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MAJOR!  - VQFF 2016
THU | AUG 18 | 630pm | GCA | 14A MAJOR! | Annalise Ophelian | USA | 2015 | 91 min Skype Q&A with Miss Major and director Annalise Ophelian to follow Remember when that fictional movie about Stonewall came out starring a white cisgender lead from the American Midwest and activists railed in all caps about the trans* women of colour the film had excluded from history? Well, many of us heard a lot about Miss Major then, an exuberant, inspiring, formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder, former sex worker, community leader, human rights activist, and veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion—exactly the kind of person who merits a carefully crafted, inclusive biopic all her own. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, now 73 years old, takes us on a highly enjoyable guided tour through her 40-year fight for the rights of trans* women of colour. Infused with Miss Major’s trademark wit and larger-than-life personality, Major! tackles in its subject’s signature way the injustices of incarceration, the discriminatory legal economies in prison systems, the need for self-determination, and the incredible possibilities of personal/political kinship.
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The Black Widow - VQFF 2015
FRI | AUG 21 | 915pm | IV | Canadian Premiere Maria Beatty | France | 2015 | 55 min The sexiest, most sensual, romantic queer kink silent fim of the year, brought to you by queen of fetish lesbian noire and BDSM, Maria Beatty. A woman in ballet shoes dances pointe across her lover; a long-lashed, stilettoed figure plays harp; the camera traipses between a woman wrapped in a snake and a white-winged burlesque dancer. In this silent fim set to its own original score, four women are bound together in a dream-like state as their pleasure and pain overlap and their souls entangle. In this alluring mélange of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Crash Pad, queer erotica connoisseur Maria Beatty propels us to an otherworldly, breathtaking land of knife play, lipstick, gas masks, black latex, veils and swan dildos. Fluttering with cinematic beauty, The Black Widow is an edgy, gothic embrace of kink, pleasure and a reminder that the best gifts come outside of the box.
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Children 404 Trailer
In response to Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s 2013 outlawing of “gay propaganda,” activist Elena Klimova created Children 404, an online forum for Russian-speaking LGBTQ teens. For this, Klimova is currently awaiting trial and a St. Petersburg legislative assemblyman has filed a complaint against the site, complaining that it is “against the law, provocative and amoral.” For subscribers to Children 404, it’s a lifeline. Combatting isolation, this is their community in sanity, where their experiences of being bullied and shamed are understood as unjust. Last year, Russia’s teen suicide rates were ranked the highest in Europe. Almost daily, Klimova receives messages from teenagers thanking her for saving their lives. She’s also recruited a team of counsellors to offer free services online. Eighteen-year-old Pasha quickly emerges as the film’s main character. He’s survived harassment and intimidation, and is committed to fighting back. There’s a Canadian connection to Children 404 too as Pasha decides to come to Toronto to study (and perhaps find a boyfriend). Additionally, the film’s crowdsourcing campaign was aided by Cinema Politica and Concordia film faculty Ryan Conrad, Thomas Waugh and Ezra Winton. Like Klimova, filmmakers Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov have created Children 404 despite risks to their own safety, adding it to a proud history of underground documentaries fuelling determined political resistance.
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Girls Lost Trailer - VQFF 2016
FRI | AUG 12 | 900pm | IV | PG WED | AUG 17 | 900pm | IV | PG Girls Lost (Pojkarna) | Alexandra-Therese Keining | Finland/Sweden | 2015 | 106 min | Swedish with English subtitles Girls Lost is that all-too-rare item: something new under the sun. – Steve Gravestock, TIFF Girls Lost is a highly compelling and dangerous work of magical fiction that explores gender and sexual awakening with Joss Whedon-like speculative invention. Based on the Swedish young-adult novel Pojkarna (The Boys), the film brings aching honesty to three students' struggles through brutal torment and assaults by their classmates. After sowing the seeds of a mysterious plant that grows with supernatural speed, they decide to try the special liquor collecting in its flowers—and it turns them into boys overnight. This sudden metamorphosis starts out comic (as, for instance, they explore their new penises) and then becomes deeply insightful as they decide to venture out into the world in their new incarnations. Temptations, attractions, and dangerous alliances eventually bring them to the terrifying reality that this is much more than a fantastical foray. A refreshingly realized take on transgender awakening as well as persisting gender inequalities, Girls Lost is a must-see at this year’s VQFF.
