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Trinidad Carnival Farmhouse Fete 2019
Highlights from Farmhouse Fete, Trinidad Carnival Diary 2019
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Buju Banton Concert Jamaica
Behind The Scenes before Buju's first concert
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The Return of Buju Banton
Basia highlights of Buju's first concert in Jamaica. Long Walk To Freedom
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Basia interviews Gayle King in London
Checkout our interview with Gayle King outside Windsor Castle during the Royal Wedding festivities. London May 2018
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Trinidad Carnival Pan Crawl 2019
Basia visits several steelbands during her visit to Trinidad Carnival 2019. She goes s to BP Renegades, Silver Stars and Phase 11
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Kes The Band at Brian Lara All Inclusive 2019
Basia highlights from Kes the band at Brian Lara's All Inclusive fete.
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Trinidad Carnival Diary Bayview Friday 2019
Basia highlights from Carnival Friday at Bayview fete.
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BasiaWomenWhoSlay| Anya Ayoung-Chee Opens Up - Part1
Basiapowell.com interview with Project Runway Winner and designer Anya Ayoung-Chee. She finally opens up to Basia Powell
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Part 2 Final
Anya Ayoung-Chee interview Part 2 with www.basiapowell.com. BasiaWomenWhoSlay. Slayers Only.
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Trinidad Doubles Vlog
Basia visits a Trinidad doubles vendor in St James, ahead of Trinidad Carnival 2019
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New Delhi Vlog
Basia Powell and her husband , Ricardo Powell visits New Delhi, India and she documents her visit for her Basia Blog. Visit her blog www.basiapowell.com for Food, Travel and Lifestyle.
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Jahaziel Myrie at Buju Banton's Concert
Basia Interviews DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole along with Buju's son, Jahazeil Myrie in Kingston Jamaica at Long walk to freedom concert.
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Phase 11 Panyard Vibes 2019
Basia's coverage of Phase 11 Panyard vibes for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019. This Vlog is a must watch if you love pan music and Trinidad Carnival. Don't forget to like and subscribe
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Buju Banton Concert Vibes Jamaica
Check out some fun moments during Buju Banton's Long Walk To Freedom concert in Jamaica.
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Basia Carnival Diary 1
Basia goes to Fete With The Saints, Trinidad Carnival 2019 with performances by Machel Montano, Kes the band and lots more.
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Basia Food Vlog 1
Basia Food Vlog1
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Carnival Saturday in Trinidad
Highlights from Kiddies Carnival and Panorama at the Queens Park Savannah in Trinidad on Carnival Saturday 2019
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Basia Vlog#2
Basia Vlog #2
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Basia Powell in London
Basia Powell's press coverage for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. May 2018.
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Cruising The Dubai Marina
Basia blogs about her dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina on www.basiapowell.com. BasiaWomenWhoSlay #SlayersOnly
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Hugo's Oyster Bar
Basia and Ricardo Powell visit Hugo's Oyster Bar in Roswell Georgia. Take a look at their Basia Food Vlog.
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Indian Marriages
Basia interviews Indian comedian @Jeeveshu and his wife to be Sanjoni about their love marriage in a traditional Indian culture. She discovers that the traditional Indian marriage is indeed becoming a thing of the past
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Basia Powell  in the streets of London 3
We hit the streets of London to find out what the British people really think about Prince Harry marrying an American girl of mixed race.
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My Kolkata Vlog
Basia Powell and her husband Ricardo Powell visits Kolkata, India and documents part of their experience. Follow our blog www.basiapowell.com for more of our travels.
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Basia Talks
Check out my article in “40 and Single?” On my blog https://basiapowell.com/2017/11/11/40-and-single/. Like, comment and subscribe.
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Anya Ayoung-Chee Opens Up About Her Sexuality | #BasiaWomenWhoSlay | www.BasiaPowell.com |Promo for webisode 1
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Basia interviews Robin Roberts in London
Basiapowell interviews GMA Robin Roberts in London at The Royal Wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. May, 2018
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BasiaWomenWhoSlay| Basiapowell.com
Anya Ayoung-Chee Opens Up About Her Sexuality Part 1 #BasiaWomenWhoSlay| www.basiapowell.com
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Machel   Eps 05
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Long Walk To Freedom Tour Jamaica
Highlights from Buju Banton's first concert in Kingston Jamaica. Buju Banton returns to a hero's welcome.
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Basia Hits DUBAI❗️
Lifestyle /Fashion Blogger www.basiapowell.com Food Blogger www.basiastylecooking.com
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My Qatar Experience
A visual summary of my stay in Qatar. Full article is available on my blog www.basiapowell.com
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Basia visits Dubai Frame
Basia Blog /www.basiapowell.com/ Atlanta blogger/ Slayer/ World Traveller/ BasiaWomenWhoSlay/ Blog
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Basia Talks 2
Check out my article, “No Money, No love” on my blog www.basiapowell.com. Like, comment and subscribe.
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Are You Looking For A Husband
BasiaWomenWhoSlay/ Meela Is Looking For A Husband! #DigitalTVSeries. Interview in St Elizabeth Jamaica.
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August 21, 2018
Basia talks about her cancer journey. Check out her blog on www.basiapowell.com and follow her on Instagram/basiapowell
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The top stories on www.basiatv.com for week ending March 23,2019.
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Basia Blog
Caribbean Life. Round Hill, Mobay Jamaica. A look through the eyes of Atlanta blogger Basia Powell. www.basiapowell.com
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Basia interviews Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier
Basia Powell interviews ET's Kevin Frazier at Windsor Castle during the Royal Wedding festivities. MAY 2018
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Basia Powell in the streets of London Pt 3
We interviewed an Italian woman called Cinzia, about how she feels about Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle.
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Interview with DJ Khaled "Father of ASAHD "
Basia interviews DJ Khaled at Buju Banton Concert in Jamaica. Long Walk To Freedom
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Basia in the streets of London 2
We hit the streets of London 2 days before the Royal wedding to ask the British people about their thoughts of Prince Harry marrying an American girl.
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Basia Blog/ Choose Peace
Basia speaks about choosing peace and positive vibes by the Arkansas river, on her blog www.basiapowell.com.
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Basia Delhi Dancing
Basia Blog with Basia dancing with her female friends from New Delhi India. Got to www.basiapowell.com for more.
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Basia Hits Dubai
Checkout my tour of the Souk Madinat in Dubai❗️#BasiaWomenWhoSlay. SlayersOnly. Slaying Allday, Allnight. Dubai Summer 2018 On Basiapowell.com
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