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Huge plus size collective summer try on haul 2016
I had alot of fun showing you guys some of the new items I have purchased over the past couple months! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!! I hope you enjoy! xoxoxoxo (sorry for my messy room)
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Ways to style a tshirt/dress up a tshirt (plus size)
Hope you guys enjoy!! xoxoxoxoxo -megan instagram:megandrew22 twitter:megandrewf_ snapchat:megandrewf
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Quick Makeup and plus size OOTN
Jeans: old navy shirt:target necklace:charming charlie shoes:target
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What I eat/do in a day to lose weight!! 45 pounds down:D
I hope this helps or inspires someone to start their journey!! Its all about loving YOU and doing it for YOURSELF once you make the decision for change nothing can stand in your way! You are capeable of whatever you set your mind to! I will always be rooting for every single one of you I love you guys so much STAY NUTTY!! Love, NutMeg
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Disney princess inspired makeup for every day (from the disney parks)
I hope you guys enjoy this look! This is what I have been wearing for the past month and I am so obsessed with it!! I had so much fun making this video, I m sorry for the quality, but I am learning as I go with edidting and everything else!! I hope to be more active on youtube because I miss you all so much!! You are all beautiful!! We need a plus size princess disney and I volunteer as tribute!!!! lol love you guys STAY NUTTY xoxoxoxo -Nutmeg
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Plus size BOOHOO 2017 TRY ON haul!!
I hope you guys enjoy!! what was your favorite piece??
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Plus Size Boohoo Try On Haul!
I hope you guys enjoy this mini haul I filmed for you I love everything I got and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!! I miss making videos for you guys if you have any requests please let me know and if you would like a life update I would be happy to film one!! I love you guys so much thanks for sticking with me and welcome new nuts!! Love Megan xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo song: besanji,I cant get enough I own nothing!!
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Plus size Fall/back to school try on haul 2015
Hey Loves!!!! I hope you enjoy this haul as much as I did!!! I am seriously so ready for the fall to come, despite how hot it still is I have been buying fall clothing for the past couple months and thought I would share what I purchased!! I love you guys so much thanks for al your kind words and support!! xoxoxo -Megan
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some of my favorite outfits from 2015! (plus size)
I hope 2016 brings you many blessings and new adventures! I love you guys so much your support litterally means the world to me! One of my goals is to put up a new video every week! Do you like this? what was your favorite outfit?? Let me know in the comments! Happy new year my nuts!!!!
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quick plus size winter ootd (:
This outfit may look familiar if you follow me on social media I wore it on thanks giving and loved it so much I thought I would share it with you all for an OOTD I hope you enjoy! One of my new years resolutions is to find way more time to make videos and I pla on working really hard at that! Thank you my nuts for everything I hope you enjoy! be sure to like and suscribe if you havent already become a member of the nut family! ALL THE LOVE xoxoxox
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I hope you guys enjoy this little video! I am ready to dive back into youtube and make more videos for you guys to enjoy! I hope you all have an awesome week I LOVE YOU NUTS!!!! xoxoxoxo
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soft cut crease full face makeup tutorial
Hope you guys enjoy this if you try it out be sure to send me a picture or make a video!! I love you guys stay beautiful MUAHHHHH xoxox -Megan
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Subtle balayage tutorial/ how I dyed my hair
READ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys!! I hope you enjoy this video on how I dyed my hair I had no real technique you just have to eye where you are putting the bleach and make sure you pay close attention to keeping the hair saturated, because you did not use a foil! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! I do not want to be blamed for anyones hair disaster! I hope you guys enjoyed this stay beautiful xoxoxo -Megan
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Current weight loss leg day routine!!!!!!! 60 LBS GONE!
I am not a professional by any means please do what works best for you and your body!
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Get to know me tag(:
I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better, what do you think about the new name and being my nuts?? Let me know! Love you guys thanks for watching!! xoxoxo-megan
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Full Face Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial/Talk through/Mostly Drugstore
READ ME!!!!! Hey guys!!! so I am not too happy with this video I think it is too long and could have been done alot faster I had made this before the lookbook, so it was my first time filming ever!! Please don't be too harsh!! I am definatley learning alot as I go and I am so happy I get to share this expierience of building a youtube channel with you!! Thank you for choosing to watch my channel It means so much to me I get to be a part of your day!!! Side note: I don't know why maybe I have been listening too my voice too much with editing, but I sound monotone almost maybe it's just me?? I will definatley try and work on that like I said I am learning as I go!! I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet more dramatic eye makup look if you try this or are inspired by it post it on instagram with the hashtag #AverageMakeupLover95 and I will be sure to check it out and like it!! If you have any requests let me know!! Did you enjoy this? GIve it a thumbs up!! Thank you so much for your support!! until next time guys -Megan xoxoxox p.s. Sorry for the black on the sides of the screeen I now know to film with my camera turned the other way!! sorry about that!! Instagram: Megandrew22 Twitter: MeganDrewF_ vine: Megan Francisco Tumblr: supercalafergalicious
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Brown smokey eye pinterest makeup tutorial
I hope you guys enjoy! sorry for the sucky voiceover it was my first one! What do you guys think would you like to see more of these videos or no?! If you have any looks you would like me to re create send me a picture on twitter instagram or pinterst! As always thank you so much for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it! Lets become friends and suscribe to my channel! xoxo Megan
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self confidence vlog/chit chat! confidence/my highschool/how to deal with the haters and more!
If you like this sort of video and have any other subjects you would want me to talk about let me know! I don't even know what this video is really haha! 26 minutes of me rambling? I hope this helps atleast one person! Sorry for saying like so much, touching my hair so much, and being all over the place lol! Please be sure to become a part of this family and give a thumbs up, comment, suscribe, and all that jazz it seriously makes my day!! I love my viewers so much already so crazy to think I just started out and almost have 70! I didn't think I would have 1! Thank you for tolerating and growing with me on this youtube journey I have started! If you ever need anything you can reach me at my snapchat: Megandrewf instagram:megandrew22 or twitter: Megandrewf_ I love you guys xoxoxox
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How I lost 30 pounds in 3.5 months//My weight loss journey!!(re uploaded)
I hope this helps atleast one person, that is why I made this video! I am so excited for this journey and more motivated than ever!!! Thank you all for all your love and support it is truley what keeps me going from day to day!! Did I mention I love you?!?! If you have any requests let me know! What is new with you guys how is your year going! I MISS YOU
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Plus Size lookbook summer 2015
Hey guys!!! Here is my first video ever!!! A sping/summer lookbook for my plus size or non plus size girls!! I hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration for your summer wardrobe every piece of clothing except the black shirt can be purchased from Target, Charlette rousse, or forever 21's plus size line! If you have any specific questions let me know! Please don't be too harsh this is my first time ever editing a video and I am still trying to figure it out!! Please like and suscribe it would mean the world to me!! Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite outfit was?? Makeup tutorial will be up within the next few days!! Thank you so much for watching! until next time, megan xoxoxoxo song: morning sun by sugar ray I do not own anything!!
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Happy Birthday mom!!!
A birthday video I made for my mom I love you so much happy birthday!
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I hope you guys enjoy this simple meal let me know if you try it it is seriously SO good!! I have been obsessed!
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Plus Size Try On Haul 2015
Hey loves I hope you are all doing great and enjoying your weekend! I have collected a few items for a haul and I hope you enjoy!!! xoxo, Megan If you have any questions about the items leave a comment and I will be sure to answer!
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Fall get ready with me + Plus Size OOTD!!!
I hope you guys enjoy this makeup look and outfit This has been my go to look and I always get questions about what I use!! Enjoy!!!
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