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Front Cover Trailer - VQFF 2016
FRI | AUG 19 | 630pm | IV | 14A SAT | AUG 20 | 230pm | IV | 14A Writer-director Raymond Yeung in attendance Front Cover | Raymond Yeung | USA | 2015 | 86 min When Ryan (Jake Choi), a Chinese-American fashion stylist in New York who feels disconnected from his ethnic heritage, is assigned a photo shoot with Ning (James Chen), a famous Beijing actor, things get off to a rocky start. Although Ning demands an Asian stylist, Ryan doesn’t meet his stringent requirements. Ning views Ryan’s rejection of traditional Chinese ideals and his homosexuality as “abnormal.” The two eventually develop a bond, however, and start to see versions of themselves in each other. Directed by Raymond Yeung in his first feature film since 2006’s Cut Sleeve Boys, Front Cover delicately balances the tension between two men. Refreshingly, Front Cover stands out for its rejection of Asian stereotypes around relationships and family, and pleases as a perfect date night film as Ryan and Ning discover they have more in common than they thought.
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Four Moons (Cuatro Lunas) - VQFF 2015
FRI | AUG 14 | 645PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village WED | AUG 19 | 445PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Sergio Tovar Velarde | Mexico | 110 min | Spanish with English subtitles Hailed by OUT Magazine as “the finest, most universal and most moving gay film of the past year,” Four Moons brings together four artfully woven stories of gay life and desire in Mexico City. An aging poet finds longing and inspiration in a bathhouse. Two university students reunite and revive their childhood friendship with an intimate twist. An eleven-year-old boy experiments in a moment of immense desire and inadvertently finds himself outed to his family and community. Two men in a long-term relationship try to cement their future together in spite of their swiftly diverging needs. Sex and humour are tenderly and authentically presented by writer and director Sergio Tovar Velarde, a master of existential symbolism, in this rich portrayal of the many possibilities of queer love in 21st century Mexico City.
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All Yours (Je suis à toi) - VQFF 2015
SAT | AUG 22 | 630PM | SFU GCA David Lambert | Belgium/Canada | 2014 | 102 min | French/English/Spanish with English subtitles David Lambert’s second feature film (his first, Beyond The Walls, played VQFF 2013) tackles the realities of the gay-for-pay industry, emotional labour and loneliness. Lucas, an Argentinian camboy, begs for anyone online to send him a plane ticket to escape his life. Henry, a portly middle-aged Belgian baker answers his request—but nothing turns out as expected once Lucas meets Audrey, the baker’s employee (played by the lovely Monia Chokri from Xavier Dolan’s Heartbeats). In a film that is immensely likeable and authentic in its quirkiness, writer/director David Lambert succeeds in creating a multi-layered reflection of lives shaped by the supply and demand of love, friendship—and, in this wonderful instance, bread.
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Strike a Pose - VQFF 2016
WED | AUG 17 | 630pm | VPH FRI | AUG 19 | 230pm | IV Strike A Pose | Ester Gould, Reijer Zwaan | Netherlands/Belgium | 2016 | 85 min Special guests: Blond Ambition World Tour dancers Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza and Kevin Stea. In 1990, before embarking on her hotly anticipated Blond Ambition tour, Madonna had to choose a group of back-up dancers. With her selections, the lives of seven men—all Black, Latino, Asian, and six-sevenths of them gay—would never be the same. The tour and the documentary that chronicled it, 1991’s Truth or Dare, showcased images that were "too gay" for some, including the famous kissing scene and an impressive deep-throat wine bottle tutorial. “I’m just showing life,” Madonna said at the time but as a news report in the film decried, “There are even images of two men kissing!” Whatever your opinion of Madge – whether she appropriated gay and underground vogue dance culture, or gifted us with her star power and allyship – it’s undeniable that she unapologetically thrust gay sexuality into the mainstream spotlight. Controversy continued long after the tour, when three of the dancers sued Madonna after Truth or Dare was released. Twenty-five years later, six of the dancers remain, their collective stories at turns illuminating and heartbreaking. Skilled documentarian Ester Gould (Shout) and co-director Reijer Zwaan bring a touching, intimate tale of seven men who flew very close to a brightly shining but impossibly scorching star.
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North Mountain - VQFF 2016
TUE | AUG 16 | 915pm | VCT | 14A North Mountain | Bretten Hannam | Canada | 2015 | 75 min | English, Mi’kmaq with English subtitles Screening Sponsor: The English Bay Swim Club Winner of the Best Feature Film at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards, North Mountain is a Two-Spirit action thriller filmed in the snowy winterlands of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, by rising Métis filmmaker Bretten Hannam. Young hunter Wolf (played by the gorgeous Justin Rain) finds Crane (acclaimed actor Glen Gould), a mysterious older fugitive wounded in the woods, and nurses him back to health. Wolf becomes embroiled in Crane’s past as a slew of sideways cops seek revenge. Billed as Brokeback Mountain meets Rambo, the film experiments with genre, fluidly taking shape as Wolf and Crane hold their ground while their collective pasts return to haunt them amid the terror of the present. Filled with queer hunter brawls, bloody hatchets and arrows, and brave plot twists, North Mountain is a refreshing, Tarantino-esque action thriller rimmed with threads of romance.
