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FAUX SOLO | Dance Short Film
Empty space, a human body, and 8 articles of clothing. FAUX SOLO explores the dialogue and collaboration made between the body, sound, clothing and space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space, becoming acquainted with the space with each accumulated piece. The sounds emphasize the impact of the colliding costumes and contrasts to the space surrounding it. It attempts to accent the feel of each moment, while supporting the shape of the entire piece as a whole. Simultaneously, the body is on view yet it is also the tool for manipulating the clothing and environment - the subjective/objective, personal/public is continually emphasized and revealed. Dancer / Choreographer/Producer : Ralph Escamillan Director: Nancy Lee (http://www.nancylee.ca/) DP: Sepehr Samimi Sound Designer: Stefan Seslija Gaffer: Donald Risky MUA: Jess Hawkins Hair: Thom Robins Costume Sponsored by: Lulu Lemon Lab Location Sponsored by: The Settlment Building PA: Nathan Ho PA: Linh Phan This film was made possible and commissioned by Festival of Recorded Movement (FORM 2016). Premiered in June of 2016 at the FORM festival. www.ralphescamillan.com
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Amazon Ralph - BQ Performance LateBall 2016 Compilation
Walking BQ Performance at my first ball in NYC representing house of Amazon with mother Leiomy.
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Spring Summer Feeling - Jill Scott
Archival video from 2008 Ralph "My second subcalss :) Enjoy :)"
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Regina Spektor - Us (Sneek peak)
Improv choreo - Us Regina Spektor, Full piece will be coming in a month. WATCH OUT! solo for 247. Enjoy - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :)
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Lookout weekend - Kid Sister Ft. Nina Sky (Mochi Beats - Goodnight E.P.) - Ralph Escamillan
Me and my loves Kate Wotherspoon dancin it up on the weekend! Thank you Donnel Barroso for filiming!! Hope you enjoy! Fyi... i used windows movie maker to cut/edit this video. BE NICE! lol
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RARUFU PROJECT #2 SONG: Jojo - The Way You Do Me For more information check out www.rarufu.com Choreography by: Ralph Escamillan Dancers: Lead - Anne Tran Marcello Ranieri Sarah Corrigan Nick Modeste Jessica Amadin Yujin Yasukochi Kumiko Ina Celina Booth Michelle Underwood Joanna Fessas Music Edited by: Ross Writanen Filmed/Edited By : Echo Cloud THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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Ralph Escamillan 2018 Dance Reel
Ralph Escamillan 2018 Dance Reel Made by: Kashiya Zahara For more info visit - www.ralphescamillan.com
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Adele - First Love - Freestyle.
Just some needed therapy. Choreo comin soon. hope you enjoy :)
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Adele - Chasing Pavements
Archival video from 2008 Ralph. "Hi, this is my first time subing a class and thought i could teach this little piece i made up :) my first time ever teaching in the 1 year of my dancing :P... what do you think? Enjoy"
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Ralph Escamillan - DEMO 2016
Dance Demo Reel 2016 Born in Brampton, ON, Ralph started his training at age 14 at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver, BC. His passion for training has exposed him to a plethora of dance styles making him a truly versatile dance artist. In his earlier years of dancing he danced with Vancouver crews such as Kill The Lights, House Of Ladouche, Freshgroove Productions, SickStyles and 247company. He has worked with established commercial choreographers Paul Becker, Tucker Barkely, Luther Brown, Aakomon "AJ" Jones and Kenny Ortega and artist such as Zendaya Coleman and Victoria Duffield. A graduate of Contemporary Training Program Modus Operandi he’s worked with Gadfly Collective (Toronto), Inlayers (Calgary), Kinesis Dance Somatheatro and in 2014 apprenticed with Kidd Pivot. His current contracts include Vancouver-based companies Out Innerspace Theatre, Co- Erasga Dance, Company 605 and Wen Wei Dance. Made by: Kashiya Zahara WWW.RALPHESCAMILLAN.COM
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TEAYANA - Vancouver Next Drag Superstar 2016 - Week 2: Judges Choice
Teayana at VNDS 2016 preforming judges choice Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart Filmed by: Ray McEachern
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HINKYPUNK 2018 Trailer
HINKYPUNK by FakeKnot trailer from its 2018 premier at the Push Festival (Vancouver, BC) "Striking, subversive and gorgeous to behold, Ralph Escamillan’s dance spectacular has its creator decked out in “sequin skin”—a layer of shiny ornamentation that serves to mask and reveal all at once. The skin conceals identity but expresses intent: to create a walking, breathing signifier. Drag, ballroom and vogue are subcultures that have allowed queer men to express themselves through artifice, and they’re a key inspiration for Escamillan. The HINKYPUNK is a camp cipher for audiences to contemplate—a mystery figure of liberation. The beguiling figure performs on a pedestal—an object for our delight and our study. Everything is up for analysis in this show: the gaze, the body and the artifice with which we create ourselves. This is a sexy, stimulating work—an intellectual swoon." - PUSH FESTIVAL SYNOPSIS READY TO TOUR WORK EXCERPT - 20MIN FULL LENGTH - 45MIN FakeKnot - DIRECTOR, CHOREOGRAPHER, PERFORMER Ralph Escamillan GUEST COLLABORATORS Rachel Meyers, Kevin Fraser, Ted Littlemore, Sarah Formosa SOUND DESIGNER, COMPOSER Stefan Seslija LIGHTING, PROJECTION ARTIST Sammy Chien (Chimerik似不像) COSTUME DESIGNER Sonja Muse DRAMATURG Justine Chambers CO-PRODUCED BY The Dance Centre, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival RESIDENCY SUPPORT Boca del Lupo, Karma Teachers, Plastic Orchid Factory, R Space SUPPORTED BY Canada Council for the Arts FILMED BY David Cooper TRAILER EDIT BY Sophia Wolfe
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Each Other - Kelly Rowland - By Ralph Escamillan
Teaching my C2 fam! These girls are duttttyyy! Thank you guysss! Ralph
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Hello Good Morning (Remix) - Ralph Escamillan & Stephanie Lavigne Collab.
