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lesbian seagull
"Beavis and Butthead do America". I claim no ownership of this clip, it is being used solely for entertainment purposes
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Trojan vibrating touch
I wonder why Trojan didn't use the old DiVinyls song? it fits nicely in there if you ask me!
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Sin!clair "Aye Captain, let's go" music video
Music Video of the band Sin!clair at the Atlas Theater in Greeley, Colorado 1.17.09 performing one of their songs called "Aye Captain, let's go" Produced by Bobslayur/Lonely Summer Records copyright 2009 Sin!clair/Lonely Summer Music, all rights reserved
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"The Blob" Trailer Parody (1958)
Parody of the movie "the blob" with contemporary elements
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The earth has a fever!
Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid says the earth has a fever. But not to despair , Producer Bruce Dickinson (Christopher Walken) has a cure, more cowbell!
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Obama phone for the 47%
Obama Phone woman talking about the Freebies that the Messiah gives away for their vote
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