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The Guest (La Visita) - VQFF 2015
MON | AUG 17 | 9PM | Vancity Theatre Mauricio López Fernández | Argentina/Chile | 2014 | 81 min | Spanish with English subtitles A rich, emotionally-wrought tale about family and acceptance marking a standout debut from director Mauricio López Fernández, The Guest introduces Elena as she returns home for her father’s wake for the first time since her gender transition—but her mother’s disapproval creates a rift of anger and silence. A refreshing portrayal of trans* identities by trans* actors, lead actor Daniela Vega’s mastery of her role is elemental to the film’s ultimate beauty and rawness. Cinematographically luxurious and shot with a hint of magic realism, Fernández brings complex and nuanced treatment to religion’s dominion in the family and beyond—as well as desire, labour, and how love often arrives two-faced. Fernández finds a beautiful place between eerie and sensual while also depicting a dynamic portrayal of family, return and belonging.
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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long - Trailer (Closing Gala)
Who doesn’t love a night of love triangles and illicit activities culminating in an epic battle of the bands? Throw in a dealer with a nine iron and a houseful of freshly-graduated sorority girls—and you’ve got a party. Based on the creative genius of Angela Robinson (True Blood and the web series GIRLTRASH) and directed by Alex Kondracke (The L Word) with the musical stylings of Killola, expect one unforgettable night of overlapping plot lines and bust-fuls of song. If you thought the behind-the-scenes drama of GIRLTRASH was exciting, wait ‘til you see the film. Staring Lisa Rieffel (The Cosby Show), Michelle Lombardo (Californication), Megan Cavanagh (Exes and Ohs), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), and Rose Rollins (The L Word), this fast-paced musical adventure takes lesbian drama to a whole new level. You know when you just want to rock but your bass player is up to her elbows in groupies, your little sister just turned gay today, and your ex is going to be at the party with her new girlfriend? What’s a future rockstar to do when the criminal underlord comes knocking, and she carries a big stick? Rock, of course! This film is an action-packed, babe-filled, musicallyfuelled escapade perfectly suited to wrap the 26th rad year of the Festival.
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Akron trailer - #VQFF2016
Vancouver Queer Film Festival screenings: Sun Aug 14 | 9:15pm | SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Fri Aug 19 | 4:30pm | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Info and tickets: http://queerfilmfestival.ca/films/akron/ The fierce bonds of family are tested against the temptations of love when Benny (Matthew Frias), a Mexican-American medical student at the University of Akron, and Christopher (Edmund Donovan), a handsome arts undergraduate, meet at a pickup football game. The connection is instant, and with the support of their family and friends, Benny and Christopher start a relationship. Unbeknownst to the two, the meet-cute at the football game is not the first time they have crossed paths. As their families become involved, a past incident involving the two clans is slowly uncovered, leaving Benny with a tough choice. Akron details a very specific relationship in a certain setting, but you don’t have to be from Ohio to get the universal messages it sends about family, forgiveness, and love.
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Tru Love Trailer
It’s true that Tru (Shauna MacDonald in her feature writing, producing and directing debut) is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long. Restless by nature and wounded by the past, she seems to live from pillar to post, from mattress to mattress, bobbing along through life with no anchor to ground her. She gets by on her wits, her considerable good looks and charm—but the cracks are showing, and it’s all starting to wear a little thin. Then she meets Alice, 60, (award-winning stage actress Kate Trotter) a beautiful widow who has come to town at the last minute to visit her daughter, Suzanne, a too-busy corporate lawyer, and Tru’s ex. When sparks fly between Tru and Alice, Suzanne resorts to sabotage. But Tru is a commitment-phobe who may be no match for Alice’s free-spiritedness, so the budding romance may be doomed in any case. Shot through the ice in Toronto and on Toronto Island, Tru Love brings home an infectious reminder of the joys, despite the risks, of living and loving fully. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=739#sthash.rAxC6arl.dpuf
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Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer - VQFF 2015
MON | AUG 17 | 7pm | IV | PG Jack Walsh | USA | 2014 | 83 min "I had a sense of my potential—that I was going to make something out of this recalcitrant, un-dancerly body. And that I was going to carve my own way." -Yvonne Rainer Spanning Yvonne Rainer’s career as innovator, choreographer, feminist and filmmaker, director Jack Walsh presents us with a great portrait of this maverick of the infamous 1960s Judson Dance Theatre, and MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipient. We open with footage from Rainer’s seminal dance performance Trio A, which revolutionized Western contemporary dance with its casual movements, repetition and intention to forego theatricality. With interviews and footage from New York’s mid-21st century arts scene, we see how Rainer’s queerness inhabited her art and influenced the art world. As the film’s producer Christine Murray points out, “You just don’t see that many movies about radical, hyper-intelligent, complicated women whose work has shifted the paradigm (not to mention women who are kicking ass at the age of 80).”
