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Singing impressions! 😂
This is all a joke lol! I had a lot of fun making this!! I hope y’all enjoy!
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Part 1: dos and dont's for makeup
Hey guys!!!! I'm back, and I hope you like the video. Part 2 will be up soon with some of my favorites!!
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THIS IS NOT FOR REAL ft. Chloe Parton
Hey guys and girls!! This is just me and my sis doing some crazy stuff! Sorry if it's cringy...believe me...I KNOW
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Get unready with me
Hey guys!!! So I learned how to do stuff right and I’m back with a skincare routine! Enjoy and please comment what you want to see next 😊😂
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Hey guys! Yes, I know I haven't been on YouTube in a week or so, IM SORRY! Anyways, I have a few thins planned for the near future so...yeah. Good things I promise😄
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Sup my...QUEENS
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Macey Harrison is back!!!!
OMG! Hello, like said in the video, I am Macey. I have done YouTube before but I really wasn't serious about it. I'm really hoping to do it right this time! (sorry if I rambled) Also, I may have been talking quiet, I was trying not to wake up my puppy lol!!!!!
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Hey ( I'm weird)
Guys please check out ipsy.com YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! 😆
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THIS IS NOT MAKEUP...do you want vlogs though?????
GUYS!!! I need comments for this video. I really want to know if certain days like (whenever I feel like it) if you guys would watch just some unedited, really sad, really scary (jk...kind of) videos of me, my dogs, and my family. I don't even care about the likes, I just want to know you guys's opinions. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!
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Fixing my eyeshadow
Hey guys! So I got this awesome eyeshadow palette in the mail...but it was almost completely broken when I got it😢😢. The liquid I used to mix the powders was rubbing alcohol. Enjoy!
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I'm a real blonde...I'll try harder!
Guys I'm really having some troubles with my recording process. I am a blonde so...lol...I tried to kind of explain how I achieved this look. Not the best way to start off my channel. Sorry, I'm working on it.
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