc:bitchgivemeanam ASMRGum: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmPygnv_jd7JyhmRG9ZrKYw
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~ASMR~ Minecraft ep.4 (Gathering supplies) C:
Thanks for watching, go to sleep. :)
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love you guys :) ig:princess_sourpuss
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ASMR Hand Sounds,Mouth Sounds Eating sounds
love you all :) hope u enjoy !!! ig:princess_sourpuss sc:bitchgivemeanam :)
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Answering your Questions ASMR
Here is me answering your questions !!!!!! Ig : princess_sourpuss Sc:bitchgivemeanam
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ASMR Minecraft Gameplay
Hope you like my asmr video. Thanks for watching. c:
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ASMR / surgical mask / whispering , gum chewing , water , tapping, layered sounds
i cant remember who requested this vid ....but here u guys go C: i hope u looooooovvee it ig: princess_sourpuss hi
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ASMR Smite - Duel Medusa
Enjoy everyone !! :0 Ig : princess_sourpuss
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ASMR Smite - Duel Kukulkan
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Asmr Smite Thor Arena
hey guys here another smite asmr video and also i im not able to record a minecraft video cuz my fraps for some reason glitches it ... but i will try to fix it as soon as possible!!! snapchat: runnmas111 IG:princess_moonjune
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Playing Aphrodite - Smite Asmr
Hey guys here's another video for your viewing pleasure, in this video was recommended by Aurora, i will try to get to all your request soon but in the meantime in between time here's this video, Good night Good morning and Good evening :) Aurora
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ASMR Minecraft  ep.3 my new home :)
C: hope you enjoy :) goodnight ,good morning , and goodevening
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Sucking on yogurt
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QnA ? Small announcement
Hello everyone so I want to have a QnA for you guys so y'all can know me better ..any questions you have comment them bellow I'll answer all of them c: and also I really appreciate all of u guys you all make me the happiest T.T!!!!!! Love u all
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ASMR minecraft ep.2 gathering supplies :)
skip to 36:32 if you want to hear triggers hope you enjoy ep. 2!!!
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~ASMR~ Fawn Halloween Makeup  C: *whispering*
hello yall people hope you enjoy this Halloween look makeup :D
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Let ME Put YOUR @$$ to shleep
hi c;
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ASMR / Layered sounds , mouth sounds
i hope u enjoy ;0 meoww ;3 ig: princess_sourpuss sc: bitchgivemeanam ig:
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ASMR:Whispering,Mouth Sounds,Crinkling,Fur on Mic
hello everyone !! i hope you enjoy !! happy holidays snap: bitchgivemeanam insta: princess_sourpuss
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ASMR MINECRAFT ep.1  A New Journy starts now :)
thank you for your patience minecraft requesters !!!part 1 to your new series. hope u love it goodnight,good morning and good evening
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ASMR MineCraft Moblie+ collab with ASMRGUM !!!
Hope you guys enjoy my first ever collab with ASMRGUM i had fun filming this and i hope you guys like it to :) if you guys liked this video go subscribe to his asmr channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClEkgP8_fA4_wKLfBo2l5Ww also sorry if audio is to loud !!!
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ASMR Scratching (no talking)
hello everyone :) i give u this little treat.... hope its sweet insta:princess_sourpuss snap:bitchgivemeanam
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