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Portrait of a Serial Monogamist - VQFF 2015
SAT | AUG 15 | 920PM | SFU GCA | ASL Interpretation Provided Christina Zeidler, John Mitchell | Canada | 85 min Fun, frenetic humour runs through this standout Torontonian tribute to lesbian relationship drama as Elsie, a clever, mid-thirties serial monogamist, runs away from yet another relationship—like she always does. But, what if there was a twist to Elsie’s long-standing break-up plan? Co-directors Christina Zeidler (from VQFF’s 2007 Deep Lez Film Craft) and John Mitchell bring us a smart, off-the-cuff lesbian non-rom-com that draws into the folds of the complexity of queer relationships and implores us to question how we love and what we choose to throw away. Rife with a cast of Canadian talent (Diane Flacks, Vag Halen’s Vanessa Dunn, Gavin Crawford and Sabrina Jalees) and showcasing this year’s most affecting lesbian cat funeral, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is a great date night film, with a stellar soundtrack from Toronto’s queer scene to boot.
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We meet the bright and charming Dorina Pineda (Mimi Juareza) in the sketchy world of Manila’s back-alley collagen buys and underground breast implants. Although her community of trans women relies heavily on these services, "affordability" comes at a cost, and that cost is both safety and quality of product. The first half of Quick Change introduces Dorina as a loving aunt and respected beauty queen contestant who remains upbeat despite her belittling transphobic boyfriend and the catcalls she receives from children. The plot thickens quickly, however, as Dorina suddenly becomes aware of the dangers of the product she sells—and she must face the realization that, despite wishing to help her community, she’s become part of a dirty industry. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=742#sthash.7qRcJvgW.dpuf
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Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People
In Through a Lens Darkly, gay artist and filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris presents a fascinating exploration of the history of African Americans in pictures and the power of self-expression in reclaiming a national identity. Inspired by the research of curator and historian Deborah Willis, Harris assembles a collection of rare portraits dating back to 1840, and moves forward in time to the lesser known work of LIFE photographer Gordon Parks and Harlem Renaissance man James Van Der Zee. These works are interwoven with stories by contemporary artists including Michael Chambers, Lyle Ashton Harris, Glenn Ligon and Lola Flash. Narrating over the black and white imagery with an inquiring poetic style, Harris presents a damning yet liberating study on the power of photography as an instrument for change. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=718#sthash.91RaLzeY.dpuf
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Queer Love Stories - Ponyboy
Drag sensation and Man Up organizer Ponyboy shares with us their love of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival!
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The Way He Looks - Trailer (OPENING GALA)
In this sweet and smart coming of age drama based on 2010 Iris-Prize winning short film I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone (which has over 2 million views on YouTube, and is an Out in Schools favourite), Leonardo dreams of “going to a place no one knows you.” As a blind teenager in a small Brazilian town, he is weary of his overprotective parents and bullying classmates. Everything changes when a new boy, Gabriel, transfers into his class, and Leonardo’s struggle for identity and independence takes on new direction. Full of tender moments and featuring a bright and melodious soundtrack, The Way He Looks never stoops to cliche in its authentic and charming exploration of the insecurities and excitement of first love. Watch for a beautifully shot scene of Gabriel coaxing Daniel to dance with him—one of many captivating moments in Daniel Ribeiro’s award-winning debut feature. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=706#sthash.rGrn8zqL.dpuf
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Winter journey - Trailer
Directed by Sergei Taramajev and Liubov Lvova, this controversial Russian film introduces us to opera singer, Erik, who’s rehearsing the Winterreise cycle of Schubert songs for audition. When a violent street thug, Lyokha, steals his phone, the refined conservatory student becomes captivated rather than repelled, seemingly entranced by the man’s menacing and brutal manner. When the thief gets in touch with Erik later, proudly calling him on the man’s own cell phone, Erik willingly steps right out of his own rigidly disciplined world into chaos. The mere fact that Winter Journey exists is a bizarre contradiction. It had been approved by the Russian Ministry of Culture before Putin instituted his draconian “anti-gay propaganda” law but has been quickly shelved for release in that country. Theatres that had scheduled screenings cancelled them. This writer-director team doesn’t force a happy relationship storyline here, instead they magnify a few magical moments the men share as they pursue an unlikely relationship based on attraction and fuelled by drugs and rage. It’s a stark tale with some unsettling scenes of violence—and what else would you expect of a gorgeously constructed, complex tale of gay men in Russia today? See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=746#sthash.pSksN9bA.dpuf
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Chemsex Trailer - VQFF 2016
SUN | AUG 14 | 630pm | GCA Chemsex | Max Gogarty, William Fairman | UK | 2015 | 83 min Please note: graphic images of injection drug-use, BDSM and sex It looks like a bunch of greedy promiscuous gay boys going out and having sex on drugs. It’s more complicated than that. –Dr David Stuart As the practice of chemsex (mixing drugs with sex) has increased, it seems everyone has an opinion on it, both inside and outside of the gay community. VICE directors Max Gogarty and William Fairman focus on participants in a 56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic program (led by special guest Dr David Stuart) who wished to share their experiences to help others similarly struggling with chemsex. With candid footage of participants’ engagement with the chemsex scene, images of drug use (injection and otherwise) and sex, the film offers an opportunity for more conversations about intimacy, HIV and wellness. Followed by a Q+A with visiting guest Dr David Stuart of London’s 56 Dean St Clinic, and a panel discussion with some of Vancouver’s leading health workers. More info on p 56.
