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A complete kit to catch a butch lesbian ! Just 39.99 !
do you want to catch a butch lesbian ? Here is a complete kit for just 39.99 ! Everything you will ever need ! Act NOW just 39.99
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Lesbian public  service announcement
This is a very serious public service announcement in regards to this summers lesbian safety rules
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Take a walk with me and hear the sounds of the wild lesbian calls . Then visit me on Facebook and tag me with your video !!!
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Follow this guide to track your own bisexual in the woods
Cindy Foster continues here series of tracking in this episode HOW TO FIND BISEXUALs in the woods ... Take a walk in nature and learn the secrets
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Straight ladies and fruity drinks
When straight ladies hang out with lesbians ....
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Condom challenge (the lesbian edition )
#condomchallenge #lesbian
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Until we all can use the bathroom we identify with ...I had to do this
With the recent horrible "bathroom laws " In the south I had to turn to drastic measures #bathroomlaw #lesbianmeca #Heterosexuals #homophobia #ellen
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Cindy Foster explores the woods.  What she finds only ELLEN can help with !
Cindy Foster visits the island of misfit lesbians
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How to apply for the federal lesbian farmers grant .
Now that Rush Limbaugh let The cat out the bag ! Here is your guide to applying . Remember the goal is to take over the red states and "lasso them gay "
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Hey Pat Robertson thanks for clearing things up for me
A message to pat Robertson
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cindy foster comedy clips
Cindy Foster standup highlights
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When a lesbian CANT play softball
Just when you thought all lesbians can play softball ....
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I can't have a slice of pizza because I'm a LESBIAN ! Hmmm. I have plan 😄
This crazy lesbian traveled to Indiana. To try and by a slice of pizza She knew there could be very dangerous traps set so she went in with a plan ! GET READY TO LAUGH!!!
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Lesbians and witchcraft ....it's true
So all lesbians practice witchcraft ?
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Cindy Foster
A collection of Comedian Cindy Foster's stand up and viral videos ! To book Cindv for stand up and emcee events contact Cindyfostercomedy@gmail.com
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The Duggar's pastor says woman should PLEASE their man 24/7
I waited outside the Duggar"s pastors house to help with his goal of woman having sex 24/7 with their husbands #giftbags#duggers #
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Hilarious lesbian comic cindy foster live at divas in northampton ma 2012 (ADULT CONTENT)
lesbian comic CINDY FOSTER live at divas nightclub in northamton mass november 10 2012 Some strong language
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Pat Robertson has said that " gays want to take over the world "!!!
I spent my weekend looking for Pat . It's time for a cup of tea . Let's find out what he meant when he said "homosexuals want to take over the world "
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This lesbian  IS STILL trying to get her pizza IN INDIANA !
Cindy foster is an east coast lesbian attempting to purchase a pizza in Indiana. The problem is she has to avoid the lesbian traps along the way
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I'm calling pat Robertson with the news ! Hey pat gay marriage legal in 50 states !
Lesbian calls pat Robertson with the news ! Gay marriage legal in all 50 states ❤️💙💚💛💜
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Cindy is still in Indiana #nopizza
Video #3 in the adventures of lesbian Cindy Foster trying to predict the methods that the lawmakers of Indiana will trap her into exposing her true gay self which will exclude her from a pizza treat Warning ! FUNNY
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Woman wakes from  anesthesia asking about Nipple Sex!!!!!!
Woman wakes up from anesthesia asking about nipple sex !!!!
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How to stop lesbian softball season
Only Mother Nature can save this lesbian!!!
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I'm at Blizzard Beach looking for the Labia Luge
cindy travels to a water park with some not so common questions
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Hollywood studios looking for a triangle dress 😎
Cindy continues her adventures at Hollywood studios . Talking with Disney employees about some non Disney topics :)
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Lesbians and Kim Davis and Jesus ❤️
This lesbian traveled for 2 days to Morehead Kentucky to speak to Kim Davis about some fun things !
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Comedian Cindy Foster live at Mohegan Sun Casino!!! ( adult content )
Comedian Cindy Foster live at Mohegan Sun Casino ! ( EXPLICIT MATERIAL )
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I'm still in Indiana. No pizza in sight for this lesbian !  Video#4
Okay so see what happens on this hilarious lesbian's attempt to purchase pizza forbidden to the gays
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cindy finds Donald Duck at epcot and asks him a few questions LOL
visiting epcot and there is nothing she is afraid to ask
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