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My Iphone Case Collection Thus Far !/ Addiction !
found most of these cases on www.wish.com & Amazon.com !
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My Hair Dye Routine ! ( Special Effects - Napalm Orange )
This is my Hair dye Routine ! , I do this every 4- 5 weeks , to freshen up my color ! using http://www.specialeffectsusa.com/hair_dye.html Napalm Orange
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Trying Temporary Tattoo SFX Transfers | Makeup transfermation
Let's Play with some Temporary Tattoo face makeup !!
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IT 2017 Pennywise Vs 1990 Pennywise | Makeup Transformation
Hi everyone this one is for Tim Curry ! , watch me put these 2 clowns together , in a fun makeup Transformation & lets have fun !! thanks for watching !!!!
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99 Cent  Only !!!  Halloween Store Haul ! 2016
I Went to the 99 Cent Only Store to take a peek for Halloween , & found oh so much Fabulous things !!! , so I decided to share this Haul with you, Guys ! Hope you Enjoy !!
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Hocus Pocus - Winnie Sanderson | Makeup Transformation 2017
Welcome back to my channel , today I decided I wanted to practice my winnie makeup skills since she is my spirit animal . This transformation is ment to inspire and entertain , this is not quite a tutorial . Thanks for watching !
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Elvira Mistress of the Dark | Makeup Transformation
Talk though makeup transformation , watch me do my makeup !! do your makeup with me too !!
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Ipsy September 2017 Unboxing
sharing my Ipsy September bag! hope you enjoy!
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Zombie Lucille O Ball Makeup Application
Watch me Remove my zombie makeup & clean up - from #Rumbleoncentral2015#SfxMakeup#Happyhalloween !!!
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yay ipsy October is here ! check out what i got in my ipsy bag !!! lets share !!
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Ipsy May 2018 unboxing !
Ipsy !
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Pink & Yellow Eyeshadow Transformation | Update
Hi, guys! I've missed doing videos! I'm back today sharing this eyeshadow look , as a transformation video, this is by no means a tutorial at all. Hope you enjoy!
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Double Ipsy Unboxing! December & January 2018
Hey guys! Its been a while, let see what I got in my December & January ipsy bags !! Enjoy !!!!
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Ipsy Unboxing November 2017 | Try on
This months ipsy bag !! Hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching!
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Watch me Paint !( Pop art Zombie )
this is just a video showing me painting a pop art zombie , not a tutorial , just wanted to share my transformation ! ( also keep in mind i am practicing & i am not a professional in no means lol also this is inspired by Glam&Gore's pop art Zombae ! Dress & wig from https://www.wish.com/ Water paints from : http://www.wolfefx.com/ Glam&Gore : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBRwjboq6Yo
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Valentine's Day Look Talk Though!!!!! | Get Ready With me |Hair unpincurling
Let's get Ready together, But this time I talk! Hope you enjoy!
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Watch Me Fail At  Surgeon Simulator !!! [ Adult Languge Warning !! ]
Hey guys I'm Back , this time I decided to play surgeon Sim with you guys , so you can laugh at how bad I am at games !! its all in good fun!
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Make-up Transformation / Witchy Vibes
Let's try something news with our makeup ! A Witchy Transformation !!
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Queen Of Hearts Makeup | Transformation
Just a fun early Valentines day transformation, into the Queen of hearts! Hope you enjoy!
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4th of July makeup look ❤️💙| GRWM
Watch me create this 4th of July look ! And get ready with me !
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Ipsy 7 month haul 2018
This video is about Ipsy 7 month haul 2018, just sharing what got for Ipsy for the past 7 months ! Hope you enjoy this type of video !    Thanks for watching
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Lets Do Our Makeup Together !!
Literally, just this let's do our makeup , or you can just watch me do mine ( not a Tutorial ) Thanks for watching !
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Pincurling My Hair !
Hey guys , in this video i wanted to show you how I pin-curl my hair ! this is no means a tutorial , I just wanted to share with any of you who are starting to pin-curl or just love vintage Hair in general ! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!
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Sharing my Ipsy August Bag with you ! https://www.ipsy.com/glambag
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In my sink | Vine
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PinupZombie Makeup Removal - watch me peel it off !!!🙈😷😷(First Video ! )
Zombae Makeup Removal /Zombie ( watch me take off my face Pinup Zombie Makeup
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PSA | Vine
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How the internet used to be | Vine
Also, ignore my Eyebrows it was a bad choice and I was going through a phase .
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Holiday Get Ready With me Makeup Look/ Hair/ Pincurling
Just a Quick Get Ready with me , watch or do your makeup with me , I'm here to keep you company !!!! Happy Holidays !!
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My shiny Face | Vine
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Big mouth | vine
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Grey Gardens Makeup | Vine
All in good fun , I swear I'm not crazy lol
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Dull to Neon Orange !  ( Color correcting, Bleaching & Dyeing all in One !)
Hey guys I'm back ! And yet again dyeing my hair again , but this time i wanted it brighter sooo enjoy ( not a pro FYI )
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PINUP ZOMBAE ( zombie) |  Makeup transformation 2017
Another fun makeup Transformation , this time of my own creation !! hope you all enjoy !!
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