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Of Girls and Horses - Trailer
Gorgeous wide shots of rolling farmlands in northern Germany frame this bucolic story of teenage self-discovery, as struggling sixteen-year-old Alex is sent to a remote horse ranch in an attempt to keep her out of trouble for the summer. Even under the mentorship of Nina, an older and experienced stablehand, Alex steals pills and continues her trajectory of self-destruction— and simultaneously surprises herself in discovering she has quite an aptitude as an equestrian. When Kathy, a privileged teenage rider, comes to stay at the farm to improve her riding skills, the two girls find unexpected rapport. A playful summer friendship turns into romance in this endearing tale by German filmmaker Monika Treut (Seduction: The Cruel Woman and Annie, a short film about Annie Sprinkle). See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=745#sthash.uYC1Eq1P.dpuf
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A Million Happy Nows - #VQFF2017
A Million Happy Nows - #VQFF2017
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GRIND - Trailer
Yes, it’s that guy from Rent (Anthony Rapp)! Grind is “Cyrano de Bergerac” for the Grindr era. One cute awkward guy asks his suave friend (Rapp) to imitate him on hookup sites—and better yet, it all takes place as a musical! On a completely different note, there’s MUM, one of the best shorts of the year that captures some of the sweetness that can get lost between a loud bar and the swimming pool. Barrio Boy brings quiet lust to a barber shop while All Good Things and Sex Date show how everything can go so wrong and be so right. Gaysian pokes fun at trolls who declare “No Asians” in their dating profiles, and delivers pure comedy gold. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=714#sthash.5VD6a2wg.dpuf
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Welcome To This House - VQFF 2015
MON | AUG 17 | 430PM | IV | PG Barbara Hammer | USA | 2015 | 79 min Barbara Hammer, pioneering lesbian filmmaker and the first recipient of the Shirley Clarke Avant-Garde Filmmaker Award, brings us her new documentary Welcome to this House, about the 20th century American poet Elizabeth Bishop. The film’s visuals and haunting score paint a compelling portrait of Bishop, a lesbian who was torn between her desire for creative freedom and the need for privacy in an era that demanded a closeted life. An orphan from an early age, Bishop searches for home as she travels from Massachusetts to Brazil, finding solace in lovers despite a painful descent into alcoholism. Interweaving Bishop’s poetry with her life story, the film conveys a uniquely modernist spirit as it explores familial tragedy and grief, the human need for love and belonging—and a woman who left an indelible mark on American literary history. PRECEDED BY: Sex, Politics, and Sticky Rice | Tina Takemoto | USA | 2014 | 8 min
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Eastern Boys - Trailer
Winner of Best Film at 2013’s Venice Film Festival, Eastern Boys is a seductive drama/thriller/ love story about a middle-aged businessman, Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin from Of Gods and Men), and the beautiful young hustler, Marek (Kirill Emelyanov), who he picks out of a crowd of rent boys at a Paris train station. He is met with an awful surprise, however, when his tryst turns into a home invasion by a gang of thugs led by a charming Russian ringleader (Danil Vorobyev). When Marek returns to a humbled Daniel a few days later, they begin an increasingly intimate romance that Marek hides from his fellow gang members. Deftly, the film switches focus towards the realities of migration and survival under the current “assimilation” model of France. Written and directed by Robin Campillo, the co-writer and editor of the Palme d’Or-winning film, The Class, and shot in what one reviewer called “crystalline widescreen” by Jeanne Lapoirie, Eastern Boys is a film that dares to challenge every assumption we have about victims and predators, and the cycles that bear them.
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Queer Love Stories - Landon Krentz
Landon Krentz shares with us his love for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival! With gratitude to: David C Jones (Interviewer, Editor) Taegan McFarlane (Editor) Music: http://www.orangefreesounds.com/ambiphonic-lounge-easy-listening-music/
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Queer Love Stories - Angelina Cantada
Angelina Cantada shares with us her love for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival!
