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Cougrzz Rock Live at Catalina Island Women's Weekend filmed by Stacy Poulos
Cougrzz Rock All Girl band Live at Catalina Island Women's Weekend Sponsored by Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce. Media Sponsor: www.GirlpagesNetwork.com Filmed By Stacy Poulos www.Playback.net Shot on a iPhone sigh up for next years event http://catalinalgbt.com #Cougrzzrock #GirlpagesSoCal #Catalina cougars rock
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Girlpages Network Welcome By Stacy Poulos
Work hard, play hard, mingle. © Official Girlpages website, a women owned business directory in northern California using social networking to maximize exposure for women owned businesses. www.girlpagesnetwork.com Girlpages hosts the most complete and current entertainment calendars for Lavender nightlife (or lesbian community in Nor Cal), women travel, headlines, and festivals. Video & Website Produced by Stacy Poulos Playback.net established 1984 © 2011 Girlpages & Stacy Poulos
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Lesbians just made it in a History book 'Game Changers' video Girlpages Network By Stacy Poulos
Lesbians that just made it in a History book 'Game Changers' Robin Lowey Epochalips passion to get lesbians into History books is finally in print 'Game Changers' here she talks about the book and the disappearing L. Her goal is to get this book in every school in the Bay Area and California and she’s off to a great start with a room full of predominant lesbians in her circle. She claims there are many more that could have been added. These are the famous in our circles and not so famous in our community. Mostly from the SF Bay area. Join her cause. Get the book, find out how you can help her with her vision. Some of the name in the book at the at the launch party; Kate Kendell NCLR, Page Hodel, Kathy Belge, Frances Franco Stevens Curve Magazine, Monica Palacios, Eleanor Palacios, Jody Cole, Jewelle Gomez, Joan Antonuccio, Crystal Jang, Grethe Cammermyer retired Colonel, and many more! Photos and video by Stacy Poulos @girlpageslive see this news on our APP ‘Girplages LIVE’ Hot Topics Congratulations Robin the book is amazing! XOXO https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/game-changers-20-lesbians-you-should-know-about--2#/
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MILF Live @El RIo  Video Girlpages Network by Stacy Poulos
MILF Live @El RIo Video Girlpages Network 2013 San Francisco Bay Area By Stacy Poulos Girlpages Network ©2013
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Amazing Grace w/ Lorie Moore & Beverly McClellan By Stacy Poulos Girlpages Network
Official Lorie Moore (X Factor) Beverly McClellan (The Voice) sing a wonderful duet at Womens Weekend 2.0 (Thank you Sherlyn Stahr for letting me use your cell phone to capture this magical moment). Video by Stacy Poulos / Girlpages Network and Playback.net Video Film Multimedia #MsHardWork #Hardworkgetsaseat #Girlpages
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Dolorata @El RIo Michfest Girlpages Network
Dolorata @El Rio SF Midway to Michfest Party 2013 By San Francisco Bay Area Midway To Michfest Party Video By Stacy Poulos Girlpages Network ©2013 SAVE THE DATE: Sat March 9th 3-8pm Fundraiser to buy tickets to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival for those that can't afford them.
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Girlpages Network 1 year Anniversery Celebration Hosted by Fem Bar SF
Girlpages Network is the number one premier website for knowing what's going on in the lesbian community nationwide with thousands of lesbian nightlife and travel events... Fan our sister ...and see you @ the next Fem Bar June 17th, 2012. http://www.GirlpagesNetwork.com Harlot at 46 Minna St. San Fransisco CA Photos By Stacy Poulos & Denise J Music By our favorite! "All Sexed Up" By Judea Eden http://www.JudeaEdenBand.com Fan Girlpages: http://www.facebook.com/girlpagesnetwork Fan Fem Bar: http://www.facebook.com/fembar
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Girlpages Adventuer Club G-PAC kayking in a slue
Girlpages Adventure Club G-PAC kayaking in a slue in Benicia CA. www.GirlpagesAdventuerClub.com By Stacy Poulos
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G-PAC Girlpages Adventure Club hike's Pleasenton Ridge Regional Trail by Stacy Poulos
Pleasenton Ridge Regional Trail, California. G-PAC Girlpages Adventure Club
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In side 'Girlpages Live' APP Lesbian Events Nationwide!
Get the APP 'Girlpages Live' See it in action. Watch the video! Enjoy listening to Sarah Smith Music sing while you do. 8-) XOXO iPad/iPod https://goo.gl/XGGswp Android https://goo.gl/Kr6Wa4 https://www.GirlpagesNetwork.com By Stacy Poulos
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Happy Mother's Day from My Mom, Girlpages Network
Here's my mom laughing at me today because I'm grossed out. I went to her house to take a shower. You have to listen to her laugh, she can barley speak. This is how it's always been. I love my mom. Happy Mothers day. -GirlpagesNetwork
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1st Saturday Queer Ladies Night Out Backyard Coffee Co.'s
Every 1st Saturday of the Month join Backyard Coffee Co.'s Queer Ladies Night Out. 965 Brewster Ave. Redwood City, California @BackYardCoffeeCo (650) 365-3500 Redwood City, CA 7pm to midnight. https://www.facebook.com/BackYardCoffeeCo GirlpagesNorcal Video https://www.GirlpagesNetwork.com By Stacy Poulos
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The Lesbian Events APP for Girlpages Network is Girlpages LIVE See inside
See the APP 'Girlpages LIVE' in action. Watch the video! Enjoy listening to Vroom vroom vroom by #JenniferCorday sing while you do. The lesbian Bi //queer community wanted a quality resource to find it on their cell phone, this is it. 8-) XOXO iPad/iPod https://goo.gl/XGGswp Android https://goo.gl/Kr6Wa4 Jennifer Corday http://jennifercorday.net/ She is also usually on our is on our GirlpagesSoCal calendar in the APP https://www.GirlpagesNetwork.com Video By Stacy Poulos
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Animation Samples Thrift Town & CARH
Animation Samples Thrift Town & CARH
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