1st vid of the year! Me and my GURL Steph! collabin life! and thank you to my friend Donnel Barroso for recording :] Enjoy!
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James Blake - Landesfarne Ii - Improv.
Just a little contemporary improv. Video recorded by: Donnel Barroso Hope you guys enjoy :]
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Teayana - Azealia Banks Number - XY August 2016
Teayana with back-up dancers Ross Wirtanen and Rina Pellrin at XY August 27,2016. Music edit by: Ross Wirtanen Filmed by: Ray McEachern
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Lets Call It off - Drake  Choreo By: Ralph Escamillan
Archival video from 2008 Ralph "THis is inspired by my trip to LA... Finding out that LA is more groove than i thought... and knowing that there is a ballance between Sharp and Soft... Hopfully you like!!! Enjoy! P.S. : if your In LA!!! come hop by this coming friday at 1 oclock at Debbie reynolds. Gonna rent a studio out again and teach this piece again : ) FOR FREE!!! donations are kool ... ahha hope to cu there.!"
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I Wish I Was Yours - Tank ft. LeToya - By Ralph Escamillan
Workshop footage from my Kinesis workshop i did this past aug! Thank you so much Andrew Dizon for brining me out to edmonton, was truly a great experience and cant wait to go back again! miss you guys! much love! ralph
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WOD - All Styles Battle - Ralph VS Tatiana Parker
Enjoy! Video by: Myles Chiu http://shotburnerproductions.tumblr.com/
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Hey Ocean - Last Mistake - Ralph Escamillan
Archival video from 2008 Ralph "My Second last class of the Dance Season! sorry it was outside, there was some other stuff goin on in studio so i said why not just have class out side:) was realy fun Enjoy."
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improv/ feb 2019
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Water and A Flame - Daniel Merriweather feat. Adele - By Ralph Escamillan
THis was my last class in FreshGroove. :( This song was requested by my big bro, SUNNY! Crazy beats awsome singers, had to do it! :) Enjoy.
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Hardcore Girls - The Count and Sindin Ft. Rye rye - Ralph Escamillan
Trying somthing new... lol Dancers: Shauna Smith http://www.youtube.com/user/parasuco44 & Jennifer Oleksiuk http://www.youtube.com/user/jenniferoleksiuk
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MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend - Heartbreaker  - Ralph Escamillan
A piece i did for one my groups (247) choreo challenge in april. :] sory took me a while to post it. :] Enjoy!
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www.ralphescamillan.com Dancers: Calida Kuzek Lauren Overholt Randa Barett Tessa Tamura Alyssa Amarshi Music Edited by: Ross Writanen Video by: Charles De Jesus Thanks for watching!
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RARUFU PROJECT #3 SONG: True Blood - Justin Timberlake For more information check out www.rarufu.com Choreography by: Ralph Escamillan DANCERS: Sarah Corrigan Mahkala Hohl Celina Booth Lex Burham Sonia Chan Sydney Carlson Austin Gregg Francis Richard Nick Modeste Yiming Dong Lauren Denysek Russell Lee Gabriel Richard Jessica Amadin Other notes: Special thanks to Kill The Lights and Harbour Dance Centre for allowing me to work with this group of dancers, and am so excited to able to give back after years of support from both KTL and HDC. Video/ Editing: EchoCloud MUA: Erin Mitchell Raven Dickhout Evelyn Affleck Tara O'Connor Hair: Jenny Lynn - Oh Hey Style Leigh Eldridge Styling: Katrina Caparas
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RARUFU PROJECT #4 SONG: Go All Night - Gorgon City Feat. Jennifer Hudson For more information check out: www.rarufu.com Danced, Choreographed and Styled by: Ralph Escamillan & Ross Wirtanen Assisted by: Ileanna Cheladyn Title/Credit Graphic: Patrick Velasco Music Edited by: Ross Wirtanen Filmed/Edited By : Echocloud THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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