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Club King - Trailer
From his meticulous management of costumes to making back-up plans for his back-up plans, Mario Diaz knows how to throw a party, and he’s been doing it for decades from New York to LA. He’s hot, his friends are hot and his go-go boys are hotter. This energizing documentary by Jon Bush features appearances by Jackie Beat, Justin Vivian Bond and Selene Luna, who bring their own colourful tales of pissing contests, costume crises—and unending respect for the man they call the Party Master. It’s not all babes and beats though, and candid interviews take you past the sparkly surface into the life of a hard-working and ambitious dreamer. He’s the boy who was drawn to the bright lights of the city and became the man who lights up a city. If you take nothing else from this film, take the inspiration to live your life to the fullest.
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TEST - Trailer
This is San Francisco, 1985. The still unnamed, newly-testable HIV virus has invaded the city, bringing with it headlines speculating on gay quarantines, and privately whispered fragments of vital information. Blonde and boyish Frankie (Scott Marlowe) holds tight to his bright yellow Sony Walkman in an attempt to insulate himself (in a soundscape of Bronski Beat, Laurie Anderson and Martha and the Muffins). But even at rehearsal with the modern dance company, dancers fear the sweat that glistens on each other’s lithe and muscular bodies. Dark, traditionally masculine bad boy Todd (Matthew Risch) offers unexpected support, but his boasts of risky sexual adventures repel Frankie, tangling suspicion and resentment into their developing friendship. Capturing a moment in time defined by not-knowing and fear, Test is an exceptional story filled with an insider’s rendering of the ‘80s, our fears and strengths put to the test—and those pesky rotary phones. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=720#sthash.pzbjqLGG.dpuf
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I Feel Like Disco - German Trailer
(No English subtitled trailers available, unfortunately.) German director Axel Ranisch brings his trademark deadpan charm to this disco-fuelled coming of age story—a partly autobiographical tale of Ranisch’s own adolescence as a budding bear cub prone to flights of fancy and song. Florian is everything his stern swim coach father wishes he were not: tubby, a dreamer, and gay. But what keeps Florian upbeat is his relationship with his playful and accepting mom. She’s always up for a dance number or costume change. Until one day when a life-threatening emergency strikes, and suddenly father and son are left to endure home life together as their loving mediator is in the hospital. Peppered with appearances by German cinema icon Rosa von Praunheim, I Feel Like Disco is one of the most sweetly awkward and moving (like puberty itself) films of the Fest. Stick around for the credits, and if you feel like dancing in the aisles—don’t hold back. Followed by panel discussion Hey Hey My Son is Gay! in partnership with Alumni UBC. With the support of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany. Vancouver
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LYLE - VQFF 2015
SUN | AUG 16 | 7pm | IV | PG | Directors in attendance Stewart Thorndike | USA | 2014 | 65 min Indie-darling Gaby Hoffmann (GIRLS, Transparent) brings more savvy than innocence to this thrilling script penned by Eyes Wide Shut actor-turned director Stewart Thorndike. LYLE is the story of a pregnant lesbian mother whose life suddenly changes after her move to a new home in Brooklyn. Troubled by her child’s erratic behaviour and her unavailable partner June (played by co-creator of The Slope, Ingrid Jungermann), Leah works to make sense of nymphet models, zany landladies, and her own fears… especially when they begin to come true. Thorndike builds a nightmarish Brooklyn infused with invisible pitter-patters, strange neighbours and walls that aren’t quite what they seem. Hailed as a lesbian Rosemary’s Baby, this film boasts sharp acting and smart directorial choices that make LYLE a beautiful horror. PRECEDED BY: I Really Like You | Jason Karman | Canada | 2014 | 13 min Don't miss "Make the Film You Want to Make" workshop!
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Anita's Last Cha Cha (ANG HULING CHA CHA NI ANITA) Official Trailer
A captivating take on first love, Anita’s Last Cha Cha begins as twelve-year-old Anita spots a mystery woman, Pilar, during the Bulacan fertility fiesta—the Pista ng Obando—and declares, “That's the woman I'm going to marry!” Amidst celebration, song and food, the local gossips are fixated on figuring out which demons lurk in Pilar’s past and question what’s really going on as she starts up a massage parlour in her late father's home. Loosely centered around Anita's crush (with a few touches of magical realism thrown in), the film sparkles with a resoundingly strong ensemble cast who create a striking snapshot of the characters of rural village life— including Anita's singing pals Carmen and Goying, and Anita's chatty mother and smacktalking table of friends. With beautiful shots of the sunny countryside and its depictions of unstructured childhood spent in wide open fields, Anita rings with charm, and reminds us how a little cha cha can make a dream come true.
