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Episode 1 Shenanigans: Introductions
Tip, Peaches, Suzy, Angelo and Mia work for a franchise under the owner Les Bean. Follow their work drama and everyday life drama as their shenanigans unfold. Get to know them through this new mini-webseries.
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Episode 3 Shenanigans: Struggle
Episode 3 continues to reveal the secrets behind the shenanigans crew. Dive deeper into the lives of the crew and meet some new comers.
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Episode 6 Shenanigans: Season Finale
The final episode... What the hell is going on with everyone? This season finale will bring you up to speed with everyone's shenanigans. Shocking information revealed, heartbreak, and suspense around every corner. Leave your comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow us across social media. IG: @Shenanigans_Webseries and on FB @ The Shenanigans Webseries As always thanks for watching. If you would like to contribute to future seasons you can donate here paypal.me/ShenanigansWebseries
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Episode 2 Shenanigans: Playing Dirty
The shenanigans are starting to heat up. Les Bean , Tip, Suzy, Mia and Max all have some things to get off their chest. Find out who is playing dirty this episode.
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Episode 5 Shenanigans: Confrontations
Episode 5 This episode is all about confrontations. Who's side are you on?
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Episode 4 Shenanigans: Changes
Episode 4 When you think the shenanigans couldn't get any hotter the crew proves you wrong. Find out will some bonds be broken or will the friends and lovers hold onto what they have.
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