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The Blue Hour (Onthakan) - VQFF 2015
SUN | AUG 16 | 910PM | IV | PG Anucha Boonyawatana | Thailand | 2015 | 97 min | Thai with English subtitles The Blue Hour transforms the queer coming-of-age love story into an exciting supernatural thriller thanks to the skilled approach of fist-time feature director Anucha Boonyawatana. Tam is a queer teen unhappy with his school and home life who seeks refuge in casual sex with Phum, a stranger at an abandoned swimming pool. True romance goes awry when they can no longer ignore the spirits, disappearing bodies, and restless corpses that begin to plague them. Did they stumble upon these ghosts, or are they being haunted for a reason? Stunningly shot in varying shades of blue, with sound design that may cause at least one jump-out-of-your-seat moment, The Blue Hour experiments with romanticism as it wades deeper into suspense. Psycho-thriller, horror, and lust creep up on one another in this exciting new example of what we can expect from the future of queer cinema.
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Peter de Rome: Grandfather Of Gay Porn - VQFF 2015
SAT | AUG 15 | 915pm | IV Ethan Reid | USA | 2014 | 97 min At a time when gay porn was rough and raunchy, the sex in a Peter de Rome movie was compared to “a beautiful watercolour” and the man himself to a “typical British gentleman.” In clips as nostalgic as they are explicit, de Rome discusses testifying for the Wolfenden Report which decriminalized gay sex; how his film Adam & Yves has both the last film appearance of Greta Garbo and an all-black orgy; and how his movies, meant to “be seen by a few queens at a party,” altered an art form. The result is a Wild Strawberries-style documentary whose oeuvre of beautiful men having beautiful sex is progressive filmmaking even by our standards today.
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The Foxy Merkins Trailer
Director of the hilarious Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (VQFF 2011), Madeleine Olnek returns with her latest offering, an absurdist lesbian contribution to the (generally male) genre of hustler films. Neurotic, schlumpy and the least likely of a line-up of lesbians to be an escort-for-hire, Margaret (Lisa Haas) finds her way to sex work along with the help of the wry, seasoned pro Jo (Jackie Monahan). They cruise upscale New York neighbourhoods awkwardly, looking for rich Republican tricks outside of women’s clothing stores. Girls’ “Ray Ploshansky,” (Alex Karpovsky) adds surreal nudnik charm in a recurring role as a persistent merkin salesman. This Sundance hit delivers belly-laugh payoffs and titters with an abundance of winks and nods to cop films and buddy movies. Definitely one of the funniest of the Fest.
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Two Soft Things Two Hard Things - VQFF 2016
SAT | AUG 20 | 630pm | GCA | PG Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things | Mark Kenneth Woods, Michael Yerxa | Canada | 2016 | 71 min | English, Inuktitut with English subtitles Directors Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yerxa bring us the best-titled film of the festival—an exploration of what happens when a remote Arctic community decides to hold an LGBT2Q+ pride celebration. Two Soft Things provides insightful historical grounding on how colonization, religion, forced migration, and cultural assimilation have impacted gender and sexuality in Inuit culture. Then the focus shifts—as it should—to Inuit traditions of sexuality and gender that predate colonial notions of pride and queerness. The film also covers recent activities in Iqaluit, including the origins of annual pride events and new high school initiatives. This layered doc is a labour of love that asks important questions about cultural survival, the process of regaining histories, and what self-determination may bring.
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The Cult of JT LeRoy - VQFF 2015
SAT | AUG 22 | 650PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Marjorie Sturm | USA | 2014 | 91 min The infamous writer who sparked “the postmodern trial of the century,” JT LeRoy, a 15-year-old trans* sex worker, was hailed for his heart-wrenching novels. Chuck Palahniuk described him as having the “authentic voice of someone who suffers.” Known for his deep shyness, JT LeRoy was encircled by a Warholian world of celebrities including Winona Ryder, Rosario Dawson, Natasha Lyonne, Sandra Bernhard, Gus Van Sant, Shirley Manson, Lou Reed and numerous writers and agents. But, at the peak of JT’s ten-year rise came his fall from grace. Says writer Dennis Cooper in the film, “From the beginning, I thought JT LeRoy was a liar… but I thought I knew when the lies were happening.” Was this the world’s largest literary scandal? Or a profound uncovering of our literary biases? Director Marjorie Sturm crafts a haunting, introspective documentary that questions artistic voice, freedom of speech and how far we will go to achieve our dreams.
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Summertime (La Belle Saison) Trailer - VQFF 2016
THU | AUG 11 | 7pm | VPH | 14A WED | AUG 17 | 630pm | IV | 14A OPENING GALA Summertime (La Belle Saison) | Catherine Corsini | France/Belgium | 2015 | 105 min | French with English subtitles Summertime spans a romance that launches in the vibrant Paris of the early 1970s, when feminist activity flourished in the city, and moves to take root in the beautiful French countryside. Brought to life by the masterful director Catherine Corsini (Three Worlds, Leaving), Summertime is at once sensual, exhilarating, and a paean to that brief, carefree window of youth in which expectations and dreams are suddenly liberated from familial confines. Delphine (played by Izïa Higelin) helps her parents run the family farm. She travels to the big city where she meets Carole (the firebrand activist played by Cécile De France), who teaches Spanish and is at the forefront of the burgeoning feminist movement. As Carole guides Delphine into a new world of politics, an unlikely romance develops. When Delphine is called home to care for her ailing father, Carole follows her. Jeanne Lapoirie’s camera revels in the sumptuous country life to which Carole tries to adapt, and Grégoire Hetzel's decadent music accentuates every frame as the two women confront the realities of the different worlds they inhabit and the realization that pushing forward will mean leaving something behind. Summertime is a poetic tale that thrives in the love and political idealism of Carole and Delphine as they confront the question: Is love really all you need?
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A Self-Made Man - Trailer
What does it mean to determine and define your own gender identity—or as mentor and educator Tony Ferriaolo likes to say, “create yourself?" From the tattoo parlour to his work as a gregarious trans youth support group facilitator, Tony generously invites us into his life, sharing reflections about his own masculinity and gender transition. Youth voices feature strongly in this refreshing short documentary, as numerous trans masculine youth from the support group speak about their own gender identities and ideas of what gender can be. In addition, we have the rare opportunity to hear from parents, who share their own struggles and path to acceptance and allyship. Whether you are well-versed in matters of gender diversity or a newcomer to the topic, prepare to be charmed, inspired and enlightened. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=722#sthash.xAFJ98KY.dpuf
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Queer Love Stories - Michael V Smith
Michael V Smith, Author and Filmmaker, shares with us his love for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival! With gratitude to: David C Jones (Interviewer, Editor) Taegan McFarlane (Editor)
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Liz in September (Liz En Septiembre) - VQFF 2015
MON | AUG 17 | 9PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village FRI | AUG 21 | 445PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Fina Torres | Venezuela | 2014 | 100 min Patricia Velasquez (Arrested Development, The L Word), also known as the first Latina lesbian supermodel, stars in this intimate love story as Liz, a party girl and heartbreaker who has a reputation for being irresponsible—and irrevocably seductive. She also has a secret. When she joins a group of friends for their annual celebration in the Caribbean, the mysterious, beautiful and stranded Eva joins them and their lives become intertwined. While Liz commences her seduction in typical fashion, declaring, “Three days and she’s in my bed,” both women get more than they bargained for as they take to the sea scuba-diving and seeking refuge on tiny islands. A lively cast including an ebullient group of friends, director Fina Torres brings us a meditation on the invisibility of death, the limits of life, and gaining what we need when we least expect it. Liz in September boldly reminds us that the best is yet to come.
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It Runs in the Family Trailer - VQFF 2016
TUE | AUG 16 | 900pm | IV | G It Runs in the Family | Joella Cabalu | Canada | 2015 | 46 min Director Joella Cabalu, Producer Cari Green, and Jay Cabalu in attendance Ever wonder what it would be like to search for all the queers in your extended family? After gay Filipino-Canadian artist Jay Cabalu comes out to his family, he discovers he isn’t alone. He and his sister, local filmmaker Joella Cabalu, decide to set out on a quest to meet their queer relatives, from Vancouver to California and then to Manila. The siblings’ conversations with these reconnected family members offer significant insight into their shared struggles: reconciling queerness with Catholicism and family, and the ephemeral, evolving search for queer heritage. As an artist, Jay also brings beautiful visual renderings to his own journey—a journey that ended up inspiring a touching, fascinating family reunion.
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A Street In Palermo - Trailer
En route to a wedding, Rosa (Emma Dante – writer/director) and Clara (Alba Rohrwacher, I Am Love and Cannes 2014 Grand Prix Award-winner The Wonders) are on the verge of breaking up—and they’re lost. In the confines of a narrow street, the modern couple drives smack into a right-of-way standoff with the Calfiore family. Instead of simply reversing to clear the road, the drivers hunker down in their vehicle fortresses, distorting all sense of reason as tensions boil in the sweltering heat. To budge would be to concede defeat. Not an option! For her cinematic debut, Dante—an acclaimed stage director and playwright, who also works in opera, design and literature—crafts effortlessly on multiple levels. With unique staging and pitch-black humour, she satirizes Italy and challenges its old-world structures of stubborn leadership and family, while exploring class disparity and generational divide. Highlighting our collective unwillingness for self-reflection, Palermo is ultimately an absurdly funny film, richly infused with both satire and compassion. See more at: http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/viewshowtime.php?stid=711#sthash.2NuQeFDW.dpuf
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